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Working with XML Data in R
Jun 13, 2014
Tobi Bosede's step-by-step example shows how easily you can mine XML data from APIs by using R. Simple analysis and even multi-level reporting and output are possible with just a few lines of code.
Definitive XML Schema: Simple Types
Sep 18, 2012
Both element and attribute declarations can use simple types to describe their data content. This chapter introduces simple types and explains how to define your own atomic simple types for use in your schemas.
pureXML: Using XML in DB2 for z/OS
Jun 4, 2012
This chapter introduces you to the basics of XML and provides an overview of pureXML, IBM’s implementation of XML support embedded in DB2.
Introduction to InfoPath 2010
Jun 21, 2011
The authors of Designing Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath: Using InfoPath Designer 2010, 2nd Edition share the story of InfoPath, a tool that helps end users interact with and share XML data.
Beyond HTML: Returning JSON and XML Data From Your MVC Endpoints
Feb 10, 2010
You adopted MVC to get better control over your URL structure. Then you’re asked to provide REST access over the same data. Instead of developing a new API and set of endpoints that mirrors what you already have, you can augment the existing application to respond to requests for JSON and XML as well as handle data updates and deletes. Scott Seely shows you how.
Converting XML to Relational Data for Use in DB2
Aug 13, 2009
This chapter describes methods to convert XML documents to rows in relational tables.
Programming with LINQ to XML for Objects
Nov 21, 2008
Paul Kimmels show how LINQ to XML for Objects (a.k.a. LINQ to XSD) works.
A Quick Tour of KML: Geographic Visualization for the Web
Nov 14, 2008
Learn what KML is and how you can create a simple KML file yourself.
Understanding the Web Services Architecture
Oct 15, 2008
Joe Casad examines the web services infrastructure and provides a quick look at how e-commerce websites process web transactions.
XML Handling in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Oct 19, 2007
Increase the speed of your SQL queries and updates.
Storing XML Data in a Relational Database
Oct 5, 2007
Use familiar XML markup to extend the capabilities of your relational database.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 5: Voice XML Meets Web 2.0
Sep 14, 2007
Voice XML lets you pull and push Web-based information to your users wherever they may roam.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 4: Grammars, Scope, and Event Handlers
Aug 31, 2007
Frank Coyle tells you why putting it all together will keep all your users happy.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 3: Voice XML Grammars
Aug 10, 2007
Improve the quality of the voice interface by understanding the rules of voice grammars.
Introduction to VoiceXML Part 2: Working with Forms
Aug 3, 2007
Create a login page and data capture page for a Baseball Facts Hotline.
An Introduction to VoiceXML
Jul 27, 2007
If you've ordered a pizza lately, you've used VoiceXML. Learn how it works.
Optimized Presentation of XML Content
Dec 15, 2006
Ivan Pepelnjak shows how to optimize the process of converting XML back-end data stored on a web server into HTML markup displayed in a web browser.
Getting Started with AJAX and the XMLHttpRequest Object
Nov 3, 2006
This chapter introduces you to the XMLHttpRequest object, showing you how to work around its implementation differences between browsers. Also learn how to make some actual page requests, both in a synchronous fashion and in an asynchronous fashion. This chapter finishes with some various fallback approaches that can be used if a browser doesn't support XMLHttpRequest, including how to use IFrames and cookies as your communication channel.
Seven Steps to XML Mastery, Step 7: Ensure XML Security
Aug 25, 2006
We’ve come a long way since the beginning of our journey toward XML mastery. In the last article of his series, Frank Coyle examines XML-related security issues. We begin by looking at the family of XML security standards and then move on to the threat of black-hat attacks and what you can do to safeguard your XML-based applications.
Seven Steps to XML Mastery, Step 6: Employ the Semantic Web
Aug 18, 2006
In terms of modern technology, the Web is actually a venerated oldster. Is it time for the younger set to take over, bringing newer and more powerful ideas? In the sixth step toward XML mastery, Frank Coyle discusses the facets of the semantic web, which just may be the Web of the future.

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