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REST-Inspired SOA Design Patterns
Mar 10, 2009
Raj Balasubramanian presents a series of REST-inspired SOA patterns has been developed as candidate patterns for inclusion in the master SOA design patterns catalog.
Characteristics of Event-Driven Architecture
Mar 2, 2009
How should the components work together to realize the desired functionality of an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)?
Planning for Your New Website
Mar 2, 2009
Mark Bell provides questions you should ask yourself when planning your website’s structure and developing a plan of action.
SOA Pattern (#4): Service Normalization
Feb 25, 2009
Like data normalization, the Service Normalization pattern is intent on reducing redundancy and waste in order to avoid the governance burden associated with having to maintain and synchronize similar or duplicate bodies of service logic.
Cloud Computing Pros and Cons for IT Professionals
Feb 24, 2009
Michael Miller walks IT professionals through the pros and cons of cloud computing in today's business environment.
SOA Governance: Governing the Service Factory
Feb 19, 2009
This chapter covers a practical approach for governing both the operation of the service factory and the management of services after they have been deployed to production.
Web Development with TIBCO General Interface: Understanding General Interface Architecture
Feb 19, 2009
This chapter provides a high-level architecture of TIBCO General Interface and its framework components and describes how General Interface applications work in the browser.
Cloud Computing Pros and Cons for End Users
Feb 13, 2009
Michael Miller explains which users can benefit from cloud applications — and which should steer clear.
Comparing Google Docs with Competing Cloud Computing Applications
Feb 9, 2009
Michael Miller compares Google Docs with several other web-based applications — and tells us which apps come out on top.
SOA Pattern (#3): Domain Inventory
Feb 5, 2009
You are not required to carry out an enterprise-wide adoption of SOA in order to realize its benefits. This is the very reason the Domain Inventory pattern emerged.
SOA Pattern (#2): Non-Agnostic Context
Jan 28, 2009
Should a service only be considered a service if it’s reusable?
SOA Pattern (#1): Service Façade
Jan 20, 2009
Thomas Erl brings you the first SOA Pattern of the Week.
SOA Design Patterns: Service Governance Patterns
Jan 14, 2009
This chapter covers several SOA patterns that have emerged to help evolve a service without compromising its responsibilities as an active member of a service inventory.
Parallel Computing and Business Applications
Dec 30, 2008
Cory Isaacson explains how Software Pipelines architecture enables you to easily scale your application to any size, maximize your resources, and best of all, do all this and still maintain critical business transaction and integrity requirements.
Programming with LINQ to XML for Objects
Nov 21, 2008
Paul Kimmels show how LINQ to XML for Objects (a.k.a. LINQ to XSD) works.
Focus on the IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Society and Integrating Individual Communities
Nov 5, 2008
Sandy Carter describes the "community of communities," the IBM SOA Society.
The Importance of the Open Standards Decision on Marketing WebSphere
Nov 5, 2008
Karla Norsworthy explains open standards have affected the marketing of the WebSphere portfolio.
SOA Design Patterns: Capability Composition Patterns
Nov 4, 2008
Capability composition patterns build upon the service identification and definition patterns to establish the concept of service composition. Thomas Erl discusses this pattern in this chapter.
Anatomy of a Web Service Contract
Oct 21, 2008
This chapter explains the Web service contract from a conceptual and structural perspective.
Understanding the Web Services Architecture
Oct 15, 2008
Joe Casad examines the web services infrastructure and provides a quick look at how e-commerce websites process web transactions.

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