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pureXML: Using XML in DB2 for z/OS
Jun 4, 2012
This chapter introduces you to the basics of XML and provides an overview of pureXML, IBM’s implementation of XML support embedded in DB2.
The Significance of Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android
Apr 13, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of the new OneNote Mobile app for Android and its role in the expanding OneNote product family.
What’s New with Evernote? Five Big Features
Mar 19, 2012
Katherine Murray introduces five new features recently rolled out for Evernote users.
Revisiting the Evernote/Microsoft OneNote Competitive Landscape
Mar 9, 2012
Peter O'Kelly highlights some of the differences between Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.
OneNote for iPad: Ample Room for Improvement
Mar 8, 2012
Peter O'Kelly explains how the limitations in the initial release of OneNote for iPad might frustrate people who have more elaborate information-management needs.
OneNote for iPad: A Hopeful Leading Indicator
Mar 7, 2012
Peter O'Kelly provides an overview of OneNote for iPad, along with some analysis of what Microsoft may do next with OneNote for Windows, iPad, and other platforms.
Tweeting To and From Your Evernote Account
Mar 5, 2012
Katherine Murray shows how you can follow people and subjects on Twitter that bring the information you're looking for right to your browser window. And, thanks to Evernote, you can send the tweets you want to keep directly to your Evernote notebook, too.
Capturing Audio Notes in Evernote
Mar 2, 2012
Katherine Murray shows you how to record, save, and manage audio notes in Evernote, whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.
Excel Web App Improvements, Part 2
Dec 13, 2011
Laura Acklen covers the enhancements to the Excel Web App in the second installment in a multi-part series.
Adding Ink in Microsoft OneNote
Dec 12, 2011
After a brief but vigorous campaign by pen users, Microsoft added ink rendering to its OneNote Web App. Office expert Laura Acklen walks you through it.
Excel Web App Improvements, Part 1
Dec 12, 2011
Laura Acklen describes (in this first in a multi-part series) the latest updates to the Excel Web App.
Service Design Patterns: From Objects to Web Services
Dec 5, 2011
In this chapter, you'll learn what services are and how web services address the shortcomings of their predecessors.
Whose Job Is Content?
Dec 5, 2011
Strategizing, creating, assessing, disseminating, evaluating, and monetizing content doesn’t just happen by itself. Someone’s got to actually do it. This chapter explores an organization's options for content creation.
Cloud Computing: Orchestrating and Automating Technical Building Blocks
Nov 28, 2011
This chapter provides a detailed overview of how an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service is orchestrated and automated.
Web Interface Design with SharePoint Designer 2010
Nov 2, 2011
This chapter provides an overview of SharePoint Designer 2010, covering the new user interface and using the product to access and work with existing SharePoint sites and create new SharePoint sites.
Content is Cash: SONAR in Action
Oct 22, 2011
This chapter includes case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of SONAR, a content distribution model designed to improve ROI on existing web content.
Top 10 Tips for Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website
Aug 29, 2011
Michael Miller gives you 10 useful tips for creating a version of your website that works with smartphones and other mobile devices.
Introducing Force.com
Jul 25, 2011
This chapter provides context for exploring Force.com within a corporate software development organization.
Photosynth: A Better Way to Share
Jun 29, 2011
James T. Stanley explains Photosynth, a cool web service that lets you create amazing views from multiple photos.
Introduction to InfoPath 2010
Jun 21, 2011
The authors of Designing Forms for SharePoint and InfoPath: Using InfoPath Designer 2010, 2nd Edition share the story of InfoPath, a tool that helps end users interact with and share XML data.

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