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Architecture, Architect, Architecting
Aug 6, 2009
This chapter provides an overview of three of the core concepts related to the subject of software architecting and concludes with a discussion of the benefits of architecting.
Characteristics of Event-Driven Architecture
Mar 2, 2009
How should the components work together to realize the desired functionality of an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)?
The IBM Rational Unified Process: Training and Mentoring Models
Nov 16, 2007
Training is important; however, mentoring is crucial.
Service Oriented Architecture with Apache Axis
Nov 22, 2006
Service oriented architecture has moved beyond hype and into implementation. Apache Axis provides a compelling solution in terms of TCO, standards-compliance, manageability, and ease of use. So, how good is Axis? Read Stephen Morris' article to find out.
On Architecture: From Small to Gargantuan
Jul 5, 2006
In their innovative book A Pattern Language, Christopher Alexander and his colleagues describe the patterns that breathe life into civil architectures, from intimate spaces to buildings to entire towns. No matter where you look along this spectrum of size, you’ll find common structures and common behaviors. At each point in the spectrum, the patterns therein form the architecture of each instance. Across the software landscape, you’ll find a similar spread, from small programs to systems to systems of systems. Each instance has an architecture, be it intentional or accidental, and the forces that work upon each system—from small to gargantuan—vary accordingly.
The Accidental Architecture
Jun 2, 2006
Every interesting software-intensive system has an architecture. While some of these architectures are intentional, most appear to be accidental. Grady Booch explains.
Surviving Product Management
Mar 3, 2006
In his years as product manager for a wide variety of tech products, Louis Columbus has learned several useful lessons regarding what strategies work best to support the products and, ultimately, the company's bottom line. Share his knowledge in this article.
The Role of Architectural Risk Analysis in Software Security
Mar 3, 2006
Design flaws account for 50% of security problems. You can’t find design defects by staring at code—a higher-level understanding is required. That’s why architectural risk analysis plays an essential role in any solid software security program. Find out more about architectural risk analysis in this sample chapter.
Grady Booch on Developing the Handbook of Software Architecture
Jan 13, 2006
Grady Booch discusses his current project: creating a handbook of software architecture patterns and their context.
BPEL: The Next Big Thing in Software?
Nov 18, 2005
Software is far more fluid now than even five years ago. Look at the way we accept new virus definitions and automatic updates to Windows XP! Stephen Morris suggests that this change reflects a gradual migration toward web-based services for upgrades, a small step away from using automatic web services for tasks such as share trading and resource planning. The future may be bleak for monolithic applications, and the main reason may be found in the area of business process modeling.
SOA Project Planning Aspects
Nov 18, 2005
This chapter takes the next step toward execution by focusing on how to plan an SOA project. The topics in this chapter constitute the best practices the authors have uncovered for forming a project office, how to define the phases of SOA adoption, the need for and mechanisms of SOA governance, and finally, the various project roles and how they interact with each other.
So Now I'm A Software Architect. What Do I Actually Do?
Oct 6, 2005
A key part of the software architect's job is producing an architectural description of the system that defines the architecture's key functions, features, and characteristics for its stakeholders. Where do you start? What do you need to know? Nick Rozanski and Eóin Woods provide detailed answers to these questions, with useful suggestions on how to attack this fundamental document that underpins any development project.
Cascade Integrator Comb Filters
Apr 1, 2005
Digital filters are formed by a standard set of resources, memory or delays, summing junctions, multipliers, and resamplers. Architectures that combine these resources build a variety of filtering systems. This chapter presents these filters and discusses their performance under finite arithmetic.
Software Futures: Architecture
Mar 25, 2005
Network management specialist Stephen Morris discusses the growing trend toward architecture orientation in software development and how this trend relates to the general area of software engineering.
Can IT Solve All Business Problems?
Jul 2, 2004
In a complex business ecosystem, where constraints and bottlenecks are common, can IT solve all business problems? Pujan Roka reminds us that despite complex software solutions, business problems don't just go away; new problems evolve out of changing business and process needs.
Introduction to Model Driven Architecture
May 21, 2004
There have been significant improvements in the ways in which we build software over the last fifty years, two of which are worthy of note in the attempt to make software an asset: we've raised the level of abstraction of the languages we use to express behavior, and we've sought to increase the level of reuse in system construction. MDA takes the ideas of raising the levels of abstraction and reuse up a notch. It also introduces a new idea that ties these ideas together into a greater whole: design-time interoperability. Want to learn the basics? Start right here.
Software Architecture: Basic Training
Apr 16, 2004
This chapter introduces the fundamental concepts of object orientation, open systems, and object-oriented architectures. It also discusses object orientation in terms of isolating changes in software systems by combining the data and processing into modules called objects.
Guards and Walls of Software Fortresses
Jun 27, 2003
Keep the bad guys away from your fortress while at the same time allowing access through the use of walls and guards. You will discover what each of these devices do and how you can create them for your own system.
Software Architecture in Practice: the Luther Architecture
Jun 20, 2003
Discover the role of Luther in the rapid building of customer support systems for Inmedius. You will see examples of wearable computers used by workers in the field and how the system based on J2EE is working toward continual innovation.
Software Architecture: The Difference between Marketecture and Tarchitecture
Jun 6, 2003
Luke Hohmann clarifies how the marketing and technical aspects of the software architecture system must work together to achieve business objectives.

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