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2011 05 08 The Weak InSecurity

By  May 8, 2011

Topics: Network Security, Security

Security and risk are assuming new faces this week.

How tough a week have these last two weeks been?  I'm an Information Security analyst.  I'm thinking my world just got more complex.

I skipped a week for this column.  The Big Wedding had the entire world on pins and needles.  Such an impressive wedding!  Such a backdrop for an evil act.  Who wasn't concerned that security required a mix of safety, info security, and plain solid security preparation?  And wasn't that enough to get us going?

Still more?  The killing of Usama Bin Laden both relieved and concerned Americans worldwide.  Sure, there's relief that he was found.  But what about retaliation?

Nothing is simple anymore.  The world is awash in information, and gathering the most routine intelligence is often all that's needed to chain together enough clues to stop a terrorist.

But the knife cuts both ways.  We who would stop terrorists and criminals must pay even more attention to security basics.

Several friends have had their Yahoo email accounts compromised, prompting me to ask that everyone check on login history and change passwords.

It's more than 'sekuritee' these days.  It's about risks to safety, to security, and to the information that saturates our lives and keeps count like a metronome.  It's a mishmash of all of it; it's about Risk Management, a term I love from my days in Insurance industry.

Now What?  Your guess is as good as mine.


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