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A Holistic View of Six Sigma
By Roger W. Hoerl, Ron D. Snee
Dec 3, 2004
This chapter has provided a general overview of Six Sigma—the key elements of the initiative and the key concepts, methods, and tools—and the tremendous opportunities for using Six Sigma to improve processes, functions, and organizations beyond the factory floor.
Achieving Robust Designs with Six Sigma: Dependable, Reliable, and Affordable
By John X. Wang
Oct 6, 2005
Developing "best-in-class" robust designs is crucial for creating competitive advantages. Customers want their products to be dependable—"plug-and-play." They also expect them to be reliable—"last a long time." Furthermore, customers are cost-sensible; they anticipate that products will be affordable. Becoming robust means seeking win–win solutions for productivity and quality improvement. This chapter will help you to achieve all of this.
An Introduction to Use Cases and Quality Function Deployment: Driving Vision Vertically Through the Project
By Richard Denney
Jun 10, 2005
This chapter provides an introduction to Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and explains how QFD can complement use cases to streamline and improve the quality of your projects.
Analyzing Performance-Testing Results to Correlate Performance Plateaus and Stress Areas
By Michael Kelly
Jul 8, 2005
Mike Kelly builds on Scott Barber's work to show how you can combine performance-degradation curves and complex performance scenarios to help determine "good enough" quality for an application in terms of performance.
Bringing Process Maturity to Agile Organizations—Part I
By Paul E. McMahon
Aug 9, 2010
Paul E. McMahon discusses five popular myths about processes in Agile organizations, common challenges faced initiating a CMMI process improvement effort within an Agile organization, successful techniques to guide a small growing Agile organization to CMMI level 3 while maintaining an Agile culture, answers to common questions related to developing Agile processes, and practical techniques to structure an organizational repository supporting agility and CMMI compliancy.
CCNP Self-Study: Understanding and Implementing Quality of Service in Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks
By Erum Frahim, Richard Froom, Balaji Sivasubramanian
May 13, 2004
This chapter describes how QoS is an integral part of any multilayer switched network deployment. With QoS, you can build a network of predictable behavior for latency, jitter, and packet loss. In addition, QoS mitigates anomalous network behavior and provides for differentiation of traffic flows.
Cisco QoS Exam Certification Guide: MQC, QPM, and AutoQoS
By Michael J. Cavanaugh, Wendell Odom
Dec 23, 2004
This chapter focuses on Modular QoS CLI, QoS Policy Manager, and AutoQoS with an eye toward passing the Cisco QoS Exam.
Classification and Marking for Cisco DQOS and QOS Exams
By Michael J. Cavanaugh, Wendell Odom
Sep 19, 2003
Brush up on your skills with this review of exam topics and objectives for the Cisco DQOS and QoS exams.
CMMI for OutSourcing: Delivering Solutions
By Deborah K. Yedlin, Hubert F. Hofmann, Susan Kushner, John W. Mishler
Nov 16, 2007
Learn how to effectively communicate so you can successfully deliver solutions.
Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play: How "Buy a Feature" Works
By Luke Hohmann
Aug 4, 2008
Imrprove the quality of your product features by asking your customers to help you pick them.
Culture Clash: Getting On Board with IT Governance
By Jeff Papows
Oct 5, 2010
How do we as a development community abandon some of the widely misunderstood perceptions about IT governance and make it a proactive, not reactive, part of the development process?
Defining Software Quality and Economic Value
By Capers Jones, Olivier Bonsignour
Aug 15, 2011
This introduction to The Economics of Software Quality covers how to define software quality and economic value.
Don't "Enron" Your Software Project
By Aaron Erickson
Oct 10, 2009
Aaron Erickson begins a new series on technical finance with a discussion of how technical debt, technical 'off-balance sheet entities,' and technical fraud undermine return on investment.
Economics of Software Quality: An Interview with Capers Jones, Part 1 of 2 (Podcast Transcript)
By Rex Black, Capers Jones
Jan 16, 2012
In this two-part interview, Rex Black talks with Capers Jones about his book The Economics of Software Quality, in which leading software quality experts Jones and Olivier Bonsignour show how to measure the economic impact of quality and how to use this data to deliver exceptional business value.
Economics of Software Quality: An Interview with Capers Jones, Part 2 of 2 (Podcast Transcript)
By Rex Black, Capers Jones
Jan 17, 2012
Rex Black and Capers Jones continue discussing Capers Jones' book The Economics of Software Quality. Watch this podcast to learn some surprising and motivating facts about software quality and how to improve it.
Enterprise Quality of Service (QoS): Part I - Internals
By Sun Microsystems
Mar 22, 2002
This two-article series works to clear the confusion surrounding QoS by explaining what it is, how it is implemented, and how to use it in an enterprise. This month's article details the basics surrounding the "what" and "how" of implementation, as well as the internals of QoS.
Enterprise Quality of Service Part II: Enterprise Solution using Solaris Bandwidth Manager 1.6 Software
By Sun Microsystems
May 17, 2002
This article explores possible approaches to deploying an Enterprise Quality of Service solution using Solaris Bandwidth Manager 1.6 software.
Exploring QoS in Catalyst
By Richard Froom, Mike Flannagan, Kevin Turek
Jul 4, 2003
Discover the workings of the the various platform QoS features available across the Cisco Catalyst product family. You will gain full understanding of each Catalyst platform's supported QoS features and be able to configure various Catalyst families of switches.
Exposing the Fallacy of "Good Enough" Software
By Pete McBreen
Feb 1, 2002
Just because it's Friday, that doesn't mean that the software is good enough to ship to unsuspecting users. Every manager, team leader, and developer needs to fight back against the idea that bugs are inevitable and ridicule the pseudo-economic arguments ...
Framework Process Patterns: A Case Study
By James Carey, Brent Carlson
Jun 14, 2002
Frameworks represent a rapidly growing field within object-oriented programming. The authors of "Framework Process Patterns" teach you a patterns approach to framework development through this very interesting sartorial case study.

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