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My Windows 10 Tablet (Web Edition with Content Update Program): Covers Windows 10 Tablets including Microsoft Surface Pro

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My Windows 10 Tablet (Web Edition with Content Update Program): Covers Windows 10 Tablets including Microsoft Surface Pro

Web Edition

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    Viewing a Web Edition requires a web browser that fully supports HTML5. Supported platforms are:

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    • Mac OS X (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome)
    • Linux (Chrome or Firefox)
    • iOS 6, 7, or 8 (Mobile Safari)


  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Web Edition
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-442705-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-442705-8

This Web Edition is available for free with the purchase of a My Windows 10 Tablet book or eBook. The free Web Edition can be found in your account under Digital Purchases after you purchase your book or eBook. See www.quepublishing.com/CUP for details.

A Web Edition is an electronic version of the book that can be accessed with any Internet connection from your www.quepublishing.com account.

My Windows® 10 Tablet is an easy, full-color tutorial on the latest operating system from Microsoft.

In addition, this Web Edition is part of Que’s Content Update Program. As Microsoft updates features of Windows 10, sections of this Web Edition will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the software.

If you own or are considering an Windows 10 tablet, My Windows 10 Tablet is your must-have companion. This friendly, quick, full-color, 100% practical tutorial walks you through every task you'll want to perform with your new tablet, no matter what brand or model you choose. Coverage includes

·         Taking advantage of Windows 10's best new features for tablets

·         Getting productive fast, and taking control of the new Windows 10 interface and Start menu

·         Securely connecting your Windows 10 tablet and using it safely in mobile environments

·         Browsing the Web more quickly and reliably with the new Edge browser

·         Connecting your tablet to your phone, other PCs, and other devices

·         Making the most of the Cortana personal digital assistant

·         Working with Windows 10—compatible Microsoft Office apps

·         Using Continuum to work seamlessly on both tablets and other Windows devices

·         Updating, maintaining, and troubleshooting your tablet

·         Saving time and using your tablet to enhance your daily life

Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, colorful screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help you get started quickly. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, lists, and quick solutions to the problems you're most likely to encounter.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

