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Talking to Siri: Mastering the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant, 3rd Edition

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Talking to Siri: Mastering the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant, 3rd Edition

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7"
  • Edition: 3rd
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-381982-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-381982-3

*Includes a new Q&A with the creator of Siri!

Sweet-talk Siri for iOS 7 into doing practically anything!

Under iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, Siri is better than ever: faster, smarter, more responsive. And it’s even more amazing when you really know how to talk to it. Top Apple experts Sande and Sadun introduce you to the newest version of Siri. This release offers more functionality than you ever thought possible! You’ll find tested step-by-step instructions for perfect results--including new Siri techniques and responses you won’t discover anywhere else!

  • Teach Siri to recognize requests and take dictation more accurately
  • Help Siri recognize, track down, and connect with family and friends
  • Transform Siri and iTunes Radio into your personal DJ (and tell Siri what songs you never want to hear again)
  • Check Yelp or Rotten Tomatoes reviews and place OpenTable reservations
  • Return calls, play specific voicemails, and check your email
  • Make appointments, take notes, and set reminders
  • Blog with Siri using email or text messaging
  • Tweet updates and track up-to-the-minute Twitter trends
  • Trigger reminders when you arrive at the supermarket, drugstore, or any other destination
  • Retrieve up-to-the-minute sports stats
  • Use Siri to control apps, access device settings, and enable Airplane mode
  • Teach Siri how to pronounce names correctly
  • Find the nearest store selling the products you need
  • Answer math and science problems with Wolfram Alpha
  • Make sure Siri responds only to you, not to an impostor
  • Discover the silly side of Siri (including our top 10 Siri jokes)

Sample Content

Table of Contents

A Quick Q&A with Dag Kittlaus, Cofounder and Former CEO of Siri     xi
Preface     xiii
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Siri     1

Enabling Siri on iOS     3
Enabling Dictation on OS X     9
Privacy     11
Launching Siri on iOS     13
Saying Hello to Siri     13
Cancelling Siri     15
Repeating Siri     16
Quitting Siri     16
Getting Help     17
Siri Listens     19
Correcting Siri     23
New in Siri     31
Summary     36
Chapter 2: Controlling Your Device with Siri     39
Airplane Mode     39
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings     41
Music     49
Summary     52
Chapter 3: Asking Siri for Information     55
Weather     56
Web Search     60
Sports and Siri     67
Checking Stocks     70
Using Wolfram Alpha     73
Pokedex     80
Summary     82
Chapter 4: Using Siri to Stay in Touch     83
Contacts     84
Placing Phone Calls with Siri     93
Missed Calls and Voicemail     95
Text Messages     98
Mail     102
Social Networking     106
Friends     108
Summary     111
Chapter 5: Talking to Your Day-Timer     113
Calendars     114
Reminders     118
Creating Notes     122
Clock Functions     127
Summary     133
Chapter 6: Going Shopping with Siri     135
Products and Services     136
Shopping Math     140
Preparing a Shopping List     144
Sharing Shopping Lists via the Cloud     146
Turn-by-Turn Directions     148
Making Restaurant Reservations     151
Checking Out Movies     152
Summary     156
Chapter 7: Pushing Limits with Siri     159
Launching Apps     160
Talking to Apps     161
Blogging with Siri     162
Siri Security     168
Music     170
Summary     172
Chapter 8: Siri Dictation     175
Launching Dictation on iOS     176
Launching Dictation on OS X     176
Why Learn Dictation?      179
Enunciation Practice     181
Dictation 101     182
Inserting Punctuation     186
Including Abbreviations     192
Dictating Technical Terms     193
Smileys     196
Dictating Formatted Text     196
Dictation Practice     199
Punctuation Practice     201
Summary     203
Chapter 9: Having Fun with Siri     205
Siri Diversions     205
Asking About Siri     207
Siri Chitchat     211
Pop Culture Fun     214
Siri Miscellany     216
Summary     225
Chapter 10: Our Top 10 Siri Jokes     227
1. What the Fox Says     228
2. The Konami Code     229
3. Deep Thoughts with Siri     230
4. I Cannae Give Her No More     231
5. Laws of Robotics     232
6. Pets     233
7. The Lightbulb Joke     234
8. Is That You, Mary?      235
9. Going Python     236
10. The Meaning of Siri     237
Summary     238
Appendix A: Siri Quick Reference     239
Index     257


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