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Protect Your Digital Privacy! Survival Skills for the Information Age

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Protect Your Digital Privacy! Survival Skills for the Information Age

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2604-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2604-9

Protect Your Digital Privacy! Survival Skills for the Information Age offers clear discussion of privacy issues as they affect everyday users of digital devices. This book covers both current and near-future technologies, and the privacy risks that users face. Also included are practical recommendations-including third party hardware and software solutions-for implementing privacy safeguards when using different digital devices.

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Information Gathering: Who Wants to Know What about Whom?

Table of Contents



1. Protecting Your Privacy in the 21st Century.

How Perceptions of Privacy Have Changed Since the Rise of the Internet. Why Do Other People Care About Your Privacy? Why Are People Collecting This Information Anyway? Profiling. We Need Healthy Skepticism and Informed Consent.

2. What Is Privacy in a Digital World?

The Right to Be Left Alone…. Information About Us Is Not Acquired by Others. The Protection Given to Information. The Ability to Protect Ourselves from Being Judged Out of Context. The Right Not to Be Surprised. Finally, It Comes Down to Control. Fair Information Practices Protect Your Rights. Understanding What Privacy Means to You.


3. Who Wants to Know What about Whom?

We All Want to Know about Other People. Celebrities Can Educate, Too. Freedom of or Freedom from the Press. Learning to Like New Things. It's All About Trust.

4. Threats to Your Children's Privacy.

Are Your Kids in Danger on the Net? What Are the Risks? Your Tone Sets the Stage. What More Can You Do? Discover Your Resources and Options. What Help do Parents Have in Protecting Their Kids? What Companies Must Do. Now You Have All the Tools.

5. Online Disclosures and That Barn Door.

Defensive Internet Travels. Information You Share on Purpose. E-mail and Chat Can be Information Collectors, Too. Love Online: A Special Case for Privacy. Urban Legends and “Hi, I'm from Nigeria and…” Safety Tips for Giving Out information About Yourself. Information You Might Not Know You Are Sharing. Polly Wants a Cookie. This Site Brought to You By… Tracking Your Invisibly. What If I Don't Understand the Privacy Policies? Watching You at Home and Work. So, You Always Wanted to Live in a Spy Novel. What If the Police and Courts Get Involved?

6. Broadband: Always on, Always Connected, Always Exposed.

Once Connected, Always Connected. What is Broadband? Broadband: Connecting the World. The Big Question Is Not “What Do I Have to Hide?”— It's “Who's in Control?” Some Questions to Ask Your (Potential) Broadband Provider. Keep Your Eyes Open; Keep Your Guard Up.

7. Privacy over the Airwaves.

Understanding Cellular Technology. The Wireless Spectrum. There's Gold in Those Profiles. Technology to the Rescue?

8. Do the Walls Have Ears? Other Devices That Can Affect Privacy.

We Can Pick You Out in a Crowd of Strangers. By Air, by Land, or by Sea—GPS Isn't Just for Planes and Fish Anymore. No More Waiting in Line—We'll Bill You. Just Wave Your Fob at the Register. Check Yourself Out. Stop or We'll Shoot (Your Picture, That Is). Glitches Mean Tickets Tossed Out. What Happens When You Add It All Up?


9. Taking an Inventory of Your Personal Information.

Where Are Youuuu? Whooo Are Youuu? Finding You at Home. What's the Point? Where Am I From? Uncle Sam (and His Younger Cousins) Lists You! Our Conclusions?

10. The Least You Should Do to Guard Your Privacy When Online.

Keeping Your Data Private. Some Key Concepts. Files. Getting Rid of Files and Data. Summary for the Most Privacy Conscious. Online Session Privacy. Protecting Against Malicious Attacks. E-mail Privacy. What About Macs? Putting It All Together. Some General Security Resources.

11. How to Secure Your Internet Transactions.

Can You Let Your Fingers Do the Shopping? Look For and Read the Privacy and Security Policies. Seal Organizations. Practice Safe Shopping. Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Good Name. Safe Surfing. Using E-mail and Chatting Online Safely. Remember: You Can Stay in Control.

12. What Can I Do If My Privacy Is Compromised?

Telephone and Similar Listings. Toss the Spam. But Don't Toss the Privacy Notices. Buying Items that Don't Exist and Similar Mistakes. I Am Not Me: Identity Theft. Invasions Can Be Harmful to Your Health.


13. Privacy and the Law: 2001.

What Is the Law? Is Privacy a Right? What U.S. Federal Law Applies. What Is the Law within the Several States? If We've Got All These Laws, Why Would We Need More?(The Regulatory Climate: 2001). Laws Around the World. What About Laws that Don't Exist Yet? Be Your Own Advocate. Privacy and Security Legislation in Congress. Do I Need to Go to the Capitol Myself? Other Influences on Legislation.

14. Canaries in the Coal Mine.

The ACLU: The Granddaddy of Canaries. CDT: Washington-based Songs. CPSR: Folk Songs of Freedom. EFF: Western Songs. EPIC: Strong Songs. Privacy International: Songs from the Old Country. Privacy.org: A Duet. Global Internet Liberty Campaign: Songs Around the World. Global Internet Policy Initiative: International Songs of Liberty. Junkbusters: Catchy Jingles. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Teaching Songs. Singing Along Together.

15. Self-Regulation and Privacy.

What Self-Regulation Is and How It Works. Privacy Policies. Today's Self-Regulatory Leaders. Seal Organizations. Wrapping It Up and Sealing It for You.


16. Internet Voting: Don't Try This at Home Yet…

How We Do It Now. Should We Change? Where We Might Go. How Might We Get There? Toward Improved Elections for All.

17. Where Are We Going?

Your Behavior Can Make a Big Difference. Corporate and Marketing Practices. Technology Helps and Hurts. Legislation and Regulation. Taking the Single Step. Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Liberty.

18. Can You Really Be Anonymous?

Work Qualifications Need Records, Too. Can You Avoid A Paper Trail? The Urge to Make Lists. Does the Pattern Add Up Correctly? The Urge to Not Be Noticed.


Appendix A: Glossary.
Appendix B: Expanded Privacy Checklist.

Personally Identifiable Information. Notice. Choice. Access. Security. What Am I Revealing about Myself?

Appendix C: List of Privacy Bills in the States in 2001.
Appendix D: Our Co-Conspirators.
Appendix E: Privacy-Related Web sites.

Personal Web Sites. Organizational Sites. Technology Sites.



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