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Special Edition Using Macromedia Fireworks MX

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Special Edition Using Macromedia Fireworks MX

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3853-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3853-0

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Special Edition Using Macromedia Fireworks MX is the only book you'll need on Fireworks MX. This hands-on complete reference is packed with tutorials; you can go through the book from front to back or go straight to the information you need to complete a particular task. Jeffrey Bardzell, the co-founder of www.phireworx.com, demystifies the process of working in Fireworks MX. The user-friendly design and organization includes compelling art and shows you how to really take advantage of the many special effects and filters. Bardzell also packs the book with coverage of Dreamweaver, Flash, and Director integration. He covers usability and interface design in an extended section on building and exporting interactive page designs. He illustrates how to use Fireworks as part of an efficient collaborative workflow, with several chapters loaded with tips, strategies, and ideas on working efficiently with small and large teams.

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Table of Contents



1. Getting to Know Fireworks.

An Overview of Fireworks. Fireworks: A Dual Program for a Dual Purpose. An Overview of Common Fireworks Tasks. Building Integrated Solutions.

2. The Fireworks Interface.

Getting Familiar with the Fireworks Environment. Working in the Document Window. Using Tools. Introducing the Property Inspector. Getting to Know the Main Menu. Using Panels. Customizing the Workspace with Preferences. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts. Fireworks At Work: Creating and Exporting a Simple Document.

3. Setting Up, Modifying, and Navigating Fireworks Documents.

Getting Off to a Good Start. Creating New Documents. Opening Existing Documents. Inserting Graphic Assets into a Fireworks Document. Modifying Documents. Navigating Within Documents. Organizing Documents.


4. Understanding Vector Objects, Layers, and Frames.

Introducing Graphics as Objects. Exploring Vector Objects: Paths, Strokes, Fills, and Effects. Selecting Graphics. Using Layers to Structure Elements in Space. Frames: Structuring Elements in Time. Fireworks At Work: Setting Up a Complex Document.

5. Drawing Simple Vector Shapes.

Introducing Drawing with Vectors. Drawing Lines and Open Shapes. Drawing Closed Shapes. Modifying Objects with the Property Inspector. Transitioning from Paths to Art.

6. Working with Text.

Text: The Link Between Communication and Artistry. Adding Text to Your Document. Modifying Text Attributes. Creating Simple Text Effects. Attaching Text to Paths.

7. Working with Bitmaps.

The Benefits of Working with Bitmaps. Working in Bitmap Mode. Selecting Pixels. Painting and Modifying Pixels with Bitmap Tools. Modifying Pixels with Filters.


8. Working with Color.

Introducing Basic Color Theory and Color Terminology. Creating Colors with the Mixer. Creating and Managing Color Palettes with the Swatch Panel. Fireworks At Work: Developing Web Site Color Schemes and Palettes in Coordination.

9. Scanners, Digital Cameras, and Color Correction.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Digital Photography. Understanding the Scanning Process. Using TWAIN Select. Scanning Images. Adjusting Colors to Bring Out Image Detail. Troubleshooting.

10. Working with Photoshop 7.

Transitioning from Photoshop to Fireworks. Importing and Exporting Between the Two Programs. Integrating Photoshop and Fireworks. Using Photoshop Filters.

11. Applying Strokes.

Understanding the Artistic Possibilities with Fireworks Strokes. Understanding Stroke Basics. Mastering Stroke Attributes. Controlling Stroke Pressure. Creating Custom Strokes. Fireworks At Work: Applying Strokes to Text.

12. Applying Fills and Gradients.

Using Fills. Mastering Fill Attributes. Working with Gradients. Working with Pattern Fills. Working with Textures. Fireworks At Work: Creating Seamless Tiles.

13. Applying Live Effects.

Introducing Live Effects. Introducing Live Effect Categories. Managing Live Effects. Fireworks At Work: Creating and Saving a Custom Button Effect.


14. Building Complex Paths and Transforming Objects.

Thinking Like a Vector. Drawing Vector Paths with the Pen Tool. Modifying Vector Paths. Applying Global Path Alterations. Combining and Splitting Paths. Applying Object Transformations. Conclusions and an Apology of Sorts. Fireworks At Work: Building Complex Paths.

15. Using Masks and Blending Layers.

Creating Object and Pixel Interaction Between Objects. Working with Opacity. Working with Masks. Using Blend Modes. Fireworks At Work: Create a Composition Using Masks and Blend Modes.


