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Embedded finesse

By  May 24, 2009

Topics: Software Security, Security

What's need for Embedded Wave II

I see a flood of interest in embedded projects, chiefly in mobile/smartphones, but more yet to come with controllers fitted to the machines that guide our lives. 

So what needs to happen to make this happen?

Well, we all know we need skilled and savvy app developers, those people who understand the hardware as much as the software.  Beyond this, we need security leaders, those people who are hardware, software, security and plain ol' Life savvy, those types who understand how people use these technologies and how their mistakes will brew security issues.

I know one of those guys and so do you.  Seth Fogie and his company create software that works, but also works well in the embedded world.

If you are looking for a mobile/embedded vendor and biz partner, one that grew up the embedded world (instead of retrofitting bloatware to run on RTOS machines) give his gang a call.  You won't be disappointed.


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