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Sams Teach Yourself Upgrading and Fixing PCs in 24 Hours, 3rd Edition

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Sams Teach Yourself Upgrading and Fixing PCs in 24 Hours, 3rd Edition


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  • Copyright 2001
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 376
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32304-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32304-1

This edition of Sams Teach Yourself Upgrading and Fixing PCs in 24 Hours has been updated to include coverage of the latest operating systems (e.g., Windows XP and Linux), utilities, and hardware, including expanded coverage of partitioning software and DVD drives.

The book has also been reorganized for ease of use by the beginner, and a detailed glossary and manufacturers reference have been added.

Additional information includes: System components - what they are and how they work. Checklists of tools, utilities, and other basic repair items. CMOS settings and how they relate to your hardware. Upgrading a PC's memory. Replacing internal and/or external disk drives. Replacing or upgrading internal/external CD-ROM and DVD drives. Choosing and adding a removable storage drive. Upgrading system boards. Choosing or upgrading a sound card. Choosing or upgrading a video card. Adding/changing monitors. Modems and other communications devices. Selecting and installing a printer. Scanners, digital cameras, and digital video. Upgrading an operating system. Performance monitors, diagnostic tools, virus checkers.

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Examining Your PC's System Configuration

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary and Questions and Answers.)



Hour 1. Making the Decision to Upgrade.

When to Consider Upgrading Your PC. What Components in My PC Are Upgradeable? Upgrading Your Memory (RAM). Upgrading Your Processor. Upgrading Your Hard Disk Drive. Upgrading Your Video System. Upgrading Other PC Components.

Hour 2. Understanding the Components in Your PC.

Eliminating Potential Hazards. Differentiating Between Desktop and Tower PCs. Identifying Your PC's External Connectors. Identifying the Parts Inside Your PC.

Hour 3. Examining Your PC's System Configuration.

Obtaining a Systems Configuration Program. Using SysChk to Examine Your PC. Alternatives to SysChk.

Hour 4. PC Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools.

Performance Monitoring Programs. Diagnostic Programs.

Hour 5. The Tools of the Trade.

A Simple Set of Tools. An Advanced Set of Tools. Safety Precautions When You Work on Your PC.


Hour 6. Upgrading Your PC's Memory.

Memory Is Like Money-More Is Better. Different Types of Memory. Installing Memory in Your PC. Stretching Your Memory a Little Farther.

Hour 7. Upgrading Your CPU and BIOS.

Understanding Processors. Identifying Your CPU. PC Bottlenecks. Removing and Installing a CPU. Overclocking Your CPU. Understanding What Your BIOS Is and What It Does. Why You Need to Upgrade Your BIOS. How Do I Upgrade My BIOS? Installing Upgrade BIOS Chips. Upgrading Flash BIOS.

Hour 8. Replacing Your Main System Board.

Are You Upgrading or Replacing? How System Boards Have Changed. Installing a New System Board. More Info on System Boards.

Hour 9. Upgrading Your PC's Case and Power Supply.

Deciding to Upgrade Your Case and Power Supply. What to Look for When Shopping for a New Case. Upgrading Your Case. Where You Can Purchase a New Case. Power Supplies.


Hour 10. Replacing, Upgrading, or Adding a Hard Disk Drive.

Is Your Upgrade an Addition or a Replacement? IDE Versus SCSI. Installing an IDE Drive in Your PC. Installing a SCSI Drive in Your PC. Preparing Your Drives for Software. Alternative to IDE and SCSI Drives. Tips on Improving Your Hard Disk Performance.

Hour 11. Replacing Your Floppy Disk Drive.

A Brief History of Floppy Disk Drives. Replacing Not Repairing. Replacing a Broken Floppy Disk Drive. Alternatives to a Standard 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive.

Hour 12. Upgrading or Adding a CD-ROM/CD-RW Drive.

Selecting a CD-ROM/CD-RW Drive. Installing the Drive in Your PC—Internal Versus External. Installing an Internal SCSI Drive. Installing an External Drive. What About DVD?

Hour 13. Adding a DVD Drive to Your PC.

What Is a DVD? What You Will Find in a Standard DVD Upgrade Kit. Installing a DVD Drive in Your PC. DVD Recordable/Rewritable Drives.

Hour 14. Adding a Removable Media Drive.

Removable Hard Disk Drives. Other Removable Disk Options. Tape Backup Drives. Installing a Removable Media Drive. Installing an Internal SCSI Removable Media Drive. Installing an External Removable Media Drive. Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Backup Drive.


Hour 15. Upgrading Your Modem.

Understanding Modems. Selecting a Modem. Installing Your Modem. Why Doesn't My 56K Modem Transmit at 56K? Alternatives to Standard Modems.

Hour 16. Adding a Cable or DSL Modem.

Understanding a High-Speed Internet Connection. How to Obtain Cable or DSL Broadband Service. Installing a Cable or DSL Modem. Security Concerns.

Hour 17. Adding a Home Network.

Why You Might Want to Install a Home Network. Installing a Simple Home Network. Sharing Your High-Speed Internet Connection. Network Security Concerns.

Hour 18. Expanding Your Home Network by Using Phone Lines or Going Wireless.

Creating a Home Phoneline Network. Wireless Networking. Security Concerns.


Hour 19. Upgrading Your Keyboard, Mouse, and Other Input Devices.

Is Anything Wrong with My Keyboard or Mouse? Fixing a Keyboard? Mice and Other Pointing Devices. Tips on Cleaning Your Input Devices.

Hour 20. Upgrading Your Video Card and Monitor.

What's Currently Available in Video Cards. What to Look for in a Video Card. Installing a Video Card. What About AGP? Upgrading Your Video Monitor. Why You Should Purchase a Larger Monitor. Selecting Your New Monitor. LCD Monitors. Setting Up Your New Monitor.

Hour 21. Upgrading or Adding a Sound System to Your PC.

Your PC's Current Sound System. Selecting a Sound Card for Your PC. Selecting Speakers. Installing a Sound Card and Speakers. Connecting Your Sound Card to Your Stereo.

Hour 22. Selecting and Installing a Printer, Scanner, or Digital Camera.

Understanding the Types of Printers. How to Select a Printer. Installing a Printer to Work with Your PC. Installing a Second Printer to Work with Your PC. Learning About Scanners. Selecting a Scanner. Installing Your Scanner. Considering Digital Cameras. Selecting a Digital Camera.

Hour 23. Upgrading to a New Operating System.

Limitations of DOS/Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Why You Should Upgrade. Windows Me, 2000, or XP? Upgrading to Windows Me or Windows XP Home Edition. Upgrading to Linux.

Hour 24. How to Purchase PC Components on the Internet.

Purchasing Over the Internet. Locating Companies. Internet Security. Tips on Buying PC Components. Online Auctions.

Appendix A. Glossary.
Appendix B. Manufacturers' Reference.

BIOS. CD-ROM/CD-RW and DVD Drives. CPU. Hard Disk Drives and Peripherals. Home Networks. Keyboards and Mice. Memory. Modems. Monitors. Motherboards. PC Cases. Phoneline Network Manufacturers. Printers. Removable Media. Scanners and Digital Cameras. Soundcards and Speakers. Video Cards. Wireless Products.



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