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Joel Comm

Joel Comm is an Internet pioneer who has created profitable websites and technology businesses since 1995. His first website, WorldVillage.com, focused on game and educational software reviews. He is cocreator of ClassicGames.com, which was sold to Yahoo! in 1998 and is now the foundation of the popular Yahoo! Games site. A New York Times best-selling author of 9 titles with 12 foreign translations and more than 40 ebooks and special reports, he is a prolific entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant to the tech sector. Zach Comm, a game savant, has played more than 1,000 computer games and is proficient in game theory, design, and mechanics. He runs the GameCheetah.com gaming blog and is preparing to launch the new RocketStomp.com game site. The Comms also created The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Minecraft, Que's introductory Minecraft video tutorial.