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Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization

Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-267805-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-267805-6

“Blanchard is demanding. He won’t allow you to flip through this book, nod your head, and leave. If you’re in, you’re going to have to invest to get your rewards.”

--Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works

“Social media isn’t inexpensive; it’s different expensive. The human effort required to do it right is significant, and not knowing precisely how social media helps your business and how to gauge that progress is a dereliction of duty. In Social Media ROI, Blanchard provides the missing playbook for sensible, sustainable, profitable social communication. It’s about time.”

--Jay Baer, coauthor of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social

Social Media ROI gets down to the heart of the matter: How will social communications positively impact my organizational goals? Olivier takes us through a journey starting from the start, creating a strategy to achieve objectives, and in turn, the means to measure return on investment. If you want to get serious about online communications, you can’t go wrong with Social Media ROI.”

--Geoff Livingston, author of Welcome to the Fifth Estate and Now Is Gone

“Olivier explains the intricacies of building a social media-influenced company for every layman to understand. It is important to understand reach, attention, and influence for social media ROI. This is the book to help with that understanding.”

--Kyle Lacy, principal at MindFrame (yourmindframe.com) and author of Branding Yourself

“Ladies and gentlemen, the social media code has officially been cracked. In Social Media ROI, Blanchard reveals how companies can apply the massive power of social media to achieve equally massive results. Incredibly practical, yet supremely enjoyable, this book offers a clear roadmap to growing your revenue in the dizzying world of tweets and retweets, likes and shares, connections and comments.”

--Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

“If you know Olivier, you know he goes beyond the bullshit. He ‘gets it.’ This book will put you in the mindset to successfully plan and achieve real business objectives with social media. It’s a hard fact that good business decisions depend on real results. Olivier avoids the fluff with clear-cut ideas that will help you produce results.”

--Brandon Prebynski, social media strategist


Use Social and Viral Technologies to Supercharge Your Customer Service!


Use this book to bring true business discipline to your social media program and align with your organization’s goals. Top branding and marketing expert Olivier Blanchard brings together new best practices for strategy, planning, execution, measurement, analysis, and optimization. You will learn how to define the financial and nonfinancial business impacts you are aiming for--and achieve them. Social Media ROI delivers practical solutions for everything from structuring programs to attracting followers, defining metrics to managing crises. Whether you are in a startup or a global enterprise, this book will help you gain more value from every dime you invest in social media.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Align social communications with broader business goals and functions
  • Plan for effective performance measurement
  • Establish clarity of vision, purpose, and execution
  • Implement guidelines and operations for effectively managing social media
  • Get started by “listening before talking”
  • Integrate social media into long-term marketing programs, short-term campaigns, and brand initiatives
  • Use social media to deliver real-time, optimized customer support
  • Leverage mobility and the “on-the-fly” social media culture
  • Measure FRY (Frequency, Reach, and Yield)

Includes a foreword by Brian Solis.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Foreword by Brian Solis


Chapter 1: Creating the Social Company     3

Evolution, Human Nature, and the Inevitable Socialization of Business     4

Moving Beyond Channels: Social Media vs. Social Communications     7

Why Social Media Matters to Business     7

Influence and Media: Lateral vs.Vertical Forces     9

Chapter 2: Aligning Social Media to Business Goals     13

Social Media’s Value to the Organization     14

Differentiating Between Strategy and Tactics     15

Differentiating Between Goals and Targets     15

Tying a Social Media Program to Business Objectives     16

How to Create a Roadmap by Turning Goals into Targets     17

The Top Five Business Functions That Can Be Easily Enhanced by a Social Media Program     18

Sales     18

Customer Support     20

Human Resources     22

Public Relations     23

Business Intelligence     24

Social Media for Nonprofits     24

Outcomes     24

Member Support     25

Human Resources     25

Public Relations     26

Member Loyalty     26

Chapter 3: Planning for Performance Measurement     29

Tools, Methodologies, and Purpose     30

Selecting Adequate Social Media Measurement Software for Your Program     30

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)      32

Social Media and Sales Measurement: F.R.Y.      35

Chapter 4: Establishing Clarity of Vision, Purpose, and Execution     41

Getting Top-Down and Bottom-Up Buy-In Throughout the Organization     42

Change Management, Social Media Style     48

Myth Number 1: Social Media Is a Waste of Time     49

Myth Number 2: Social Media Is Complicated     49

Myth Number 3: Anyone Can Do That Job     50

Myth Number 4: Social Media Is the Shiny New Thing. Two Years from Now, That Bubble Will Burst     50

Myth Number 5: I Am Going to Have to Change the Way I Work     51

Laying the Groundwork for Integrationand Management     52


Chapter 5: Understanding How Social Media Plugs into the Organization     57

Creating Structure: Your First Social Media Process Mapping Draft     58

Understanding the Four Phases of Social Media Adoption     59

Phase One: Test Adoption     59

Phase Two: Focused Adoption     60

Phase Three: Operational Adoption     .60

Phase Four: Operational Integration     61

Genesis vs. Pirate Ships: Social Media Integration Models     62

From Skunkworks to Full Deployment of a Social Media Structure     64

Centralized vs. Decentralized Social Media Management Models     .67

Chapter 6: The People Principle     71

Hiring, Training, and Certifying for Social Media Activity     72

Hiring a Social Media Director (Strategic Role)      72

Hiring for Tactical Social Media Roles     76

HR and Social Media: The Need for Social Media Policies, Guidelines, and Training     78

