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Ultimate Survival and Redstone Guide to Minecraft, The

Ultimate Survival and Redstone Guide to Minecraft, The

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  • Copyright 2015
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5599-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5599-5

1 1/2+ Hours of Video Instruction
Your advanced Minecraft video tutorial: Master cutting-edge Redstone mining, travel, and defense…survive the Nether…defeat Ender Dragon, and more! Learn it all from two world-leading experts, Joel and Zach Comm!

The Ultimate Survival and Redstone Guide to Minecraft is the world's most advanced Minecraft video tutorial: all you need to master and wield Minecraft's incredible power! In just 90 minutes, learn amazing techniques for Redstone mining, defense, and automation…surviving the Nether's terrors…preparing for the End…defeating the Ender Dragon, and much more! In these easy video tutorials, world-class Minecraft experts Joel and Zach Comm teach you awe-inspiring Redstone skills and guide you safely through Minecraft's most terrifying and rewarding corners! These video tutorials show how to build a portal to the Nether, find a Nether Fortress, survive there, and capture its rewards…find a Stronghold with Eyes of Ender, prepare for the End, and reach it…weaken and slay the Ender Dragon and retrieve its Egg…even build and defeat a Wither! Watch these videos, and Minecraft's most advanced powers are yours!

Skill Level

  • Intermediate-Advanced

What You Will Learn
  • How to gather the resources you need to enter the Nether--and survive there
  • How to enter the End and defeat the Ender Dragon
  • The principles of advanced Redstone mechanics and how to use them for travel and automation
  • How to build and defeat the Wither

Who Should Take This Course
  • Everyone who wants to get beyond the basics with Minecraft and master its most exciting features

Course Requirements
  • For all experienced Minecraft players
Table of Contents
Part 1: Exploring the Nether and the End
Lesson 1.1 The Underworld
Get to the Nether by finding or creating obsidian and building a Portal.
Lesson 1.2 Fortresses and Resources
Find a Nether Fortress, survive while you're there, and bring back all the essentials.
Lesson 1.3 Prepare for the End
Find a Stronghold with Eyes of Ender, prepare for the End, and reach it.
Lesson 1.4 Slay the Dragon
Weaken the Ender Dragon by breaking the crystals...and then defeat it in combat and bring home its egg.
Lesson 1.5 Unfinished Business: One More Boss
Gather Wither Skeleton heads, build a Wither, and defeat it.
Part 2: Redstone Mastery
Lesson 2.1 Farming Redstone
Go way beyond the basics with Redstone: Make the most of Redstone ore attributes and mining techniques.
Lesson 2.2 Redstone-Powered Building
Use Redstone to create sliding doors and other fascinating devices.
Lesson 2.3 Fast Travel
Design a complete transport system using rails, minecarts, stations, and junctions.
Lesson 2.4 Redstone Defenses
Use pressure plates, dispensers, and other traps to defend your territory against mobs and other players.
Lesson 2.5 Advanced Mechanisms
Use complex Redstone constructs to build elevators, hidden passages, and more.

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