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Novell Netware 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2

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Novell Netware 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2


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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2787-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2787-9

The Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) certification is the frist step to becoming Novell certified. To pass this important exam, you need to surround yourself with the most comprehensive, exam-focused materials on the market. That's where Novell Netware 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2 comes in. You will be able to focus your knowledge with this guide, which emphasizes the learning topics of the CNA exam and closely follows the exam objectives. Step-by-step lessons offer the no-nonsense, straight-forward information needed to pass the exam. It is accompanied by a CD-ROM that features ExamForce's CramMaster product, a powerful, full-featured test engine. Prepare for the CNA with the smartest, most efficient way to study — the Novell Netware 6.5 CNA Exam Cram 2.

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Introduction to Networking, Network Administration, and NetWare 6

Introduction to Networking, Network Administration, and NetWare 6.5

Table of Contents



1. The Novell Certifications.

    Novell Certifications.

      Certified Novell Administrator (CNA).

      Certified Novell Engineer (CNE).

      Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE).

      Certified Directory Engineer (CDE).

      Certified Novell Instructor (CNI).

      Novell Authorized Instructor (NAI).

      Certified Linux Engineer (CLE).

      Certified Linux professional (CLp).


2. Introduction to Networking, Network Administration, and NetWare 6.5.

    A Brief History of the NetWare Operating System.

    Identify NetWare 6.5 Features.

      Business Continuity Services.

      productivity-Enhancing Services.

      Open Source Services.

      Web Application Services.

    Describe How NetWare Works with Other Operating Systems.

      How NetWare Interacts with DOS.

      Operating System platforms That Can Function as a NetWare 6.5 Client.

      platforms That Can Function as a Server if eDirectory Is Installed.

    Exam prep Questions.

3. Installing and Configuring NetWare 6.5.

    Identify prerequisite Requirements.

      System Requirements.

      Software Requirements.

      Configuration Requirements.

      New Server Installation Requirements.

    prepare the Existing Network.

    prepare the Designated Computer.

      preparing the DOS partition.

    Install NetWare 6.5.

    Identify the Operating System Components of NetWare 6.5.

    Use Server Console Commands to Manage NetWare 6.5.

      Console Commands.


    Use Configuration Files.

      Five-Step Load Order.

      Server.exe Switches.

    Identify the Utilities to Remotely Manage NetWare 6.5.


      Remote Manager.


    Exam prep Questions.

4. Installing and Configuring the Novell Client.

    Describe the Novell Client.

      Novell Client Features.

      protocols and Login Scripts.

      Client Login Methods.

    Install the Novell Client.

    Log In to eDirectory and the Workstations.






    Set Client properties.

      Client properties That Can Be Set.

      Setting Client properties for Individuals and for Multiple Users.

    Exam prep Questions.

5. Introduction to eDirectory.

    Identify the Role and Benefits of eDirectory.

    Identify How eDirectory Works.

    Identify and Describe eDirectory Components.

    Identify and Describe eDirectory Object Classes.

    Identify the Flow and Design of the eDirectory Tree.

    Identify eDirectory Tools and When to Use Them.

    Exam prep Questions.

6. Introduction to the NetWare 6.5 File System.

    Identify Network File Service Components.

    Identify Types of NetWare Volume Storage.

      Traditional Volumes.

      NSS Volumes.

    Identify the Guidelines for planning Network Volumes.

    Identify the Content and purpose of NetWare SYS Directories.

    Identify the Types of Directories Used for Organizing a File System.

    Evaluate Directory Structures.

    Exam prep Questions.

7. Basic Management Tasks–eDirectory and File System.

    Describe the Admin Object.

    Create User Objects.

    Modify User Objects.

    Move Objects.

    Delete User Objects.

    Create Traditional and NSS Volumes.

      Create Traditional Volumes.

      Create NSS Volumes.

    Access Volumes Through Mapped Network Drives.

      Types of Drive Mappings.

      Map Syntax.

      Map Options.

