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Platinum Edition Using XHTML, XML & Java 2

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Platinum Edition Using XHTML, XML & Java 2

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  • Complete coverage of Web Development.
    • Teaches students about the most up-to-date technologies, the basics of each technology, and how to use different technologies together. Ex.___

  • Learn the essentials of XHTML and the differences from HTML4.
    • Teaches students the basics of XHTML as the replacement of HTML4. Ex.___

  • Use XML to manage, describe, and transport data within dynamic web applications.
    • Enables students to work with XML within a dynamic web atmosphere. Ex.___

  • Develop Java programs to allow user input and interactivity.
    • Teaches students how to incorporate Java to design an interactive website. Ex.___

  • Understand the importance of web page design and audience focused web pages.
    • In addition to teaching students application concepts, they will also learn design principles. Ex.___

  • Appendixes containing additional resources.
    • Provides students with additional tools to enhance their learning experience. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2001
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2473-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2473-1

Platinum Edition XHTML, XML and Java 2 is separated into several sections, each of which focuses on a specific technology, including XHTML, XML, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CGI programming with Perl, Server-side Programming with ASP, ColdFusion and PHP, and Java 2. Throughout the book, the authors focus on the features and benefits of each technology, giving readers a well-rounded education in current web development tools and techniques. In addition, the authors demonstrate the value of combining various technologies (such as Java and XML) for more powerful web solutions.


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Sample Content

Table of Contents



 1. Web Site and Web Page Design.
 2. Introduction to XHTML.
 3. XHTML 1.0 Element Reference.
 4. Image Maps.
 5. Advanced Graphics.
 6. Tables.
 7. Frames.
 8. Forms.
 9. Style Sheets.


10. Introducing XML.
11. Creating XML Files for Use.
12. Parsing and Navigating XML—SAX, DOM, XPath, XPointer, and Xlink.
13. Transforming XML—XSLT.
14. Constraining XML—DTDs and XML Schemas.
15. Formatting and Displaying XML.
16. Exploiting XML—XML and e-Commerce.
17. Moving Forward with XML.


18. Introduction to JavaScripting.
19. The Document Object Model.
20. Manipulating Windows and Frames with JavaScript.
21. Using JavaScript to Create Smart Forms.
22. Cookies and State Maintenance.
23. Using JavaScript to Control Web Browser Objects.


24. Introduction to Dynamic HTML.
25. Advanced Microsoft Dynamic HTML.
26. Advanced Netscape Dynamic HTML.
27. Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML.


28. Programming CGI Scripts.
29. Server-Side Includes.
30. Server-Side Security Issues.
31. Survey of Web Databases.
32. Writing Active Server Pages.
33. Using ColdFusion.
34. Using PHP.


35. Introduction to Java.
36. Developing Java Applets.
37. User Input and Interactivity with Java.
38. Graphics and Animation.
39. Network Programming.
40. Security.
41. Server-Side Java.
42. Java and XML.


A: JavaScript Language Reference.
B: General Reference Resource.


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