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The Cloud is mighty!  All Hail the Cloud, The Slayer of PCs!

One way the Anti-PCysterians hope to suppress PCs is to tout the many Cloud advantages, spreading Anti-PCysteria at all times. Cloud will have full patching and centralized security and easier licensing and so many wonderful things. In return, the IT customer Faithful can have all their IT needs simplified to highly secure Display of data, often done with 10" Tablets...

What a dysenteric dystopic vision indeed!  I won't stop this flow to consider the costs of such a move just now. But let me offer this single point:  this is the exact vision that sparked the PC Revolution.

Remember those Mainframes and Minicomputers that once ran IT? Piles of people spent years building applications that could not keep up with the business changes. All that valued central security went out the door--one floppy at a time, as the up-and-coming business leaders would use an Apple II and Visicalc to spot business opportunity, opportunity that the Big Systems were never capable of articulating.

In fact, what had started with Innovators building Multiplan sheets, modeled after their Mainframe big brothers, soon became pleas to reshape Big Brother into doing what was more easily modeled in Excel and Windows. And this became the core Security issue to the PC Revolution: multiple satasets in multiple transformation states, all stored with wildly divergent security states on multiple compute platforms. Wow, who predicted that stealing a cellphone left in a bar might release quarterly financial results three days early? Love those email attachments!

<honesty>  What makes us think that today's IT-savvy business leaders will want to be confined to looking at a data display? Did someone just declare a ban on workgroup computing? </honesty>

For Windows 10 to be enough, it must bind to back-end infrastructure better than earlier versions, with data modeling and transformation tools needing easier--no, effortless--connectivity back to the IT core/core memory.

I now have a terabyte drive in my cheapo laptop, something that once cost so much in mainframe DASD.  I'm carrying a once enterprise server in a bag.  Here's hoping Windows 10 can pack a feature set as robust as MVS or AOS/VS.  Having been modeled on one of the finest operating systems, DEC's VMS, I think Windows has potential.


P.S.  These views are my own and do not necessarily reflect anyone else's.  No one has been bold enough to articulate the phrase, "Anti-PCysteria", the term that best describes how you convince people to trade down from a minicomputer to a child's toy tablet.

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