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Managing Software Projects: The Infosys Model
Apr 12, 2002
Software project management is perhaps the most important factor in the outcome of a project. Without proper project management, a project will almost certainly fail. In this introduction from his book, Software Project Management in Practice, Pankaj Jalote explains the basis for effective project management, based on the model at Infosys.
Managing Software Teams for Results: Achieving Performance Through Effective Collaboration
Apr 12, 2002
Your developers might be on the same floor, but are they on the same page? Jim and Michele McCarthy present one important aspect of their software team management approach for achieving high-performance collaboration: Check In.
Managing Software Teams for Results: Introduction to the Elements of the Core
Apr 12, 2002
The Core 1.0 is the "software" in Jim and Michele McCarthy's book, Software For Your Head. The Core is a system for everyday use among collaborators, technical and non-technical alike. Here, the authors explain the key elements of the Core.
Managing Software Teams for Results: Patterns and Protocols
Apr 12, 2002
Jim and Michele McCarthy explain some of the key protocols and patterns to their unique software team management approach.
Upgrading Software Development Security
Apr 5, 2002
Information security expert Scott Barman discusses how to create a secure development program within an existing software development process. Organizations such as Microsoft may need to consider such policies in their heightened concentration on security.
Writing Mobile Code Policies
Apr 5, 2002
Information security expert Scott Barman discusses how to think about and create a policy on using mobile code that will work within the security infrastructure of your organization's network environment.
Integrating XP into Your Existing Software Workshop
Mar 22, 2002
When you're ready to implement XP practices, where do you start? Who needs to be won over? What kind of hurdles can you expect? Stewart Baird answers these questions in this article that explains how to get XP rolling in your shop.
XP: A Project Manager’s Primer
Mar 22, 2002
Stewart Baird explains extreme programming (XP) for project managers in terms of other development methodologies, Bob Dylan, and watercolors.
The Implications of Software Craftsmanship
Mar 1, 2002
By replacing the traditional software engineering metaphor with software craftsmanship, we open a whole new realm of possibilities for the software development community.
Learning How To Be A Developer
Feb 22, 2002
Does the popular "sheep dip" model of short training courses actually help people become better developers? Is teaching as a performance art really the way to go? The time has come to shift our attention away from teaching and think instead about what it takes for people to really learn how to be great developers.
Why Every Business Is a Software Business
Feb 22, 2002
Watts Humphrey explains that unless you make some changes in the way your software work is done, your current problems will likely get much worse.
Architecture-Centric Software Project Management: An Introduction
Feb 15, 2002
This chapter from Architecture-Centric Software Project Management gives an overview of all the main activities that a project manager practicing an architecture-centric approach will be involved in.
How Not To Get Burned By Your Next Java Project
Feb 15, 2002
This article follows up on Pete McBreen's earlier article "How to Crash and Burn Your Java Project" with survival strategies for developers so that the impact of poor decision-making is minimized.
Hell No! I Won't Go! - Avoiding Death March Projects
Jan 11, 2002
Pete McBreen says Ed Yourdon is wrong; death-march development projects are not the norm - or at least they shouldn't be.
Customer-Oriented Rapid Application Development (CoRAD)
Nov 16, 2001
This article discusses a RAD methodology for developing e-commerce applications: customer-oriented RAD (CoRAD), developed by Cambridge Technology Partners.
The Software Life Cycle
Nov 9, 2001
If your software starts with coding and ends with compile, it will probably die young. For a longer lifespan, try the steps in this article.
Successfully Transitioning Developers
Nov 2, 2001
When you move to a new technology, will you retrain your current application developers, or hire new ones? Training and transition is generally far less costly than starting over.
Organizing for Successful Software Development
Nov 2, 2001
Marc Hamilton and Harris Kern explain why appropriate organizational structure is crucial to the success of a software development organization.
Recruiting The Best Talent For Your Software Development Team
Oct 26, 2001
Finding and selecting the right candidates for software development is much like buying a car. You have to know the right places to look, understand precisely what you want, and weed out the lemons.
Retaining the Best Talent for Software Development
Oct 26, 2001
You found the right software developer. Now you have to get him onboard - hang onto him once you've got him.

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