What You’ll Find Inside

Why You’ll Love My Windows 10 Tablet

What You’ll Find in the Book

Go Deeper

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Windows 10

Windows 10 Basics

    The Start Menu

    Task View

    Typing in Windows 10

    Handwriting in Windows 10

    Tablet Mode

    Storage Settings

    Battery Saver

    Viewing Notifications

    Changing Quick Actions

Additional Settings

    Screen Brightness and Rotation Lock

    Shutting Down, Sleeping, and Restarting

    Sync Settings

Moving On

Chapter 2 Connecting to Networks

Wireless Networking

    Connecting to a Wireless Network

    Disconnecting from a Network

    Forgetting a Wireless Network

    Using Airplane Mode

Network Sharing and Discovery

    Turning Sharing and Discovery On or Off

    Accessing Network Resources

Remoting In to Other Computers

    Enabling Connections on the Remote Computer

    Connecting to Remote Computers

Chapter 3 Using and Customizing the Start Menu and Taskbar

Locating and Launching Apps

    Launching Apps from the Start Menu

    Launching Apps from the Taskbar

    Searching for Apps

Switching Between Apps

    Switching Between Running Apps

    Displaying a List of Running Apps

    Displaying Two Apps Simultaneously

Using Task View

    Creating a Virtual Desktop

    Deleting a Virtual Desktop

    Switching Desktops

    Moving Apps Between Desktops

Organizing the Start Menu and Taskbar

    Rearranging Apps on the Start Menu

    Naming Start Menu Groups

    Changing or Removing a Start Menu Group Name

    Rearranging Start Menu Groups

    Rearranging Taskbar Buttons

Customizing the Start Menu and Taskbar

    Pinning Apps to the Start Menu

    Pinning Apps to the Taskbar

    Removing Apps from the Start Menu

    Removing Buttons from the Taskbar

    Removing Apps from the Most Used List

    Changing the Start Menu Tile Size

    Changing the Taskbar Location

Chapter 4 Security and Windows 10

Securing Your Tablet

    Changing Your Password on a Microsoft Account

    Changing Your Password on a Local Account

    Locking Your Tablet

    Signing Out of Your Tablet

    Configuring Auto-Lock

Using Picture Passwords

    Creating a Picture Password

    Changing Your Picture Password

    Replaying Your Picture Password

    Removing Your Picture Password

Using PINs

    Creating a PIN

    Changing a PIN

    Signing In with a PIN

    Using a PIN When a Picture Password Is Set

Using a Fingerprint Reader

    Adding a Fingerprint

Removing Fingerprints

Managing User Accounts

    Adding a Local Account

    Adding a Microsoft Account

    Removing a User Account

    Changing an Account Type

    Setting an Account for Assigned Access

    Clearing Assigned Access

    Switching Accounts

    Changing from a Local Account to a Microsoft Account

    Switching to a Local Account

Chapter 5 Using Microsoft Family

Adding and Removing Family Members

    Adding a Family Member

    Removing a Family Member

Controlling Website Access

    Blocking Inappropriate Websites

    Explicitly Allowing a Site

    Removing an Allowed Site

    Explicitly Blocking a Site

    Removing a Blocked Site

    Responding to Requests

Controlling App Access

    Setting Age Restrictions on Windows Store Apps

    Blocking Specific Apps

    Unblocking an App

    Enabling Assigned Access

    Disabling Assigned Access

Controlling PC Access

    Blocking a Child from Signing In

    Unblocking a Child from Signing In

    Setting Time and Day Restrictions on Usage

Configuring and Reviewing Reports

    Enabling Activity Reporting and Weekly Reports

    Reviewing Website Activity

    Reviewing App Activity

    Reviewing Device Usage

Chapter 6 Backing Up Your Data with File History

Configuring and Starting File History

    Starting Your First Backup

    Selecting a Different Drive

    Excluding Folders

    Choosing When Backups Happen

    Controlling How Long Backups Are Kept

Restoring Files

    Restoring Files to the Original Location

    Resolving File Conflicts

    Restoring to a Different Location

Cleaning Up Files

    Performing a Cleanup

Troubleshooting File History

    Viewing File History Event History

Chapter 7 Finding Information on the Internet

Browsing and Searching Websites

    Browsing to a Website

    Opening a Link in a New Tab

    Opening a Link in a New Window

    Adding a Favorite

    Browsing to a Favorite

    Deleting a Favorite

    Viewing Browsing History

    Saving Websites for Reading Later

    Using Reading View

    Changing Reading View Options

    Searching the Internet

Configuring Edge

    Changing the Page Edge Opens With

    Clearing Browser Data

    Disabling the Pop-Up Blocker

Using Cortana with the Web

    Getting Restaurant Directions and Reviews

    Reviewing Cortana Search Results

    Asking Cortana for More Information

Using Web Notes

    Adding Web Notes to a Web Page

    Saving Web Notes to OneNote

    Saving a Web Note to Favorites or Reading List

Chapter 8 Using Cortana

Configuring Cortana

    Enabling Cortana

    Changing Your Name

    Adjusting Cortana Settings

Using the Notebook

    Changing Category Settings

    Turning Off a Category’s Cards

    Turning On a Category’s Cards

Searching with Cortana

    Searching Your Tablet

    Searching the Web

Using Reminders

    Setting a Reminder for a Specific Time

    Setting a Place Reminder

    Setting a People Reminder

Chapter 9 Connecting with People

Working with Contacts

    Adding Contacts from the Cloud

    Changing Contact Sort Order

    Filtering Your Contacts

    Linking Contacts

    Unlinking Contacts

    Creating a New Contact

    Deleting a Contact

    Removing All Contacts from a Service

    Editing a Contact

Sharing Contact Information

    Sharing a Contact

    Accepting a Shared Contact

Chapter 10 Using Mail

Adding and Managing Email Accounts

    Adding a Microsoft Account

    Adding an Exchange or Office 365 Account

    Adding a Google Account

    Adding an iCloud Account

    Adding a POP or IMAP Account

    Setting When and How Much Email Is Downloaded

    Removing an Account

Reading and Organizing Email

    Reading an Email

    Viewing or Saving Email Attachments

    Deleting Email Messages

    Undeleting Email Messages

Composing and Sending Email

