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Web Development with TIBCO General Interface: Building AJAX clients for Enterprise SOA

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Web Development with TIBCO General Interface: Building AJAX clients for Enterprise SOA

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  • Copyright 2009
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265221-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265221-6

Web Development with TIBCO General Interface

Building AJAX Clients for Enterprise SOA

Anil Gurnani

Use TIBCO General Interface to build web applications with state-of-the-art performance and usability

TIBCO General Interface provides powerful tools and a framework to craft AJAX-based web applications that rival desktop applications in performance and usability. This is the only book that offers developers thorough guidance for using TIBCO’s award-winning open source tools to build interactive, high-performance GUIs and integrate them with leading server-side technologies. Experienced TIBCO General Interface developer Anil Gurnani focuses on applying General Interface in real-world production applications and presents numerous working examples that can easily be adapted for your existing sites and applications.

You’ll first walk through the fundamental concepts and techniques needed to build powerful General Interface clients. Next, you’ll dive into specific back-end technologies, mastering them through start-to-finish case study projects. Finally, drawing on his own experience building enterprise-class General Interface applications for the financial services industry, Gurnani illuminates advanced topics ranging from charting and collaboration

to application optimization. Coverage includes

  • Integrating XML and XSL with TIBCO General Interface’s XML Mapping utility
  • Extending General Interface widgets with object-oriented JavaScript
  • Integrating with web services, databases, portals, and messaging systems: start-to-finish case study sample applications
  • Integrating General Interface applications into service-oriented enterprises using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Using OpenAJAX Hub (TIBCO PageBus) to simplify collaboration among GUI components

Anil Gurnani’s book greatly augments the available information for developers learning and using TIBCO’s General Interface. …With this book, you will quickly be building General Interface applications, faster and easier than ever before.

—Michael Peachey, co-founder of General Interface and Director of User Experience, TIBCO Software

Anil Gurnani has written extensively on technical topics for many prestigious magazines. He is an adjunct at SCPS, New York University, where he teaches advanced courses focused on web and enterprise technologies including Core Java, JEE, and .NET. He is also an expert at managing large, global, multifunctional teams to architect and build complex distributed systems with a portfolio of front-end applications and back-end services.

About the CD-ROM The accompanying CD-ROM contains all source code files for working examples. Updated code and additional resources are available on a companion website.

Web Development/Ajax

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael Peachey

Foreword by Luke Birdeau


Chapter 1 What Is TIBCO General Interface?

Tools and Utilities

Web Application Model

TIBCO General Interface Application

General Interface’s Performance Edge

    Compiler in the Browser

    Rapid Prototyping Tool

Chapter 2 Understanding General Interface Architecture

Model View Controller Architecture

General Interface Application Life Cycle

Application Object Model

Common Data Format

JavaScript Framework

JavaScript API

Commonly Used Classes

    Application Controller


    Custom Classes in JavaScript for General Interface

XSL Style Sheets

Value Templates

XML Transformers

Chapter 3 Quick Start TIBCO General Interface

Building and Packaging Standalone Prototypes

Installing TIBCO General Interface

Launching GI Builder

    Internet Explorer 7 on Windows

    Mozilla Firefox on Windows

    Mozilla Firefox on Macintosh

GI Workspace

Building the Application

Deploying General Interface Applications

    Deploying the Application as a Standalone Prototype

    Deploying the Application Under IIS

    Deploying the Application Under Apache Web Server

    Deploying the Application Under Tomcat

    Deploying the Application as a WAR File Under Tomcat

Chapter 4 Working with XML and XSL

XML Transformers

XML/XSL Merge Tool

XML Mapping Utility

Chapter 5 Component Gallery

Component Categories

System Components



    Form Elements


    Menus and Toolbars


Component Properties

Chapter 6 Sharing Assets Across Multiple Applications

Advantages of Sharing Components

Shared Components in General Interface

Building Shared Components with GI Builder

Sample Applications

    Building the Announcements Panel

    Building the Customer Service Panel

    Building the Ad Banner

    Building the Custom Tabbed Pane

    Editing Component XML Files

    Building the Banking Application

    Building the Investing Application

Chapter 7 Object-Oriented JavaScript—Extending General Interface Widgets

Prototype Inheritance

Defining Classes in General Interface

Defining Interfaces in General Interface

Defining Packages in General Interface

General Interface Event Model

Best Practices

    Directory Structure

    JavaScript Files

    Dynamic Class Loading

    Application-Level Events

Sample Code


    Building a Sample Using MultiSelectMenu

Chapter 8 Advanced Features of Matrix

Rendering Tabular Data

Rendering a Tree Structure

Using XML Transformers

Using Value Templates

Using Format Handlers

Displaying Controls in Columns

    Available Controls in Matrix Columns

Manipulating Data Dynamically

    Commonly Used Methods of the Matrix Class

Sample Applications

Chapter 9 Integrating with Web Services

Web Services Related Standards

General Interface and Web Services

Building a Web Service

    Using Java

    Using .NET

Deploying a Web Service

    Deploying Under Axis2 in Tomcat

    Deploying Under IIS

Developing a Web Service Client Using General Interface

    Building GUI Screens for the Sample General Interface Client

    Mapping the Response to CDF Document

    Mapping Input Fields to Request Messages

Chapter 10 Integrating with Portals

Anatomy of a Portal

Portal Value Proposition

    Aggregation of Content from Various Applications and Sources

    Federated Search Across All Data Sources


    Private Labeling and Branding


    Common Infrastructure

    Global Reach

    High Availability

    Support, Operations, and Monitoring

Architectural Considerations

    Use of General Interface Framework

    GI Cache Utilization


    Entering and Leaving the Page

    Minimizing Asynchronous Calls

    Versions of General Interface

Using <iframe> Tags

Using <div> and <span> Tags

Using JSR 168

    Installing JBoss Portal

    Deploying GI Portlets to JBoss Portal

Chapter 11 Integrating with Databases

Building the Client

Setting Up the Database

Integrating Using .NET

Integrating Using J2EE

Building a Master/Detail Sample Application

Building a Paginated Grid Example

Chapter 12 Integrating with Messaging Systems

Architectural Considerations

    Browser Resources

    Number of Pending Requests

    Push Versus Pull

    Server-Side Thread

    Server-Side State

    Message Transformation

    Message Filtering

AJAX-Based Solution Using TIBCO General Interface

    Installing ActiveMQ

Rolling Grid Example

    Building the Client

    Building the Complete Application Using Eclipse

Publish Subscribe Example

Chapter 13 Integrating with SOA and ESBs

Overview of ESB



    SCA-Based Solutions

    JBI-Based Solutions

TIBCO Active Matrix

    Instaling TIBCO Active Matrix

    Active Matrix Environment

    Active Matrix Service Example

    Consuming the Response from an AMX Service in General Interface

Chapter 14 Creating Charts in General Interface

Charting Components in General Interface

Building the StockPrice Example

Building the Web Application

Chapter 15 Using TIBCO PageBus

What Is PageBus?

Obtaining PageBus

Publishing Messages

Subscribing to Messages

Using the Store/Query Interface

Building the Sample Application

Chapter 16 Optimizing Performance

Measuring Performance

    Using the Debug Version

    Enabling Logging in General Interface

    Viewing Benchmark Logs

Identifying and Eliminating Redundant Calls to Render

Using Asynchronous Loading

Using Dynamic Class Loading

Using the Merge Tool

Preferring XSLT over JavaScript

Using Paging Models in Matrix

0321563298   TOC   1/12/2009


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