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Forget About Being Taught - Focus on Learning

Way back in 1974, Ted Nelson wrote a book called Computer Lib/Dream Machines (Aperture), in which he explained the following:

The best way to start programming is to have a terminal running an interactive language, and a friend sitting nearby who already knows the language and has something else to do but can be interrupted with questions. And you just try stuff. Till more and more you get the feel of it. And you find yourself writing programs that work.

Nelson understood that learning at your own pace, where you can ask whatever question interests you at that moment, is the most effective means of learning. This is in marked contrast to most classroom situations, where teachers control the questions that can be asked: "We'll cover that in the next lesson," or "We've already covered that." The resulting delay in getting your questions answered (or, worse, learning not to ask questions) means that it takes you even longer to learn the subject.

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