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Traenk's not out on a limb when complaining about Windows 8.  Today, let's discuss options...

I've struggled to like Windows 8.  I like the speedy boot times.  I like the crisp performance on otherwise 'consumer' laptops.  I've marveled how these core improvements were overlooked because of the poor interface choice.

Metro sucks.  I'm not alone in writing that.  What can we do?

Searching for Windows 8 shells or start button, you will find many neat addons that restore the start button.  Lest Microsoft complain, training people to use the new Metro Interface, especially on slower computers, is a conversion consideration for companies, many of which are delaying Windows 8 roll-outs.  Many in-house apps are unlikely to be recoded for Metro anytime soon.  Why rush going to 8?  In advance of Windows 8.2 interface about-face, a reversal that restores the Start menu in one form or another; Microsoft should review these tools and possibly recommend one or two.  (I use ViStart.  It's ok.  No one is paying me anything, in any way, to mention this tool.)

Also, you may be fed up with the move of your working from desktop to Metro.  Open a jpg for review and it's off to Metro.  Ugh!!!  Tools like Modern Mix put Metro in a window.  There are others, of course, and I'm given nothing to mention this tool. 

A lot of us aren't interested in having our desktop experience mangled by the phone interface (nor a desire to increase phone sales by compelling us to change interfaces.  Nein!)  Nice try, but Windows 8 is likely to be a decision that eclipses Vista/Longhorn as classic mishandling of the long Windows tradition of quality. 

How bad is the situation?  I read many hints about a unified Windows.  I'm not sure I'm seeing clear signs that Surface RT is among the Windows variant platforms moving forward.  Huh.  I almost bought one, but as someone who threw $200 into a brown Zune, "Fool me once...".  The interface needs for a phone and a computer are divergent enough to warrant their own interface.  I'm interested to know what you think below.