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6 Reasons to Migrate Your Oracle Databases Twice as Fast to Release
Sep 15, 2015
Oracle Database is the terminal release for Oracle 11g R2, and extended support for that release ends as of December 2015. Yet many Oracle shops haven't accelerated their pace to transition to Oracle Database 12c R1. Oracle ACE Director Jim Czuprynski, author of Oracle Database 12c New Features, Part 1 LiveLessons, explains why Oracle DBAs should redouble their upgrade efforts to take advantage of six key feature sets available in Oracle Database
An Interview with Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka on Toad for Oracle
Aug 27, 2015
Data expert Phyllis Helton talks to Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka, co-authors of Toad for Oracle Unleashed, about some of their favorite features in Toad, their thoughts on GUI tools, and advice for people new to developing using Oracle and Toad.
Toad for Oracle Unleashed: Working with SQL
Aug 3, 2015
This chapter from Toad for Oracle Unleashed covers various aspects of the SQL Editor window, such as various modes to compile and execute code, using Toad history for past SQL, enhancing the interface to best fit your needs, using little-known items within the SQL Editor, code templates, and building SQL without typing.
Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache in Depth
Jul 6, 2015
In this chapter from Oracle Exadata Expert's Handbook, the authors review the architecture of Exadata Flash solid-state disk and examine in detail how Exadata Smart Flash Cache and Exadata Smart Flash Logging allow you to transparently leverage this Flash I/O.
Video: Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers: Introduction
May 14, 2015
Dan Hotka introduces his video course in this excerpt from Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Version.
Video: Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers: Understand Explain Plans
May 12, 2015
In this excerpt from Oracle SQL Performance Tuning for Developers LiveLessons, Dan Hotka describes the role of explain plans in Oracle SQL performance tuning.
Mar 4, 2015
In this chapter from Oracle PL/SQL by Example, 5th Edition, learn how to make use of variables and the various ways to populate variables. This chapter also covers transactional control in PL/SQL by explaining what it means to commit data as well as how SAVEPOINTs are used.
Introduction to Oracle Databases on Virtual Infrastructure
Oct 22, 2014
99.9% of all database or data management systems should be considered candidates for virtualization on vSphere. In this chapter from Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere, the authors argue that Oracle databases and software are prime candidates to consider migrating to virtualized infrastructure.
Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: Administering Storage Devices
Aug 13, 2013
System administrators need to know how to specify device names when using commands to manage disks, file systems, and other devices. This chapter describes disk device management in detail. It also describes disk device naming conventions as well as adding, configuring, and displaying information about disk devices attached to your system.
The Beauty of TOAD for Oracle
Jan 6, 2010
Linda Leung caught up with TOAD experts Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka to discuss TOAD, how it's used, and their views on where Oracle as a company is headed.
Oracle Performance By Design
Nov 30, 2009
An application’s design determines whether the application performs like a Ferrari or a gas-guzzling clunker. If you want your Oracle application to win the performance race, Guy Harrison showcases these high-performance design patterns.
Oracle Performance Tuning: A Methodical Approach
Nov 5, 2009
Guy Harrison shares a methodology that ensures that you focus on the root causes of Oracle performance problems.
TOAD Setup and Configuration
Sep 18, 2009
Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka review some of the more common and critical setup and configuration steps necessary to fully maximize your initial TOAD experience.
Oracle SQL: The Basics
Aug 25, 2009
In this chapter you will learn the basics of the SQL language and use SQL Developer and SQL*Plus.
Conditional Control: IF Statements in Oracle PL/SQL
Aug 27, 2008
This chapter explores the conditional control statements IFand ELSIF and shows you how they can be nested inside one another.
Oracle versus SQL Server in the Enterprise
Mar 25, 2005
Can Oracle kick SQL Server's behind? Oracle expert David Hull throws down the gauntlet to Microsoft devotees.
SQL Server Kicks Oracle's Butt
Mar 25, 2005
Oracle enthusiasts love to bash SQL Server, and Buck Woody thinks it's high time that the debate is taken to a professional form. If it's to be an argument, he wants to involve the discipline of logic to see which is better: SQL Server or Oracle. Care to see who wins?
Creating Oracle Databases
Dec 3, 2004
This chapter from the Oracle 9i Fundamentals I Exam Cram book covers the creation of a database, with sample questions to help you prepare.
Oracle Universal Installer
Aug 13, 2004
One of the beauties of the Oracle database is that nearly everything associated with it can be automated, and installation is no different. This chapter provides a handy guide to using this feature of Oracle to its fullest extent.
Overcoming High-Latency Database Access with Java Stored Procedures
May 13, 2004
Java Stored Procedures: a way to put slow Java code in your otherwise fast database or a quick solution for certain database performance problems? They can be both, as it turns out. Tim Stevens takes a look at a situation in which the adoption of Java Stored Procedures quickly and effectively solved some serious performance issues in a database-driven system, all without a complete rewrite of existing database code.

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