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2011 06 12 The Weak InSecurity

Is the PC Life worth keeping?  I think it is, IF we can find ways to bridge inexperienced untrained users with technical architectures that rival mainframes from two decades ago.

I'm impressed by the IBM 'mainframe', its operating system, and its unmatched record of uptime and security over THE DECADES.  This is done by asserting a word that is nasty to us silicone cowboys used to smaller platforms:  DISCIPLINE.

You want to load some downloaded codes libraries, from the ?INTERNET?, into SYSLIB?  Ya, right.  Many zSeries have armies of skilled and trained professionals who watch over performance, security, and uptime.  And yet, the laptop on my lap just now rivals Mainframe designs from two decades ago in computational power, memory, and storage/DASD.

Where's my army of trained pro's, sprouting advice and checking for updates???  I got the computer power; now, I want my ARMY of advisors!!!

(No wonder people seem to be flocking to lightweight alternatives like tablets and phones.)  Let's discuss an army of software helpers.

PSI from secunia.com is my new buddy army.  PSI will patiently review your system's flood of optional software and highlight those oddball apps that need patching or an update.  Once installed, three wavy lines will stay in your systray.  Their color will change with the risk of your needed patches and updates.

This is slick stuff.  Right now, Microsoft has its heavyweight update process.  Apple has one.  Many antivirus apps have their update process.  Everybody has some nickel-and-dime listener or screamer process, gobbling your computer's power to do an incomplete and ineffective job of keeping your system secure and updated.

(It's been a few hours, and today's PSI scan let me know old Flash needs help.  Again.  As Always.  The Adobe Update process???  AWOL.)

PSI is free, and Secunia are my kinda peeps. 

For the record, I have no relationship with IBM or their mainframe products, outside of a few decades of respect.  Secunia?  I just like their gear and in no way have any relationship with them.  Microsoft PCs still remain my productivity centerpoint.  I am no longer an MVP, so I have no biz relationship.  Love my Apple gear, treasure my Linux systems, and have no relationship with the vendors.

Next week, we'll discuss ways to look up information on optional tools for your PC, reviewing the security history of each tool.

Yup, it's work maintaining a PC.  The laptop's convenience factor does not extend to security, sadly.  But as many find, getting an external keyboard for a tablet, a decent office suite of tools, etc, soon has you reviewing the $250 laptops at Wal-Mart.  Give PSI a try.  You may find it is as good a companion as Clippy the Office Suite tool, the Search companion dog, and an army of highly trained computer pro's, at your beck and call.

I miss Clippy; please bring that sassy-attitude Rock Star back...


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