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A Practical Introduction to PyQt's Undo/Redo Framework
Apr 23, 2008
Be a smart Python programmer with this introduction to PyQt's undo/redo framework.
Creating Your First Website in Django
Feb 22, 2008
Learn the steps of creating a functional website called iFriends.
Introduction to GUI Programming with Python and Qt
Feb 8, 2008
Find out about three tiny yet useful GUI applications written in PyQt.
Copyright Versus Free Software
Nov 16, 2007
David Chisnall examines the close relationship between copyright and Free Software.
Getting Started with Python
Jan 26, 2007
Wesley J. Chun offers a high-level tour as a fast and easy way to get you into Python and show you what it has to offer.
State Management in ASP.NET 2.0
Jan 5, 2007
Fritz Onion and Keith Brown discuss cross-page posting, Profile, and the Wizard, View, and MultiView controls in ASP.NET 2.0.
The TurboGears Toolbox and Other Tools
Jan 5, 2007
TurboGears provides several graphical tools to help you get started more quickly, and to maximize your productivity. This sample chapter covers ModelDesigner, CatWalk, WebConsole and SystemInfo tools, Widget Browser, and the tg-admin command.
Operators and Expressions in Python
Mar 31, 2006
This chapter describes Python's built-in operators as well as the precedence rules used in the evaluation of expressions.
Types and Objects in Python
Mar 17, 2006
All the data stored in a Python program is built around the concept of an object. Objects include fundamental data types such as numbers, strings, lists, and dictionaries. It's also possible to create user-defined objects in the form of classes or extension types. This chapter describes the Python object model and provides an overview of the built-in data types.
Examining Python 2.3: New Additions
Mar 14, 2003
Boudewijn Rempt examines the most important additions to the Python 2.3 language and libraries, and shows how to use them with examples.
Writing Multithreaded GUI Applications with Python
Jan 31, 2003
Want to take advantage of multithreading and side-step its associated obstacles? Boudewijn Rempt uses the PyQt toolkit to help you work around the challenges of programming a multithreaded GUI in Python.
Databases, GUIs, and Python
Jan 24, 2003
Now that Python has grown up, it has to hold its own in two- and three-tier database applications against corporate heavyweights such as Java and Visual Basic. Boudewijn Rempt analyzes Python's possibilities and weighs its strengths and weaknesses.
Jan 1, 2003
Operators and String Formatting in Python
Aug 23, 2002
Walk through the basics of Python with a detailed look at logic and sequence operators, arithmetic with strings and lists, and format directives.
Objects and Classes in Python
Aug 16, 2002
Learn the basics of object-oriented programming through Python's classes and inheritance and see where Python diverges from other OO languages.
Deitel Introduces Creating Processes in Python
Jul 19, 2002
This DEITEL™ article presents the mechanics of process creation and management in Python. Process management is a task common to programs such as shells and simple Web servers. We introduce functions os.fork and os.wait. We also introduce the concept of asynchronously executing processes and the unpredictability of their relative execution speeds.
Deitel Introduces the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) with Python
Jul 5, 2002
This Deitel™ article introduces the Common Gateway In­terface (CGI), which allows Web servers to execute programs that generate dy­namic content.
Deitel Presents Making a CD Player with pygame and Tkinter in Python
Jun 7, 2002
This article from DEITEL™ introduces pygame, a multimedia package for Python. We use pygame and Tkinter to create a working CD-Player with a graphical interface. The simplicity of the program demonstrates the power and expressiveness of Python and its many open-source packages.
Deitel Presents How Keyword Import Affects Namespaces in Python Programming
May 31, 2002
This DEITEL™ article discusses how the various forms of the import statement affect a program's namespace. We explore all the forms of the statement and use function dir in interactive sessions to demonstrate the import statement's effects on the namespace.
Deitel Presents Python Properties
May 24, 2002
Deitel™ explains how to implement properties for a class in Python.

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