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New Brand Leadership: Managing at the Intersection of Globalization, Localization and Personalization

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New Brand Leadership: Managing at the Intersection of Globalization, Localization and Personalization

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  • Copyright 2015
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-419449-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-419449-3

New Brand Leadership delivers the first complete, proven blueprint for organizing and executing on global brand marketing. It reflects the authors’ 50+ years of combined experience driving global brand leadership and measurable results across a wide range of industries, at companies ranging from Mars to Nissan, IHG to YUM! Brands.

Larry Light and Joan Kiddon show how to drive value by successfully managing at the intersection of globalization, localization, and personalization. They introduce Arcature’s proven Collaborative Three Box Model, guiding you step-by-step through creating brand vision, defining brand framework, bringing your brand to life, and then measuring your performance.

They offer specific, high-value recommendations regarding cultural change, organizational responsibilities, structure, metrics, and much more. You’ll find proven solutions to tough real-world global branding challenges, including managing tensions between global and local, central and regional, and brand leadership vs. brand management.

For wide audiences of C-suite and other current and prospective business leaders; HR officers, marketing executives and agency professionals, top executives, business leaders, prospective business leaders, and MBA/executive MBA students.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Chapter 1  Overview: A New Approach to Global Marketing     7

Raising the Issues     7
The Globalization of Marketing     8
Localism     9
Personalization     10
Game-Changers     10
Changed Perception of Value     13
Trustworthy Brand Value     13
Build Trust     14
The Collaborative Three-Box Model     14
Creating the Metrics     16
Plan to Win     16
Gaining Alignment: Overcoming the Negatives     17
What Can I Do Differently?    17
Aligning for Action     18
Brand Journalism     18
Making The Collaborative Three-Box Model a Reality    
Endnotes     19
Chapter 2  Globalization, Localization, Personalization     21
We Are Already Affected by the Three Forces     21
The Collision of Three Forces     22
    Globalization     22
    Localization     23
    Personalization     25
Personalization and Privacy     25
Implications for Organizational Structure     26
    Organized Leadership     27
How We Define Leadership     27
    Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs)    28
    Alignment     29
Global, Local, and Personal Implications for Brand Management     29
The Role of the Three Forces     31
Endnotes     32
Chapter 3  Game-Changing Trends     35
Future-Proofing Your Brands     35
Game-Changing Trends as Problems     36
    1. The Demographic Conundrum     36
    2. The Challenges of Rising Personalization     41
    3. The Paradox of the Age of I     43
    4. The Puzzling Changes in the Definition of Family     46
    5. The Quandary of the Decline of Trust     48
Trends and the Forces of Globalization, Localization, and Personalization     50
Opportunities     51
    1. Opportunity: Demography     51
    2. Opportunity: Personalization     52
    3. Opportunity: The Age of I     52
    4. Opportunity: Families     54
    5. Opportunity: Trust     54
Endnotes     55
Chapter 4  New Definition of Brand Value: Trustworthy Brand Value     59
What Is Value?    59
    Value Is Customer Defined     60
Price Segmentation     62
Quality     64
The Evolution of Value     64
Social Benefits     66
Trust as a Multiplier     67
One-Think Shopping     68
Need for Simplicity     68
Deal Loyalty versus Real Loyalty     69
Endnotes     70
Chapter 5  Build Brand Trust     73
Trust in a World of Distrust and Mistrust     73
Definitions of Trust     75
Two Kinds of Trust     76
    Brand Trust     77
    Organizational Trust     79
Trust and the Value Equation     80
Trust Capital     80
Corporate Social Responsibility     81
Right Results the Right Way     83
A Strong Corporate Brand     84
Endnotes     84

Chapter 6  The Evolution of Global Marketing and The New Collaborative Three-Box Model     89

