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Collaboration with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory and IBM WebSphere Portal
Sep 3, 2009
This chapter introduces you to two powerful software products that are suited for implementing a portal.
SOA Pattern (#8): ESB
Sep 1, 2009
The ESB is a compound pattern that pulls together many enablement and enforcement capabilities that come in handy to the SOA practitioner. Thomas Rischbeck explains it here.
Keeping Files Synchronized with Windows Live Sync
Aug 4, 2009
Discover Microsoft’s free service that keeps your files in sync. Eric Geier steps you through setting up the service and the sync software.
Dynamic SOA and BPM: From Simplified Integration to Dynamic Processes
Jul 29, 2009
In this chapter, Marc Fiammante presents multiple aspects for an enterprise to address in order to realize the value of a truly dynamic BPM and SOA approach.
Introduction to Viral Data in SOA
Jul 23, 2009
The viral affects of data are without bounds and can, under certain conditions, reach a pandemic state. Neal A. Fishman explores this concept in the introduction to his book.
Understanding Service Component Architecture: Assembling and Deploying a Composite
Jul 8, 2009
Learn the basics of building an SCA application, including how to create components that offer services, configure those components and wire them together as part of a composite, expose a service as a web service, and package and deploy the composite to a domain.
SOA Pattern (#7): Policy Centralization
Jun 18, 2009
The Policy Centralization pattern advocates that we keep a reusable policy in a single definition and have service contracts to which the policy applies, link to and share this definition.
Computing in the Cloud
Jun 15, 2009
Mark Edward Soper provides an introduction to the world of web-based apps: how to select them, how to use them, and how to avoid problems.
SOA Pattern (#6): Canonical Schema
May 19, 2009
Of all the patterns in the SOA design patterns catalog there is perhaps no other as simple to understand yet as difficult to apply in practice as Canonical Schema.
WebSphere Engineering: Organization Models and Choices
May 5, 2009
This chapter explores different models of a WebSphere organization.
What Is a CMDB?
Apr 23, 2009
In this chapter, learn about the enigma that is a CMDB (Configuration Management Database), including answers to frequently asked questions.
The Drupal Page
Apr 16, 2009
This chapter addresses ways to modify the preprocess function so that you can prepare and alter page template variables, and alert Drupal of new page templates.
The Case for Single-Purpose Services: Understanding the Non-Agnostic Context and a Strategy for Implementation
Apr 15, 2009
This article will delve into the issues of the case for the single-purpose service.
An Introduction to DataPower SOA Appliances
Apr 9, 2009
The authors explain what exactly SOA appliances are, how they are used, and how they are similar and dissimilar to traditional household appliances.
Project-Oriented SOA
Apr 7, 2009
This article introduces an effective technique for moving your SOA program forward through an incremental, project-based approach.
SOA Pattern (#5): Service Decomposition
Apr 2, 2009
The Service Decomposition pattern provides a technique for splitting up a service after its initial deployment into two or more fine-grained services.
SOA Security 101: Patching the Firewall Hole
Apr 1, 2009
Atif Ghauri explains the new threats associated with service-oriented solutions.
Enterprise Mashups Part II: Why SOA Architects Should Care
Mar 24, 2009
Learn why SOA architects should care about enterprise mashups.
Enterprise Mashups Part I: Bringing SOA to the People
Mar 17, 2009
Learn the value of mashups to an SOA architect or even a business user.
Ten Strategies for Overcoming the Technological Impact of SOA Governance
Mar 17, 2009
This article offers a series of simple tips and tactics to bolster the likelihood of being successful when selecting and implementing SOA governance technology.

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