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Wireless Communications & Networks, 2nd Edition

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Wireless Communications & Networks, 2nd Edition


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NEW--Updated material throughout--Addresses industry trends and technological advances such as the explosive growth of mobile telephones, satellite services, and the wireless Internet.


NEW--New information on wireless standards--Includes expanded coverage of Wi-Fi and WiMax protocols.


Balanced coverage of technology and standards--Provides a comprehensive guide to specific wireless standards, reflecting their importance in defining both available products and the direction of future research.


Comprehensive introduction to technology and architecture--Reviews the components that characterize and differentiate wireless communication and networking, including frequency band, signal encoding technique, error correction technique, and network architecture.


Discussion of network types--Examines the various types of wireless networks, such as satellite, cellular, fixed wireless access, and wireless LANs, including IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth.


Review of current applications--Discusses thekey technologies and applications that have been developed from wireless infrastructures, especially mobile IP and wireless Web access.


Topical, broad-based coverage--Offers an extensive discussion of spread spectrum and satellite

communications, fixed wireless access technology, and IEEE 802.16 standards.


Outstanding pedagogy--Features chapter-ending problems, review questions, suggestions for further reading, and

lists of relevant Web sites. The second edition also includes an extensive glossary, list of frequently used

acronyms, and a bibliography.


Online support--Accompanying website at WilliamStallings.com/Wireless/Wireless2e.html includes useful instructor links, transparency masters of figures and tables in PDF format, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a monthly update sheet.

Companion Website -- Access textbook-related resources and support materials for students and instructors maintained by the author.

Student Resource Site -- Access a wealth of computer science-related information including mathematics reviews, how-to documents, research resources, and career explorations maintained by the author.


  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-191835-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-191835-1

Wireless Communications and Networks, 2e, provides one of the most up-to-date and accurate overviews of wireless principles, technology, and application. It is ideal for courses in wireless networking, wireless communications, wireless data communications or wireless technology in departments of Computer Science, Engineering, IT, and Continuing Education.


The rapid growth of mobile telephone use, satellite services, and the wireless Internet are generating tremendous changes in telecommunications and networking. Combining very current technical depth with a strong pedagogy and advanced Web support, this new edition provides a comprehensive guide to wireless technology—exploring key topics such as technology and architecture, network types, design approaches, and the latest applications.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction.


2. Transmission Fundamentals.

3. Communication Networks.

4. Protocols and the TCP/IP Suite.


5. Antennas and Propagation.

6. Signal Encoding Techniques.

7. Spread Spectrum.

8. Coding and Error Control.

Error Detection. Block Error Correction Codes. Convolutional Codes. Automatic Repeat Request. Recommended Reading. Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems.


9. Satellite Communications.

10. Cellular Wireless Networks.

11. Cordless Systems and Wireless Local Loop.

12. Mobile IP and Wireless Access Protocol.


13. Wireless LAN Technology.

14. IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standard.

15. Bluetooth.

Appendix A. Standards and Standard-Setting Organizations.

Appendix B. Traffic Analysis.


Appendix C. Fourier Analysis.


Appendix D. Data Link Control Protocols.






List of Acronyms.


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