Organizational Implications     89
The One-Box Model: Global Standardization     90
The Two-Box Model: “Think Globally. Act Locally.”    92
The Matrix     94
Management and Manager     96
Leadership and Leader     97
Putting the Right People in the Right Places     98
Results Are Local     98
Responsibility: Global or Local     99
Sharing     99
The Collaborative Three-Box Model     100
The Kinship Economy     102
Guided Decentralization     102
Is It Federalism?    103
Endnotes     104
Chapter 7  The Collaborative Three-Box Model: Box 1—Create the Brand Vision     105
Begin with the Corporate Strategies and Ambition     105
Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs)    106
Box 1: Defining the Brand North Star     106
The Four Steps of Box 1     107
    1. Situation Analysis     108
    2. Trends     111
    3. Market Segmentation     113
    4. SMART Objectives     115
Making Box 1 Work     116
    1. Make It Everyone’s Job to Take Responsibility     116
    2. Make Sure That Your CFT and Your Enterprise
Become a Learning Organization     117
    3. Stay Positive When the Killer Questions Are Raised About Your Synthesized Trends     117
    4. Ensure That the Situation Analysis Will Be Updated Each Year     118
    5. Market Segmentation Is a Market Fundamental     118
Lessons Learned: Box 1     118
    Lesson One: Avoid the Wholesale Importing of Concepts with No Adaptation     118
    Lesson Two: Avoid Analysis Paralysis     119
    Lesson Three: Use Occasion-Based Needs Segmentation as a Brand-Building Tool     120
Endnotes     121
Chapter 8  The Collaborative Three-Box Model: Box 2—Define the Global Brand Plan to Win     123
1. Brand Pyramid     125
    How to Create a Brand Pyramid     127
2. Brand Promise     128
3. Brand Lotus Blossom     130
    Not a Slogan     130
    The Guiding Principles     130
    Lotus Blossom     131
4. Brand Framework     133
    Freedom within the Framework     133
5. Brand Book     136
6. Global Brand Plan to Win     136
    Making Box 2 Work     138
    Lessons Learned: Box 2     140
Endnotes     143
Chapter 9 The Collaborative Three-Box Model: Box 3—Bring the Brand to Life     145
Not a Hand-Off     146
Decision Rights     146
    1. Local Brand Ambition and SMART Objectives     147
    2. Local Total Brand Experience     148
    3. Local Problems and Solutions     152
    4. Local Brand Plan to Win     153
Brand Journalism     154
A Little Background     154
Making Box 3 Work     157
    1. Trust Regional Brand Leadership to Localize and Personalize Well     157
    2. Let the Regions Take Accountability for Delivering the Local Brand Experience     158
    3. Support the Brand Journey at All Its Stages     158
Lessons Learned: Box 3     158
    Lesson One: Manage the Hand-Off Mentality     158
    Lesson Two: Meet the SMART Objectives     159
Endnotes     160

Chapter 10  Building a Brand Business Scorecard     165

Bigger     166
    Familiarity     166
    Penetration     166
Better     167
    Brand Reputation     167
    Overall Satisfaction     168
Stronger     168
    Brand Preference Ladder     168
    Trustworthy Brand Value     170
    Trust     171
    Brand Power     171
Additional Considerations     173
    Five Action Ps     173
    Say Goodbye to Norm     173
Endnotes     174
Chapter 11  How Does It All Come Together in an Effective Plan to Win?    175
Build Real Loyalty, Not Deal Loyalty     175
Consider Both the Long Term and the Short Term     176
Make the Brand Plan to Win a Force for Alignment     177
Measure Performance     179
Evaluate the Five Actions Ps     179
Endnotes     181
Chapter 12  Breaking the Bad Habits That Inhibit Brand Building     183
Complacency     184
Change for the Sake of Change     184
Financial Engineering as a Growth Strategy     185
Cost-Managing the Way to Profitable Growth     185
Focusing on Customers You Do Not Have at the Expense of Customers You Do Have     186
Failing to Keep the Brand Relevant     186
Price Segmentation Instead of Market Segmentation     187
Thinking the Lowest Price Is the Same as the Best Value     187
Failing to Instill a Quality Mind-Set     187
Silo Mentality     188
Focusing on the Short-Term Rather Than Creating a Short-Term/Long-Term Strategy     188
Not Sharing Across Functions, Geographies, and Brands     189
Believing the Regions Are Not as Sophisticated as the Center      189
Believing That Brand Management Is All About Marketing Communication     189
Allowing Data to Decide     190
Endnotes     191
Chapter 13  Guiding Principles     193
1. Define the Common Ambition     194
2. Clarify Roles and Responsibilities     195
3. Realize That Brand Leadership Is Global; Brand Management Is Regional/Local     195
4. Build Trustworthy Brand Value     196
5. Establish Cross-Functional Teams     196
6. Acknowledge That Great Ideas Do Not Care Where They Come From     197
7. Share the Knowledge     197
8. Implement Brand Journalism     198
9. Build Trust Capital     200
10. Institute a Brand Business Scorecard     201
11. Allow Freedom within the Framework     202
Endnotes     202
Conclusion: Moving Forward     205
Endnotes     209
Index     211

A complete blueprint for successful global brand marketing, drawing on 50+ years of in-the-trenches experience at the highest levels of global enterprise.


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