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Appliances Equal Ready-Made Security Risks

What does Embedded really mean?

I'm studying the embedded world, attempting to note the differences between it and the Non-Embedded world.  (What's the opposite of embedded?  What do you call the traditional world???)

So the scanning tools report that the OS is RedHat Numbered.  The security errata page takes great pains showing a problem with glibc, with the kernel code, with a majority of installed daemons.

But the Network 'Appliance' vendor assures me that it is _perfectly_ safe.  It's an appliance afterall.  Appliances are immune to hackers, viruses, moon phases, and never need patching.

"So How Does That Work?", I ask.  It's embedded.  It's magic.  It's engineered with Love, I bet.

Unless there is some great security factor, it's a risk I bet.  Go ahead.  Clarify for me how this works.


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