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Sams Teach Yourself iMovie and iDVD in 24 Hours

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Sams Teach Yourself iMovie and iDVD in 24 Hours

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32484-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32484-0

People are starting to make their own digital movies like never before, and what better way to deliver them than on DVD. The sales of digital camcorders have been explosive, and DVD is established firmly as a consumer medium, with some retailers no longer carrying VHS tapes. But typical video editing or DVD authoring can involve some complex and intimidating topics, such as MPEG-2 encoding, frame rates, and file size considerations.

Enter Apple, with the powerful yet friendly iMovie program, which ships with every Mac. Apple makes the process of making movies fun, and after establishing a reputation with iMovie, Apple has raised the bar with iDVD, bringing the power of DVD to the home.

Sams Teach Yourself iMovie and iDVD in 24 Hours teaches readers new to digital movies and DVD everything they need to know to begin making their own digital productions. It provides them a solid foundation in the concepts of digital video and DVD, giving them a sense of satisfaction to understand the process. And it equips them with the skills they need, without confusing them or hitting them over the head with complexity.

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The iMovie Workspace

The iMovie Workspace

Table of Contents


Hour 1. Understanding Digital Video.

Pixels. Screen Size. Frame Rate. Compression. Timecode. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 2. Getting to Know How iMovie Works.

Apple's FireWire Innovation Makes It Possible. Basic Stages: Shoot, Edit, Enhance, Share. Which Version of iMovie Do I Have? iMovie System Requirements. Hard Drive Space. Optimizing Your Hard Drive. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 3. The iMovie Workspace.

iMovie Monitor. Shelf. Timeline Viewer. Clip Viewer. Other Important Controls. Importing Video. Moving Around in a Clip. Making Basic Edits. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 4. The Clip Viewer.

Understanding the Clip Viewer. Previewing Clips. Enhancing Clips with Transitions. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 5. Capturing Video with iMovie.

Connecting Camcorders. Working with Video. Capturing Video. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 6. Basic Video Editing with iMovie.

Adding and Deleting Clips. Adjusting Clips. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 7. Exporting iMovies.

Choosing a Way to Share Your iMovie. Making Videotapes from iMovie. Emailing iMovies. Putting iMovies on the Web. Burning iMovies to CD. Putting iMovies on DVD. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 8. Intermediate Video Editing-Transitions.

Transitions. Working with Transitions. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 9. Advanced Video Editing-Effects.

Effects. Sample Effect-Brightness & Contrast. Working with Effects. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 10. Titles.

Titles. Adjusting Titles. Adding Titles. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 11. Adding Photos to iMovies.

Photos and iMovie. Importing into iPhoto. Adding Photos to iMovie. Still Images and Duration. Still Images, Effects, and Transitions. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 12. Adding Sound to iMovies.

Sound in iMovie. Working with Audio. Other iMovie Audio Sources. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 13. Understanding DVD Video.

How DVD Video Works. Preparing Digital Video for DVD. Importing Digital Video into iDVD. Encoding DVD Video. Burning DVD Video. The SuperDrive DVD Burner. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 14. DVD Features.

DVD Players. DVD Menus. Advanced DVD Features. How iDVD Fits into the DVD Picture. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 15. DVD Discs.

DVD Storage Capacity. Recordable DVDs. Manufactured DVDs. Rewritable DVDs. Purchasing the Right Blank DVD Discs. DVD-ROM Content-Adding Computer Files on a DVD. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 16. Introducing iDVD.

The DVD Creation Revolution. Basic Features. iDVD Capabilities. System Requirements. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 17. Making a Sample DVD.

Preparing the DVD Project. Importing Files. Burning Your DVD. Customizing the DVD Project. Adding More Screens. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 18. DVD Menus in iDVD.

DVD Menus. DVD Titles. DVD Buttons-Video and Text. DVD Folders (Adding Multiple Screens). Summary. Workshop.

Hour 19. Customizing DVD Menus.

Customizing Backgrounds. Customizing Titles. Customizing Buttons. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 20. DVD Slideshows.

Understanding Slideshows. Slideshow Options. Working with Slides. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 21. Example Project-Multiple Screens.

Considering Multiple Screens. Setting Up the Project. Adding Final Details and Testing. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 22. Example Project-Event DVD.

Considering Event DVDs. Setting Up the Project. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 23. Example Project-Short Movie.

Considering Short Movie DVDs. Setting Up the Project. Reviewing and Previewing. Summary. Workshop.

Hour 24. Going Beyond iMovie and iDVD.

iMovie and Final Cut Pro-Similarities and Differences. An Approach to Learning Digital Video-Fun, Profit, Nonprofit. Introduction to DVD Studio Pro. Differences Between iDVD and DVD Studio Pro. Advanced DVD Features. Adjustable Video Encoding (MPEG-2). Putting Together a DVD in DVD Studio Pro. Summary. Workshop.

Appendix A. Getting Good Digital Video.

Lighting. Exposure. Image Stabilization. Video Vocabulary-Framing Shots. Focus. Zooming.

Appendix B. Getting a DVD Manufactured.

Manufacturing Discs. Additional Possibilities.

Appendix C. Links and Resources.




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