The Value of Internal Certifications     81

Chapter 7: Establishing Social Media Guidelines for the Organization     83

Guidelines, Policies, and Purpose     84

1. The Employee Social Media Bill of Rights     85

2. Internal Social Media Usage Guidelines     86

3. External Social Media Usage Guidelines     87

4. Employment Disclosure Guidelines     89

5. Anti-Defamation Guidelines     90

6. Social Media Confidentiality and Nondisclosure (NDA) Guidelines     91

7. Official vs. Personal Communications Guidelines     91

8. The Employee Digital Citizenship Contract     92

9. Training Resources     93

10. Social Media Guidelines for Agency Partners, Contractors, and External Representatives     94

Chapter 8: Laying the Operational Groundwork for Effective Social Media Management     95

Establishing a Social Media Program’s Organizational Structure: Leadership and Reporting     96

Establishing a Social Media Program’s Organizational Structure: Cross-Functional Collaboration      100

Basic Technical Requirements     103

Chapter 9: The New Rules of Brand Communications in the Age of Social Media     113

Social Media’s General Impact on Brand Communications     114

Transparency, Opacity, Confidentiality, and Disclosure     119

Confidentiality and Data Protection in the Age of Social Media     122


Chapter 10: Listening Before Talking     127

Business Intelligence and Search     128

The Power of Real-Time Situational Awareness     130

New Avenues of Market Research: From “I Don’t Know” to “Let’s Find Out”      133

Chapter 11: Social Media and Digital Brand Management     135

Introduction to the New Paradigm in Digital Brand Management     136

Community Management     137

Marketing     140

Advertising     143

Product Management     144

Digital     145

Corporate Communications and PR     146

Online Reputation Management     151

Crisis Management     152

Putting It All Together     156

Chapter 12: Real-Time Digital Support: Fixing Customer Service Once and for All     157

The Superhero Principle     160

The Basic Social Media Customer Service Model     162

The New Digital Concierge Service and Customer Service 3.0     166

Digital Conflict Resolution     168

From Risk to Opportunity: Turning Anger on Its Head and Other Considerations     171

Chapter 13: Social Media Program Management--Putting It All Together     173

Social Media Management: In-House, Outsourced, or Somewhere in Between?      174

Monitoring and Measurement     176

Campaign Management     176

Eleven Key Best Practices for Social Media Program Management     179

Staying Focused on Business Objectives: How Marketing Campaigns Should Fit into Your Social Media Program     183

Final Thoughts on Social Media Program Management     188


Chapter 14: Creating a Measurement Practice for Social Media Programs     193

Before the How, the Why: Keeping an Eye on Objectives and Targets     194

A Word of Caution Regarding Measurement in the Social Media Space     195

The Cornerstones of Your Measurement Practice: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting     195

Monitoring     196

Measurement     196

Analysis     196

Reporting     197

Best Practices for Performance Measurement     197

Maintain a List of Everything You Can Measure     198

Maintain a List of Everything You Must Measure     200

Stay Current on the Best Measurement Tools     202

Ensure the Neutrality of the Employee(s) Tasked with the Measurement of Your Social Media Program     203

Tie Everything You Measure to Business Objectives      203

Test, Measure, Learn, Adapt, Repeat     203

Building Velocity and Specificity into Your Social Media Measurement Practice     204

Chapter 15: ROI and Other Social Media Outcomes     207

ROI and Business Justification     208

Financial Outcomes vs. Nonfinancial Outcomes and a Word About Conversions     210

What ROI Is and Isn’t     215

Tying Social Media to the P&L     220

Tying Nonfinancial Outcomes to Social Media Performance     223

Step 1: Establish a Baseline     227

Step 2: Create Activity Timelines     227

Step 3: Monitor the Volume of Mentions     228

Step 4: Measure Transactional Precursors     230

Step 5: Look at Transactional Data     231

Step 6: Overlay All Your Data (Steps 1—5) onto a Single Timeline     233

Step 7: Look for Patterns     233

Step 8: Prove and Disprove Relationships     235

Chapter 16: F.R.Y. (Frequency, Reach, and Yield) and Social Media     239

The Importance of Finding the Right Words in the Language of Business     240

Financial vs. Nonfinancial Aspects of Frequency     243

Financial vs. Nonfinancial Aspects of Reach     248

The Financial Value of Yield     253

Chapter 17: Social Media Program Analysis and Reporting     257

Shattering the Vacuum: The Need for Collaborative Analysis     258

Best Practices in Data Reporting for Social Media     260

Lateral Reporting     260

Vertical Reporting     262

Program Validation by the Numbers     268

Looking at Performance Data as Actionable Intelligence     271

Afterword     277

Index     281


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