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Apache Hadoop YARN: A Brief History and Rationale
Mar 24, 2014
This chapter provides a historical account of why and how Apache Hadoop YARN came about.
Application Architecture for WebSphere: Setting a Standard
Sep 24, 2008
Good application architecture starts with good standards. Learn how to set the right ones for your organization.
Applied SOAP: XML and Web Service Implementation
Jul 5, 2002
Understand why loosely coupled, interoperable XML is critical to Web Services. Read how to use XML technologies that are key to working with SOAP, such as XPath, XLink, and XSL.
Approaches to Content Management
Sep 28, 2001
Managing web assets is easy if you follow one of the four approaches in this article by Russell Nakano. Whether your web site is small or large, you’ll find a suitable approach here.
Arguing with Angle Brackets: A Step-by-Step Introduction to XML Schema
Oct 17, 2003
The primary building block for conveying meaningful information with XML is the W3C's XML Schema language. This article shows you step by step how to beat XML Schema into submission.
Jan 1, 2003
Asynchronous Web Services
Sep 20, 2002
Paul Kimmel's technique for invoking XML Web Services asynchronously allows you to optimize your application's performance when it's waiting for large amounts of data to be returned from a Web Service.
Authenticating Web Services with SAML
Aug 2, 2002
How do you deal with the challenges of authenticating and authorizing Web services? Learn how technologies such as SAML can come to the rescue for you.
A-Z Web Site Indexes Explained
Jul 15, 2005
A-Z indexes are far more accurate than search engines for searching the content of a web site or intranet. For the value it can bring to your site, an A-Z index may be worth the additional cost. Heather Hedden covers the details.
Basic Shapes and Text in SVG
May 30, 2003
This sample chapter looks at the highlight functions of SVG, and explains the use of simple images and text within the program.
Beginning SOA Using BEA WebLogic Workshop
Oct 15, 2004
Emmanuel Proulx discusses service-oriented architecture (SOA) and provides an example of an SOA system using the BEA WebLogic Workshop development environment.
Beyond HTML: Returning JSON and XML Data From Your MVC Endpoints
Feb 10, 2010
You adopted MVC to get better control over your URL structure. Then you’re asked to provide REST access over the same data. Instead of developing a new API and set of endpoints that mirrors what you already have, you can augment the existing application to respond to requests for JSON and XML as well as handle data updates and deletes. Scott Seely shows you how.
Blogging with .NET and the Atom API
Jan 13, 2006
Tim Stevens explains how to make use of the Blogger.com Atom-based API from any .NET application.
BPEL: The Next Big Thing in Software?
Nov 18, 2005
Software is far more fluid now than even five years ago. Look at the way we accept new virus definitions and automatic updates to Windows XP! Stephen Morris suggests that this change reflects a gradual migration toward web-based services for upgrades, a small step away from using automatic web services for tasks such as share trading and resource planning. The future may be bleak for monolithic applications, and the main reason may be found in the area of business process modeling.
Bringing SOAP, Web Services, and .NET together
Aug 30, 2002
Discover SOAP's place in the universe by examining the relationships, the benefits, and the future of these three emerging technologies.
Building a DHTML Drop Down Menu with Dreamweaver
Oct 25, 2002
Macromedia Dreamweaver helps you incorporate DHTML without having to learn the underlying code. Learn here how to use it.
Building N1™ Grid Solutions: Realizing the Vision
Jan 14, 2005
This chapter builds on the fundamental basics of the N1 Grid solution to explore the nature of an N1 Grid operating environment, especially some of the mechanisms that are already extant and are leveraged by the N1 Grid solution.
Building Plugins with C# Part 1
Aug 27, 2004
Interested in building plug-ins, but not sure where to start? In this first article in a four-part series, you'll learn how to put together a simple authentication plug-in for a project in C#.
Building Plugins with C# Part 2: Making Additions with XML
Sep 3, 2004
In this second part in our plug-in series, you'll learn how to use an XML file to validate users, and find out how—and why—to add a new configuration section handler.
Building Plugins with C# Part 3: Adding LDAP, SQL, and Configuration
Sep 10, 2004
Feeling smarter, yet? In this continuing series, you'll learn how to use inheritance to re-use code, and how your applications can load their own configuration files. You'll also learn more about doing LDAP authentication and connecting to a database to run a stored procedure.

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