      NetWare 6.5 Login Scripts.

    Exam prep Questions.

8. File System Security.

    Identify the Types of Network Security provided by NetWare.

    Identify How NetWare File System Security Works.

      What Are Rights, and What Are the NetWare File System Rights?

      What Are the Default Assignments Granted in NetWare 6.5?

      What Are Trustees, ACLs, and Inheritance?

      What Are the Two Ways to Change a Trustee Assignment?

      What Are Effective Rights?

      What Are the Rules of NetWare 6.5 File System Security?

      Effective Rights practice.

    plan File System Rights.

    Identify Directory and File Attributes.

    Exam prep Questions.

9. eDirectory Security.

    Describe eDirectory Security.

      eDirectory Rights and the eDirectory ACL.

      Granting eDirectory Rights: The Utilities.

      Default Rights.

      The Rules and Guidelines for eDirectory Rights.

    Determine How Rights Flow.

    Block Inherited Rights.

    Determine eDirectory Effective Rights.

      Scenario 1.

      Scenario 2.

    Troubleshoot eDirectory Security.

    Exam prep Questions.

10. NetWare 6.5 Network Security.

    Internally Secure a Network.

      Guidelines for physically Securing the Server.

      File System Security Guidelines.

      Login Security and Intruder Lockout Guidelines.

      password Guidelines.

      eDirectory Rights Guidelines.

      Administrative Access Guidelines.

      Virus protection Guidelines.

    Troubleshoot Common Internal Security problems.

    Identify How to provide External Network Security with a Firewall.

    Exam prep Questions.

11. NetWare 6.5 printing.

    Identify the Features of NDpS.

    Identify the Types of printers.

    Describe NDpS Components.

      printer Agent.

      NDpS Manager.

      printer Broker.

      printer Gateway.

    Set Up NDpS.

      Set Up the Broker.

      Set Up the NDpS Manager.

      Set Up the printer Agents.

      Set Up RpM (Remote print Management).

    Manage NDpS.

    Implement iprint.

    Exam prep Questions.

12. iFolder and Virtual Office.

    Implement iFolder.

      iFolder: Its Benefits and Features.

      Installing iFolder and the iFolder Client.

      Configuring iFolder.

      Global Settings.

      User Management.

      System Monitoring.


    Describe Virtual Office.

    Install Virtual Office.

    Configure Virtual Office.

      Virtual Office Configuration Using iManager.

      Virtual Office Configuration Using the Virtual Office Interface.


    Exam prep Questions.

13. practice Exam 1.

14. Answer Key for practice Exam 1.

15. practice Exam 2.

16. Answer Key for practice Exam 2.


Appendix A. NetWare 6.5 port Reference.

Appendix B. NetWare 6.5 File System: Effective Rights practice Scenarios.

    File System Inheritance Scenarios.

      Simple File System Inheritance.

      Complex File System Inheritance.

    File System Inheritance Scenarios–Answer Keys.

      Simple File System Inheritance.

      Complex File System Inheritance.

Appendix C. Workstation Utilities.

    Workstation Utilities Native to NetWare 6.5.

    Legacy Workstation Utilities That Are Compatible with NetWare 6.5.

Appendix D. Sample Response File.

Appendix E. NetWare 6.5: New Server Installation planning Table.

Appendix F. References (Web and print).


    Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3.

    Chapter 4.

    Chapter 5.

    Chapter 6.

    Chapter 7.

    Chapter 8.

    Chapter 9.

    Chapter 10.

    Chapter 11.

    Chapter 12.


Appendix G. Commonly Used NetWare 6.5 Management URLs.

Appendix H. CD Contents and Installation Instructions.

    The CramMaster Engine.

    Multiple Test Modes.

      pretest Mode.

      Adaptive Drill Mode.

      Simulated Exam Mode.

      Installing CramMaster for the Novell NetWare 6.5 Exam.

      Using CramMaster for the Novell NetWare 6.5 Exam.

      Customer Support.




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