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Designing Your Software for Cross-Platform Use
Feb 20, 2004
Those who need their code to compile on more than one platform can save time and headaches by learning to implement "abstraction layers." While this technique introduces new layers of complexity in your code, Dee-Ann and Robert LeBlanc promise that the tradeoff is well worth the effort.
Developing and Deploying Applications Using Remote Services
Dec 6, 2002
Thinking of developing new business software as a Web application? Considering a complete rewrite of that existing program so that it will run in a browser? Before you decide, you should consider the attractive alternative that Remote Services provide!
Disadvantages and Pitfalls of Web Services
May 16, 2003
Web services are not a magic bullet solution for every issue; they do have limitations. The authors of Sams Teach Yourself Web Services in 24 Hours discuss those issues.
DocBook Conversions with XFC
Aug 6, 2004
Converting DocBook XML files to other formats requires several tools, time spent configuring those tools, and a bit of work at the command line. Technical writer Scott Nesbitt introduces a different way of converting DocBook files: the XMLmind FO Converter.
Drupal Themes Explained
Mar 21, 2013
In this chapter, learn how to change your Drupal theme and change your site’s design and layout. You'll also learn how to distinguish between the administrative theme and the site theme, install a theme from Drupal.org, turn on and setup a theme, and configure a theme that utilizes modules to provide features.
Drupal's Building Blocks: Creating Views
Jan 20, 2011
The Views 2 user interface is significantly different from the original Views UI. This chapter talks about the Views user interface, shows how each function works, and explains how to create displays.
Dynamic SOA and BPM: From Simplified Integration to Dynamic Processes
Jul 29, 2009
In this chapter, Marc Fiammante presents multiple aspects for an enterprise to address in order to realize the value of a truly dynamic BPM and SOA approach.
ebXML: An Overview
Nov 9, 2001
With the rise of the Internet, many businesses have sought more modern, flexible, and less-expensive ways of doing business electronically. This article discusses ebXML, the new business standard.
ebXML: The New Spin on Old Ways that Make E-business Work
Oct 26, 2001
Electronic Business XML (ebXML) is a new set of standards to make e-business happen for businesses everywhere, not just the Fortune 1000. Alan Kotok and David Webber tell the latest about ebXML.
Editing XML with .NET (Beta 2)
Jan 4, 2002
Many applications would not be complete without some form of editing, but sometimes editing XML can be a daunting task. In this article, Jerome Kuptz delves into the editing capabilities of .NET's XML classes.
Eeyore's View: What Can You Really Produce with Web Services Today?
Jun 28, 2002
Despite the hype, Andy Longshaw says that Web Services won't save the world — or even rescue most businesses from development doldrums. A lot of work is still in store to move Web Services into the grand vision that many people drool over.
Embedding Perl in HTML or XML
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to change programs from code-centric to Web-centric using Perl embedded in HTML or XML.
Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Web Page or Blog
Sep 21, 2007
Michael Miller shows you how to display any YouTube video on your own page or blog.
Enabling Enterprise-Class Web Services
Nov 5, 2004
This chapter focuses on the considerations for enabling enterprise-class web services. These are web services that meet the level of technical and operational maturity consistent with the increasingly stringent requirements of today's enterprise.
Enhancing Services and Development with UDDI
Oct 3, 2003
Susan Snedaker provides a brief overview of UDDI and shows how businesses can benefit by implementing UDDI services -- giving the organization the ability to catalog, organize, search, and utilize Web services across the enterprise.
Enterprise Mashups Part I: Bringing SOA to the People
Mar 17, 2009
Learn the value of mashups to an SOA architect or even a business user.
Enterprise Mashups Part II: Why SOA Architects Should Care
Mar 24, 2009
Learn why SOA architects should care about enterprise mashups.
Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework: Transaction Services
Jun 24, 2005
Transaction services are usually the main reason why Enterprise Services is used. This chapter opens with an overview of transactions, examines how you can task transactions programmatically, and finally turns to how you can use Enterprise Services transactions, and how you can access the new features offered with Windows Server 2003.
Essential ADO.NET: XML and Data Access Integration
Nov 1, 2002
Learn how ADO.NET not only supports relational data through the data provider, DataSet, and Adapter architecture, but also adds support for all types of nonrelational data through its integration with XML.
Evaluating Cloud Storage Services
Aug 18, 2014
You don't need a big hard disk anymore; data is moving from local storage to the cloud. In this article, author Michael Miller examines the most popular cloud storage services for consumers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneBox, and Apple iCloud.

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