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Programming Neo4j with Java
Jul 22, 2015
In the second article of a three-part series, Steven Haines discusses two ways of using Java to program for Neo4j: via the Core Java API, and via the Traversal API.
Package Management in Windows PowerShell v5: Install and Manage Software from the Command Line
Jul 16, 2015
Package management in Linux is great: Scroll through a repository, grab the specialized modules you like, and slide those packages seamlessly into the OS. Shouldn't Windows do that, too? Yep, and soon it will. Timothy Warner, author of Sams Teach Yourself Windows PowerShell 5 in 24 Hours, previews package management with the upcoming Windows PowerShell v5 release.
Introduction to Neo4j
Jul 15, 2015
Relational databases are still great for storing and managing data, but in this century data hasn't just multiplied; it has diversified. No RDBMS can keep pace with data experiencing exponential growth and increasingly intricate relationships. In Part 1 of a three-part series, Steven Haines describes a better solution: Neo4j, a graph database with the flexibility and power to handle modern business and complex social interactions.
Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache in Depth
Jul 6, 2015
In this chapter from Oracle Exadata Expert's Handbook, the authors review the architecture of Exadata Flash solid-state disk and examine in detail how Exadata Smart Flash Cache and Exadata Smart Flash Logging allow you to transparently leverage this Flash I/O.
SQL Server AlwaysOn and Availability Groups
Jun 29, 2015
SQL Server's AlwaysOn is taking the database world by storm. This chapter from Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed dives into the AlwaysOn new features and availability groups.
Swift Development: Nobody Knows the Tuples I've Seen
Jun 23, 2015
In the Swift programming language, tuples play specialized roles that lend power and flexibility to your development. Erica Sadun, bestselling author of The Gourmet iOS Developer's Cookbook: Even More Recipes for Better iOS App Development, explores tuples in depth.
In-Memory Optimization and the Buffer Pool Extension in SQL Server 2014
Jun 18, 2015
To take maximum advantage of the performance improvements that can be achieved from having your critical OLTP tables memory resident, Microsoft developed the In-Memory Optimization feature for SQL Server. Another feature introduced in SQL Server 2014 to take advantage of the lower costs and increased sizes of SSDs, is the Buffer Pool Extension feature. The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed discuss both of these exciting new features in this chapter.
Preface to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed
May 26, 2015
The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed introduce their book and discuss its intended audience, what the book covers, and conventions used in the book.
NoSQL for Mere Mortals: Designing for Document Databases
May 19, 2015
In this chapter from NoSQL for Mere Mortals, Dan Sullivan helps you understand ways of assessing document database models and choosing the best techniques for your needs.
Video: Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers: Introduction
May 14, 2015
Dan Hotka introduces his video course in this excerpt from Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Version.
Video: Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers: Understand Explain Plans
May 12, 2015
In this excerpt from Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons, Dan Hotka describes the role of explain plans in Oracle SQL performance tuning.
Understanding the Windows PowerShell Release Cycle
Apr 20, 2015
Timothy Warner, author of Sams Teach Yourself Windows PowerShell 5 in 24 Hours, explains how Windows PowerShell releases are related to Windows version releases and which bits go with what. It's not a 1:1 relationship, so you might need to uninstall if things don't go quite as expected. With Tim's help and the Windows Management Framework, you'll get it right from the start.
Mar 4, 2015
In this chapter from Oracle PL/SQL by Example, 5th Edition, learn how to make use of variables and the various ways to populate variables. This chapter also covers transactional control in PL/SQL by explaining what it means to commit data as well as how SAVEPOINTs are used.
Video: Working with Big Data: How to Write Data Into the Hadoop File System
Mar 3, 2015
In this video excerpt from Working with Big Data LiveLessons (Video Training): Infrastructure, Algorithms, and Visualizations, Paul Dix shows you how to copy files up to Hadoop using a StackExchange public data dump as an example.
Working with Records in FileMaker Pro 13
Jan 5, 2015
In this chapter from FileMaker Pro 13 Absolute Beginner's Guide, explore and work with the Filemaker database. You change, add, and delete records; navigate through records and layouts; and much more.
Practical Advice for Building Secure Android Databases in SQLite
Jan 2, 2015
This chapter from Bulletproof Android: Practical Advice for Building Secure Apps looks at how developers have used SQLite and, more importantly, how they have tried to secure that data in progressively more secure ways so you don’t make the same mistakes.
Video: Hadoop Fundamentals: Install Hortonworks HDP2.1 Sandbox
Dec 17, 2014
Are you ready to get up and running with Hadoop? One of the first things you'll want to do is install Hortonworks HDP 2.1 Sandbox. Doug Eadline shows you how in this excerpt from Hadoop Fundamentals LiveLessons (Video Training), 2nd Edition.
NoSQL Databases: An Overview
Dec 11, 2014
Pramod Sadalage provides an overview of NoSQL databases, explaining what NoSQL is, types of NoSQL databases, and why and how to choose a NoSQL database.
HBase Data Analysis with MapReduce
Nov 26, 2014
HBase supports two types of read access: table scans by row key and MapReduce jobs. Table scans enable you to retrieve the exact subset of rows you are looking for, and MapReduce jobs enable you to perform analysis across a greater set of data. This article reviews HBase’s support for MapReduce and demonstrates how to create a MapReduce job to analyze 10,000 records in a table.
Big Data Scalability: Why Your Database Is Slow, and When You Should Start Scaling
Nov 12, 2014
Constant increases in the volume of Big Data worldwide have begun to overwhelm the database management systems on which we all rely. We need a comprehensive method for managing this overflow. Database expert Cory Isaacson, CEO/CTO of CodeFutures and author of Understanding Big Data Scalability, discusses how scaling can help to keep your databases from being overwhelmed, how you'll know when you should start scaling, and the best way to make it happen.

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