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Practical BGP

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Practical BGP


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 448
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-12700-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-12700-6


“I would recommend this book to network engineers, Internet service providers, network software developers, and IT staff who need to deal with network planning and routing.”

–Enke Chen, Redback Networks

Hands-on guidance for deploying and optimizing BGP networks–enterprise and ISP

Now there’s a practical guide to deploying and managing BGPv4 in any environment–from small enterprises to the largest Tier 2 and Tier 3 service providers. A team of the world’s leading BGP experts brings together powerful insights into network design, configuration, and deployment with the latest version of BGP–including hands-on guidance for leveraging its key enhancements. Coverage includes

• Best practices and diverse real-world scenarios for applying BGPv4

• Understanding the impact of BGP design on local networks and the global Internet backbone

• Building effective BGP policies: aggregation, propagation, accounting, and more

• Maximizing scalability and performance in BGPv4 networks

• BGP and network security, including Secure Origin BGP

• Deploying BGP/MPLS Layer 3 VPNs

Extensive troubleshooting guidance unavailable in any other book

If you’re a network engineer or administrator looking to drive maximum reliability and performance from BGP-based networks, Practical BGP will help you get the job done–from start to finish.

RUSS WHITE is a Network Protocols Deployment Engineer in Cisco Systems Routing DNA Team specializing in routing protocols. A widely recognized expert in networking, he co-chairs the IETF Routing Protocols Security working group, and co-authored Advanced IP Network Design, IS—IS for IP Networks, and Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture.

DANNY McPHERSON is a member of the Architecture Team at Arbor Networks. He has held technical leadership positions with several global ISPs, is active within the IETF, and is an acknowledged expert in Internet architecture and security. He co-authored Internet Routing Architectures, Second Edition.

SRIHARI SANGLI, Senior Manager for MPLS and routing development at Procket Networks, was formerly Senior Technical Leader in Cisco’s IOS Routing Protocols group. He, along with others at Cisco, coded the industry-first implementation of BGP/MPLS based Layer-3 VPN.

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Introduction to the Border Gateway Patrol

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Table of Contents



1. The Border Gateway Protocol.

    Exterior and Interior Gateway Protocols.

    Distance Vector, Link State , and Path Vector.

    BGP Path Vector Implementation.

    BGP Peering.

    BGP Attributes.

    BGP’s Best Path Algorithm.

    Review Questions.

2. BGP at the Edge.

    Connecting to a Service Provider.

    Single Homing to a Service Provider.

    Dual Homing to a Single Service Provider.

    Dual Homing to Multiple Service Providers.

    Controlling Outbound Traffic Flow.

    Forcing Symmetric Entry and Exit Points.

    Intelligent Routing.

    Considerations for All Service Provider Peering Situations.

    Review Questions.

3. Scaling the Enterprise Using BGP.

    BGP Cores.

    Implementing a BGP Core.

    External Connections.

    Review Questions.

4. Core Design with iBGP.

    Full Mesh iBGP Cores.

    Route Reflectors.

    BGP Confederations.

    Review Questions.

5. BGP Performance.

    Peer Groups.

    Update Packing.


    Transport-Level Issues.

    Review Questions.

6. BGP Policy.

    Policy Instruments.

    Local Preference.

    Communities in Practice–RFC 1998 and Other Routing Policies.

    Safety Nets.

    The AS Path.

    Route Flap Damping.

    Outbound Route Filtering.

    BGP MED Deployment Considerations.

    Review Questions.

7. New Features in BGP.

    BGP Custom Decision Process.

    Controlling Redistribution at Remote Points.


    BGP Graceful Restart.

    Interaction with Interior Gateway Protocols during Convergence.

    Inbound Route Summarization.

    Conditional Communities.

    Flexible Communities.

    Outbound Route Filtering.

    Review Questions.

8. Troubleshooting BGP.

    Establishing Neighbors.

    Update Exchange.

    Inconsistent Routing.

    Next Hop Recursion Oscillation.

    Route Churn.

    Review Questions.

9. BGP and Network Security.

    Protecting Peering Relationships.

    Preventing Spoofing at the Edge.

    Securing Routing Information within BGP.

    Review Questions.

10. Deploying BGP/MPLS Layer-3 VPNs.

    What Is a Virtual Private Network?

    The BGP/MPLS-Based VPN.

    Putting It Together: An MPLS/BGP VPN Example.

    VPN Topologies.

    VPN Service Provider Deployment Considerations.


    Review Questions.

Appendix A. Answers to the Review Questions.



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