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Novell Netware 5.x to 6 Upgrade Exam Cram 2

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Novell Netware 5.x to 6 Upgrade Exam Cram 2


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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2788-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2788-6

This certification permits NetWare 5.x Certified Novell Engineers (CNEs) to upgrade their credentials to NetWare 6. Individuals who hold CNE certification for any version of NetWare 5 can recertify for NetWare 6 by taking a single exam, 50-676: Upgrading to NetWare 6. This book focuses on exactly what readers need to get certified now - featuring test-taking strategies, time-saving study tips, and a special Cram Sheet that includes tips, acronyms, and memory joggers that are not available anywhere else. The Exam Cram2 series is the smartest, most efficient way to become certified! Each book is published under the direction of Series Editor Ed Tittel, the leading authority on certification and the founder of The Exam Cram Method™ series, and has also been deemed Cramsession™ Approved Study Material.

The accompanying CD features PrepLogic™ Practice Tests, Preview Edition. This product includes one complete PrepLogic Practice Test with approximately the same number of questions found on the actual vendor exam. Each question contains full, detailed explanations of the correct and incorrect answers. The engine offers two study modes, Practice Test and Flash Review, full exam customization, and a detailed score report.

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Online Sample Chapters

An Overview of Novell 6 Installation

Installation Overview

Table of Contents



1. Novell Certification Exams.

Assessing Exam-Readiness. The Exam Situation. Exam Layout and Design. Test-Taking Strategy for Form and Adaptive Tests. Test-Taking Basics. Question-Handling Strategies. Mastering the Inner Game. Additional Resources.

2. NetWare 6 Overview.

Enhanced Versions of Old Features. New Features in NetWare 6. NetWares Multitasking, Multithreading, and MP Capabilities. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

3. NetWare 6 Installation Overview.

Reviewing NetWare 6 Prerequisites. Introducing NetWare 6 Deployment Manager. Preparing for NetWare 6 Installation. Installation Types: Install, Migrate, and Upgrade. Basic Installation Steps. Post-installation Tasks. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

4. Migration and Upgrading.

Using Deployment Manager. Performing a Migration. Validating and Troubleshooting a Migration. Additional Installation Options. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

5. eDirectory.

Directory Services Concepts. NetWare eDirectory. Implementing eDirectory. Maintaining eDirectory. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

6. NetWare 6 Local Components.

NetWare 6 Remote Management Tools. Understanding Local Client Access. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

7. NetWare “i” Systems, WebAccess, NetStorage, and NetDrive.

Exploring Server Tools. Managing Client Access. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

8. NetWare 6 and Its Protocols.

Standard NetWare Protocol Support. Introducing SLPv2. DNS and DHCP in NetWare 6. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

9. NetWare File System.

Traditional File System Operation. NSS Improvements and Benefits. Configuring NSS with ConsoleOne. Managing and Maintaining NSS. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

10. High-Availability NetWare.

Understanding the Terminology. Evaluating High-Availability Needs. Using NCS for High-Availability Systems. Designing a Simple NetWare 6 Cluster Implementation. Preparing the Hardware for NCS. Installing NCS. Testing the Implementation. Practice Questions. Need to Know More?

11. Sample Test One.

12. Answer Key for Sample Test One.

13. Sample Test Two.

14. Answer Key for Sample Test Two.

Appendix A. Additional Resources.

Sources of NetWare 6 Evaluation Software. NetWare Books. Web Sources. Newsgroups on Usenet. Other Novell-Related Web Sites.

Appendix B. Whats New in NetWare 6?

Hardware-Oriented Improvements. Connectivity and Data Access Enhancements. Improved Management Features. Open Standards Support.

Appendix C. Whats on the CD-ROM.

The PrepLogic Practice Exams, Preview Edition. An Exclusive Electronic Version of the Text.

Appendix D. Using the PrepLogic Practice Exams, Preview Edition Software.

The Exam Simulation. Question Quality. The Interface Design. The Effective Learning Environment. Software Requirements. Installing PrepLogic Practice Exams, Preview Edition. Removing PrepLogic Practice Exams, Preview Edition, from Your Computer. Using PrepLogic Practice Exams, Preview Edition. Contacting PrepLogic. License Agreement.




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