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30 Hardware and Windows Tips in 30 Days Tip 25: Add Windows Live Photo Gallery

Whether you're a casual snapshooter or a serious photographer, Windows Live Photo Gallery's a worthwhile upgrade for both Windows XP and Windows Vista users.

Windows Live Photo Gallery - More than a Word's Worth of Difference

Windows Live Photo Gallery, as the name implies, is based on Windows Vista's Windows Photo Gallery component. However, it's far more than a minor upgrade. Here's what's new and improved:

  • Exposure adjustments including shadows, highlights, and histogram (Fix menu; see my post Windows Live Adds Photo Editing, Blogging Tools and More at MaximumPC.com for an example of the power of histogram adjustment)
  • Adjustable sharpening control (Fix menu) Panorama photo creator (Make menu)
  • Publish to Windows Live Spaces, MSN Soapbox, and Flickr (Gallery view's Publish menu)
  • Import of Windows Live Spaces albums (Gallery view's File, Options menu)

For Windows Vista users, it's a pretty impressive list - and because Windows Live Photo Gallery has the look and feel of Windows Photo Gallery, it's a no-brainer upgrade.

Windows Live Photo Gallery for Windows XP Users

Windows XP users (and Vista users who have never used Windows Photo Gallery) will find even more to cheer about, as Windows Live Photo Gallery also supports all of the basic features of Windows Photo Gallery:

  • Gallery view provides easy organization of files by date, folder, and tags
  • Basic photo repair features (see my illustrated article Easy Photo Editing with Windows Vista Photo Gallery [PDF format] for more information)
  • Easy drag-to-tag picture tagging
  • Built-in slideshow player
  • Integration with Windows Movie Maker for easy video slideshow creation
  • Quick access to your favorite photo editing program Full file management options
  • Fast, flexible picture transfer from your camera or card reader
  • Easy viewing of exposure metadata

Best of all, it's free. Go to http://get.live.com to get started.  

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