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Back on facebook--or is he?

Traenk, or somebody like him, is back on facebook.

Checking email, I confirmed that my two week hiatus from facebook had ended; my account should be gone.  So late last night, I built a new account while linking it to the old account's phone and email account.

(Note, one reviewer suggested I point out this is my mobile phone.  If you are so unversed at facebook mobile phone integration OR you still keep a landline and consider it viable on this side of the century marker, this isn't your blog...)

All in all, my old account was truly gone.  Attempting to assert this new account into the old account's remnants (a common security check), created no remnants, save one:  old browsers were listed in the phone configuration section.  I don't see this as a big security issue though.

Overall, I like what facebook has done with securing our data.  Although difficult to find, deleting your facebook account, and all data posted and saved with it, IS possible.  You will need to avoid stumbling into any old links that represent still live sessions though.  These links and bookmarks can automatically sign you back on and reset the process, requiring you to try again.  Before deleting my account the next time, I will stop all sessions before deleting the account.  I may even delete all bookmarks and favorites.

In future blogs, I'll discuss the authentication problem and how it enables Advanced Persistent Threat attacks, something I wrote about as the Aurora attack against Google went down. 

My new ID features a variant of my last name.  I'm happy to say that several friends were skeptical that the new me equaled the old me.  One lifetime friend even blocked my new ID!  Overall, I think exercises like these do a great job of sharing a security truth in a real and practical way.

jt--we think...

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