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30 Hardware and Windows Tips in 30 Days Tip 23: Smarter Page Viewing and Printing with IE7

If you're not using the page zooming and print previewing features in Internet Explorer 7, you're missing out on two of the best reasons to use IE7. Find out how these new features boost productivity and make better use of today's widescreen displays.

Get More Out of Your Widescreen Display with Zoom

With previous versions of Internet Explorer, the only way to adjust the size of the page was to adjust the font size. Depending upon the page design, this feature might do absolutely nothing, or it might tweak the text size, while leaving graphics and other page elements as they were. So, whether you were trying to view a page created for a 1600x1200 monitor on a 1024x768 display without scrolling sideways or make tiny image thumbnails bigger, you were basically out of luck.

IE7 solves that problem - if you let it. To adjust the size of everything on the page, click Page, Zoom. By default, IE7 uses 100% magnification. Standard options include 50%, 75%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 400%, and Custom.

Not sure what magnification's best for the current page? The Zoom menu also includes Zoom In and Zoom Out options with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+ zooms in; Ctrl- zooms out) that gradually zoom in or zoom out.

Zooming to 125% or 150% makes web pages with lots of white space on the right margin (like InformIT's blogs and articles pages) look good. Zooming to 50% or 75% enables web pages designed for higher-resolution displays work with your display.

Smarter Printing with Print Preview

IE7 also beats its older siblings with a smarter Print Preview option (select Print Preview from the Print pull-down menu). By default, Print Preview uses Shrink to Fit, eliminating the old IE problem of cutting off the right edge of most web page printouts. You can also select how many pages to view at a time (1, 2, 3, 6, or 12). You can also select a specific zoom level if you'd prefer.

Take advantage of these improvements in page viewing and printing to make IE7 work harder for you - and to make web surfing easier than ever.

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