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Deitel Presents Introduction to Python Iterators
By (Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Deitel
May 17, 2002
Iterators are new to the Python language—they were added in version 2.2. In this article, Deitel™ motivates the need for iterators and define a class that supports iterators.
Python Web Programming: Web Application Frameworks
By Steve Holden
May 17, 2002
Review the classic web server architecture and the roles that Python can play under such a regime, and look at some of the possible pure Python architectures for web systems.
Server-Side Web Programming with Jython
By Robert Bill
May 17, 2002
Learn about Servlets and JSP written with Jython—how to set up a Servlet container, the basic Servlet classes, implementing cookies, sessions and database connections, and using Jython with JSP pages.
Planning Interactive Web Systems
By Steve Holden
Jan 25, 2002
New Riders author Steve Holden offers suggestions on setting up and planning for an interactive web system.
ZODB for Python Programmers
By Michel Pelletier
Sep 21, 2001
This article covers the basics of the Zope Object Database and its use with the Python programming language.
The Age of the Commercial Python IDE: BlackAdder and Komodo Compared
By Boudewijn Rempt
Sep 7, 2001
Boudewijn Rempt compares two new Python IDEs, BlackAdder and Komodo, to the field of more mature Open Source contenders.
Working with Stackless Python and Microthreads
By Boudewijn Rempt
Sep 7, 2001
The combination of Stackless Python and a Qt GUI gives amazing performance, as shown in this article by Boudewijn Rempt. By developing a small population simulation, the microthread library is investigated, and the results are astonishing, even to the author.
A Tutorial Introduction to the Python Programming Language
By David M. Beazley
Aug 27, 2001
Dave Beazley guides you through the basics of working with the Python programming language in this quick introduction.
Python Libraries
By Andre Lessa
May 25, 2001
In this sample chapter from Python Developer’s Handbook, learn what main module services and extensions are available for the Python programming language.
An Introduction to Regular Expressions
By Alan Gauld
Jan 8, 2001
Alan Gauld, author of Learn to Program Using Python (Addison-Wesley, 2001) discusses how regular expressions are constructed and shows basic usage under Python. There are marked similarities between regular expression constructs and programming constructs ...
A New Harvest of Python IDEs
By Boudewijn Rempt
Nov 27, 2000
Use this pragmatic guide to pick the Python IDE that's right for you. The author compares and contrasts the most important features, and illustrates each IDE with screenshots to help his descriptions.

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