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A trip to the local Best Buy is like a trip down memory lane.

I decided to go for a drive, a drive to some local high-tech stores.  It was amazing going to Best Buy.  At one time, they got rid of all things Apple.  Now, the amount of space and the classy display given to all things Apple can only be called, "A Shrine".

PC software, especially games, seem long gone, a concession to the space dedicated to gaming consoles and their many games.  Laptops and tablets are there aplenty, but desktops are far and few.

IT is a fickle world.  New technologies came and they go.  Market leaders ebb and fade.  Chromebooks are slim temptresses that call to us Internet Argonauts with low prices and a clever mix of tablet light weight and laptop keyboards.  And Android?  Wow, talk about screaming fast adoption.

I'm glad that I trained myself years ago to stay current, to go outside of the comfort zone of known technologies, to challenge myself to read a half dozen books each year and to create new software and hardware projects.

That's why I'm glad I have so many great books to choose from and from so many venues.  Whether my local Barnes and Noble or this website, I have access to the best books on today's technologies.  For that matter, I have dozens of videos and training packages to choose from.

I think we're in for big changes.  In the same way many auto mechanics must download new files to their high-tech scanners, so too, we IT folks need to continue training.


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