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Wi-Fi Experience, The: Everyone's Guide to 802.11b Wireless Networking

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Wi-Fi Experience, The: Everyone's Guide to 802.11b Wireless Networking

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2662-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2662-9

This book is a complete "experience" for Wi-Fi users, offering how-to instructions and software discounts, full versions on the CD, and recommendations for Wi-Fi projects. The author takes the reader beyond just wireless networking to explore Wi-Fi capabilities in real-world applications such as Wi-Fi with PDAs, VOIP, and building your own Wi-Fi phone.

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Table of Contents


1. Understanding Wi-Fi.

The Reality of Wi-Fi. What Is Wireless Networking? The 2.4 Gigahertz Spectrum. The Politics and Economics of 802.11b.

2. Setting Up Your Personal Wireless Network.

How Much Does It Cost? Benefits of a Home or Small Office Wi-Fi Network. Understanding Range. Measuring Data Rates: How Fast Is Fast Enough? Installing a Simple Wi-Fi Network. About the Four-Step Installation Process. Step 1: Attaching the Hardware. Step 2: Driver Installation Under Windows 98. Step 2 Continued: Driver Installation Under Windows 2000. Step 3: Using Utility Software to Define a Wi-Fi Connection Under Windows 98 or Windows 2000. Step 4: Setting Up a Peer-to-Peer Network. Sharing: It's a Good Thing. Providing Printer Permission. Testing Your Connection. What To Do If All Else Fails.

3. Larger Scale Wi-Fi Setups.

The Need to Plan: Before the Site Survey. Conduct a Site Survey. Doing a Survey Yourself. Setting Up the LAN. The Testing Process. Channel Design. Going Beyond a Single Building.

4. At Home and at Work.

Case Study: The Author at Home. Case Study: Checking In at The Venetian Hotel. Case Study: Online at an Airport. Case Study: Connecting at Starbucks. Case Study: A Small Office Environment.

5. The Internet Connection.

Broadcast Your Broadband Connection. Installing a Wi-Fi Cable Modem Connection. Testing, Testing, Testing. Adding Other Computers to the Connection. ISDN, Ordinary Phone Line, or DSL Modem Connections. Sharing Files and Resources.

6. Putting an Antenna on Your Roof and Elsewhere.

Types of Antennas. What Antennas Do. Wi-Fi Problems and Cures. Improving Communication. Mr. Techno Talks Science. Getting Connected. Tuning Your Antenna. Where to Go from Here.

7. Lighting Up the Neighborhood.

Case Study: SFLAN—“Unwiring” the Presidio. Wake Forest Lights Up.

8. Security and Encryption.

Special Wi-Fi Security Issues . Encryption Works Best. Problems with WEP. Some Steps to Take. The Problem with People. Password Protection Flaws. Social Engineering. Snorters, Sniffers, and Peekers. The VPN Solution. Setting Up Your Virtual Private Network. Using Firewalls and Intrusion Detection. Security Summary.

9. The Wi-Fi Revolution.

A Peek Into the Near Future. The Weightless Computer. Wireless Freedom of Information. What About HiperLan/2? VoIP: The New Telephone? Welcome to the Wireless World.

Appendix A. Ideas and Resources.

Technical News. Wi-Fi Technology. Security Issues. Wi-Fi Vendors.




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