16. Using Styles.

Automating Production. Introducing Styles. Using Fireworks' Predefined Styles. Creating New Styles. Modifying Styles. Saving, Importing, and Using Custom Style Libraries. Creating a Reusable Text Style: Aquatext.

17. Working with the Library.

Introducing the Library, Symbols, and Instances. Fitting the Library into the Project Workflow. Working with Symbols. Working with Symbol Libraries. Nesting Buttons: Creating an Animated Over State.

18. Working with URLs.

Managing URLs as Assets. Managing URLs in Fireworks. Understanding URLs in Fireworks. Introducing the URL Panel. Working with the Active URL Library. Managing URL Libraries by Project.


19. Building Animations.

Animating in Fireworks. Planning an Animation. Building Frame-By-Frame Animations. Building Tweened Animations. Building Animations with Animation Symbols. Optimizing Animations for Export.

20. Understanding Hotspots and Slices.

From Static Graphics to Interactive Web Graphics. Introducing Hotspots and Slices. Working with Hotspots. Working with Slices. Fireworks At Work: Solving Problems with Slicing.

21. Using Fireworks Behaviors.

Introducing Behaviors. Building Interactivity with the Behaviors Panel. Adding Simple Rollovers. Using the Swap Image Behavior. Creating Multi-Page Navigation Bars with Four-State Buttons. Adding Pop-Up Menus. Setting the Text of the Browser's Status Bar.


22. Optimizing Simple Graphics.

Creating Graphics for 14-Inch Monitors and the World Wide Wait. Understanding Optimization. Choosing the Best File Type. Learning to Export with the Export Wizard. Using the Optimize Panel to Optimize Images. Working with Manual Settings. Mastering Graphic Optimization.

23. Advanced Optimization Issues.

Introducing Advanced Optimization Tasks. Using Selective JPEG Compression. Working with Color Palettes. Working with Multiple Slices. Optimizing for Print.

24. Integrating Fireworks Graphics with Flash and Director.

Designing Assets for Use in Multimedia Software. Designing for Export to Flash. Using Launch and Edit to Update Fireworks Graphics. Working with Flash Graphics in Fireworks. Designing for Export to Director. Working with Fireworks Graphics in Director. Fireworks At Work: Building Functioning Flash Buttons with Fireworks Graphics.


25. Exporting Fireworks HTML.

Introducing Fireworks HTML. Exporting Fireworks Documents. Exploring Fireworks HTML Code. Setting HTML Export Options. Using Advanced HTML Commands. From Fireworks to the Web: Two Workflows.

26. Fireworks-Dreamweaver Integration.

Integrating Fireworks with Dreamweaver. Importing Fireworks HTML and Graphics into Dreamweaver. Modifying Fireworks Graphics in Dreamweaver. Updating HTML Tables and Slicing Schemes via Launch and Edit. Integrating Automation Techniques.

27. Designing Usable Interfaces: Strategies for Whole Page Design.

Designing Interfaces. Fireworks As a Page Composition Tool. Structuring Site Content. Building Navigation Systems. Designing for Accessibility. Evaluating Site Designs with No Money Down. Fireworks At Work: Creating a Site Storyboard in Fireworks.

28. Exporting Fireworks PNGs: Beyond the Basics.

Integrating Whole Page Designs with HTML. Exporting Whole Page Designs. Exporting for DHTML Interactions. Fireworks At Work: Creating a DHTML Interaction with Fireworks and Dreamweaver.


29. Boosting Productivity with Fireworks Automation Tools.

Eliminating Tedious, Error-Prone Tasks with Automation. Batch Processing. Finding and Replacing. Using the Project Log.

30. Creating Commands with the History Panel.

Introducing Extensibility and Commands. Creating Commands Visually with the History Panel. Fireworks At Work: Creating a Simple Command.

31. Writing Commands from Scratch.

Unlocking the Power of Commands. Learning Commands. The Elements of Fireworks Commands. Building Command Interfaces. Packaging Extensions. Writing a Custom Command: Twist and Fade Helix.


Appendix A. What's New in Fireworks MX?

Upgrading to Fireworks MX. New and Improved Features. Fireworks MX: A New User Experience.

Appendix B. Online Resources.

Fireworks Tutorial and Resource Sites. Fireworks Community.



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