    Creating a New Email Message

    Replying to Email

    Formatting Text in an Email

    Attaching Files to a Email

Setting Mail Options

    Setting a Background Picture

    Setting Reading Options

    Configuring Quick Actions

    Sending Automatic Replies

    Configuring Notifications

    Using an Email Signature

Chapter 11 Using Calendar

Connecting Calendars

    Adding an Outlook.com Calendar

    Adding a Google (Gmail) Calendar

    Adding an iCloud Calendar

Viewing Calendars

    Hiding a Calendar

    Changing a Calendar’s Display Color

    Viewing Events

Working with Events

    Adding a Basic Event

    Quickly Creating an Event

    Adding a Recurring Event

    Setting Reminders

    Specifying an Event Status

    Creating a Private Event

    Editing an Event

    Deleting an Event

Calendar Settings

    Changing the First Day of the Week

    Changing Days in Your Work Week

    Changing Working Hours

Chapter 12 Keeping Up to Date with News

Reading the News

    Reading an Article

    Sharing News

    Reading Local News

    Watching Videos

Adding and Removing News Interests

    Adding or Removing Included News Interests

    Adding a Custom News Interest

Chapter 13 HomeGroups and OneDrive

Using HomeGroups

    Creating a HomeGroup

    Joining a HomeGroup

    Leaving a HomeGroup

    Accessing Shared Files

Using OneDrive

    Syncing Folders with OneDrive

    Accessing Your Files Remotely

    Sharing Files

Chapter 14 Discovering and Playing Music

Managing Your Music Library

    Adding a Folder to Your Collection

    Controlling Album Art and Metadata

    Deleting Music from Your Collection

Browsing Your Music Collection

    Browsing Albums

    Browsing Artists

    Browsing Songs

    Searching for Music

Using Groove Music Pass

    Purchasing a Groove Music Pass Subscription

    Automatically Downloading Groove Music Pass Music

    Downloading Groove Music Pass Music

Music Playlists

    Adding Songs to the Now Playing Playlist

    Creating a Playlist

    Adding Songs to a Playlist

    Editing a Playlist

    Renaming a Playlist

    Deleting a Playlist

    Seeing What’s Playing

    Shuffling or Repeating Songs in a Playlist

Using Radio

    Creating a Radio Station

    Playing a Radio Station

    Deleting a Radio Station

Chapter 15 Watching Video

Managing Videos

    Adding Videos to the Movies & TV App

Exploring, Buying, and Renting Videos

    Browsing Movies and TV Shows

    Renting Movies

    Buying Movies

    Buying TV Shows

Playing Videos

    Playing Videos on Your Tablet

Chapter 16 Using Photos

Viewing Pictures and Video

    Browsing Pictures

    Watching a Slide Show

    Watching Video

    Deleting Pictures

    Using a Picture as Your Lock Screen

Editing Pictures and Video

    Rotating Pictures

    Automatically Enhancing Pictures

    Cropping a Picture

    Removing Red Eye

    Retouching a Photo

    Using Filters

    Adjusting Lighting

    Adjusting Color

    Applying a Vignette Effect

    Using Selective Focus

    Trimming a Video

Chapter 17 Using Maps

Exploring Maps

    Viewing and Zooming

    Changing the Units of Measurement

    Changing the Map Style

    Exploring in 3D

    Showing Traffic

Searching Maps

    Searching for a Place

    Adding Favorites

    Editing or Deleting a Favorite

Getting Directions

    Getting Directions

Updating Maps and Using Offline Maps

    Updating Maps

    Downloading Maps

Chapter 18 Creating Documents with Microsoft Word Mobile

Creating, Opening, and Saving Documents

    Creating a New Blank Document

    Creating a Document from a Template

    Saving Documents

    Opening Documents

    Managing Recent Documents

Formatting Text

    Formatting Text

    Formatting Text Using Styles

Adding and Formatting Pictures

    Adding a Picture

    Applying a Picture Style

    Positioning a Picture

    Rotating a Picture

    Cropping a Picture

Sharing Documents

    Inviting Others to a Document

    Getting Sharing Links to a Document

    Sharing a Document Using Email

Reading in Word Mobile

    Using Read View

    Using Insights

Chapter 19 Crunching Numbers with Microsoft Excel Mobile

Creating, Opening, and Saving Workbooks

    Creating a Workbook

    Opening Workbooks

    Saving Workbooks

Entering Data

    Adding Data

    Resizing a Column

    Changing Data Formatting

    Adding a Table

Working with Sheets

    Creating Sheets

    Renaming Sheets

    Coloring Sheets

    Organizing Sheets

    Deleting Sheets

Creating Formulas

    Directly Entering a Formula

    Using the Formulas Toolbar

Sharing Workbooks

Chapter 20 Presenting with Microsoft PowerPoint Mobile

Creating, Opening, and Saving Presentations

    Creating a Presentation

    Opening a Presentation

    Saving a Presentation

Creating Slides and Content

    Adding a New Slide

    Changing a Slide’s Layout

    Adding and Formatting Text

    Inserting and Formatting Pictures

Using SmartArt

    Inserting SmartArt

    Editing SmartArt Text

    Formatting SmartArt

Presenting with PowerPoint Mobile

    Adding Transitions

    Using Slide Show

Chapter 21 Organizing Notes with Microsoft OneNote

Working with Notebooks

    Creating a Notebook

    Switching, Opening, and Closing Notebooks

Creating and Organizing Sections

    Creating a Section

    Changing a Section’s Color

    Renaming a Section

    Changing the Order of Sections

    Deleting a Section

Creating and Editing Pages

    Creating a Page

    Creating a Subpage

    Promoting a Subpage

    Renaming a Page

    Changing the Order of Pages

    Deleting a Page

    Adding Text to a Page

    Adding Pictures to a Page

    Adding Files to a Page

    Drawing on a Page

Chapter 22 Enhancing Windows with Apps

Browsing the Store

    Browsing Categories

    Exploring Apps

    Searching for Apps

Installing and Uninstalling Apps

    Installing Apps

    Uninstalling Apps

    Reinstalling Purchased Apps

Updating Apps

    Installing Updates

Chapter 23 Updating and Troubleshooting Windows 10

Updating with Windows Update

    Checking for and Installing Updates Manually

    Turning Off Forced Restarts After Updates

Troubleshooting Windows 10

    Resetting and Keeping Your Files

    Resetting and Deleting Your Files

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