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Selling Healthcare: 5 Strategies to Create High-Return Relationships in Healthcare Sales

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Selling Healthcare: 5 Strategies to Create High-Return Relationships in Healthcare Sales

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5140-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5140-9

Build the Healthcare Sales Relationships That Power Enduring Success

Healthcare salespeople have immense opportunities. But enduring success demands more than training and great products. You need High-Return Relationships: pre-qualified connections elevated by genuine shared passions and a long-term outlook.

Selling Healthcare will help you build those relationships. It leverages decades of experience in healthcare sales and management, and it’s packed with insights from healthcare sales pros—in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hospice, home health, and beyond.

Whether you sell to hospital executives, doctors, office staffs, nursing home directors, or anyone in healthcare, these techniques work. They create genuine loyalty, real trust, and phenomenal growth!

Leverage these core traits:

  • Laser focus
  • A sense of urgency
  • An agendaless presence
  • Excellence in communication and research

Master these 5 strategies:

1. Project a magnetic presence
that inspires interpersonal connections

2. Light the spark of rapport
to stimulate the heartbeat of the High-Return Relationship

3. Listen to understand

by putting your selfish agenda aside

4. Show appreciation, admiration, and respect

to connect with your customer’s heart and head

5. Create Relationship Development plans

that script the unfolding of your High-Return Relationships

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Core Tactics to Connect with Customers in Healthcare Sales

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Table of Contents

Introduction: It Is Personal     1

The Right Career at the Right Time     2

    New Legislation Equals New Opportunities     3

   Skilled Sales Professionals in High Demand     4

Reaping High Returns     5

   High-Return Relationships Cultivate Customer Loyalty     6

   The Five-Pronged Approach     7

   It Is Who You Know     7

Endnotes     8

1 Core Tactics to Connect     9

Learn to Laser-Focus     10

Adopt a Sense of Urgency     11

Do Your Research     12

Project an Agendaless Presence     14

Specialize in Nonverbal Communication     15

T   he Eyes Have It     15

   Smiles Are Contagious     15

    Just Relax     16

   Get in Touch     16

W rite—and Write Some More     17

Celebrate Successes     17

Exercises     18

   Practice Your Tactics     18

Endnotes     18

2 Strategy No. 1: Project a Magnetic Presence     19

First Impressions Count      20

Let the Good Vibes Roll     20

Keep Your Glass Full     21

Check Your Ego at the Door     22

Embrace an Enticing Entourage     24

   Leverage the Power of Mentors     25

Out of Sight, Still in Mind     26

It’s All About Anticipation     27

Exercises     27

   Hone Your Presence     27

Endnotes     28

3 Strategy No. 2: Light the Spark of Rapport     29

Become a Compassionate Consultant     31

Look Beneath the Surface      32

Flex Your Style     34

Express Sincere Interest     35

Find Common Ground     37

   Be an Active Observer     38

   Ask Open-Ended Questions     38

   Avoid Highly Personal Topics     39

Infuse Interactions with Playfulness     40

   Prioritize Your Playtime     41

Soar with Rapport Galore     44

Exercises     44

   Refine Your Rapport-Building Skills     44

Endnotes     44

4 Strategy No. 3: Listen to Understand     47

Listen for Emotion     49

   Loaded Words     50

Responding Instead of Reaching     51

   Affirm and Pull     52

   Don’t Hijack the Conversation     53

Reacting, Not Responding     54

Patient Listener, Conflict Resolver     55

No Faking It     56

Listening in Perfect Harmony     58

Exercises     58

   Sharpen Your Listening Skills     58

Endnotes     59

5 Strategy No. 4: Show Appreciation, Admiration, and Respect     61

Speak with Care     63

   Choose Positive Words     64

   ...That Evoke Positive Feelings     65

Talk to the Heart     65

   Paint a Shared Vision     66

   Address Conflict with Respect     67

Reinforce Your Message     68

Gravitate Toward Gratitude     70

   Make Expressing Gratitude a Habit     70

   Gifts Worth Giving     71

   Pay Tribute with Touch     73

   Get Balanced to Stay Positive     74

Don’t Stand in Your Own Way     75

Exercises     76

   Practice Positive Expression     76

Endnotes     77

6 Strategy No. 5: Write Relationship Development Plans     79

Profiles with Purpose     80

Schedules for Growth      81

   Tap into Your Entourage     83

   Establish Shared Objectives     84

   Set Goals for Personal Connection     85

   Establish Subgoals     85

   Create Dream-Weeks     86

Expand Your Circle of Influence     87

   Get to Know the Gatekeeper     88

Evolutionary Process     89

Exercises     90

Endnotes     91

7 The Five Strategies at Work     93

Identify New Referral Sources    94

Start Written Plans     95

Step 1     95

   Make an Impression That Matters     95

   Gather Important Information     97

   Make the Ask     97

   Overcoming Step 1 Objections     98

Step 2     99

   Show Sincere Interest and Respect     99

   Emphasize the Shared Vision     100

   Ask Open-Ended Questions     100

   Appeal to Emotion     101

   Plant the Seed of Need      102

   Overcoming Step 2 Objections     103

Step 3     104

   Strive to Connect     104

   Leverage Your Entourage     104

   Build a Sense of Urgency     105

   Overcoming Step 3 Objections     106

Step 4     107

   Exceed Expectations     107

   Foster Rapport     107

   Overcoming Step 4 Objections     108

Maintaining New High-Return Relationships     108

Conclusion: No End to the Possibilities     111

Health Smorgasbord for Seniors     112

Connecting to Reform Healthcare     112

Build High-Return Relationships in High-Potential Markets     113

   Opportunities in Wellness and Prevention     114

   Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals     116

   Opportunities in Medical Equipment and Supplies     117

   Opportunities in Health IT     117

   Opportunities in Home Health     118

   Opportunities in Hospice     119

Take It to the Next Level     122

   Envision Your Future     123

   Widen Your World     124

Endnotes     124

Index     127


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