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My TV for Seniors

My TV for Seniors

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  • Copyright 2019
  • Pages: 336
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-559174-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-559174-1

Covers What, How, and Where to Watch TV for Less

Millions of people are cutting the cord on old-fashioned cable TV plans, and choosing more modern, efficient, and cost-effective ways to watch their favorite programming and movies. My TV for Seniors is an exceptionally easy and complete full-color guide to all the services and hardware you’ll need to do it. No ordinary “beginner’s book,” it approaches every topic from a senior’s point of view, using meaningful examples, step-by-step tasks, large text, close-up screen shots, and a full-color interior designed for comfortable reading.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through watching TV today on a variety of devices–and saving money doing so. Learn how to

  • Cut the cable and satellite cord
  • Save money on your cable or satellite TV bill
  • Watch local TV stations for free
  • Choose the best TV and streaming media player for you
  • Connect and use an Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku device
  • Watch Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming video services
  • Use live streaming services like DirecTV Now, fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and YouTube TV
  • Find where to best watch sporting events
  • Get a better picture with HD, Ultra HD, and HDR
  • Get better sound with a sound bar or surround sound system
  • Watch TV on your phone, tablet, or computer

An AARP TV for Grownups publication

Sample Content

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 6).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Choosing the Right TV     3
Bigger, Better, and Sharper: High-Definition TV     4
    Understanding HD     4
    Beyond HD: Ultra HD     6
    Better Contrast with HDR     8
Different Types of Screens     10
    Understanding LCD and LED Displays     10
    Beyond LCD: OLED Displays     12
Screens of All Shapes and Sizes     14
    Determining the Right Size Display     14
    Dealing with Different Aspect Ratios     15
Getting Smart About Smart TVs     18
    Proprietary Smart TVs     19
    Fire TVs and Roku TVs     20
Shopping for a New TV: A Checklist     22
Adjusting Your Set for the Best Picture26
Chapter 2  Getting Better Sound     33
Reading What You Hear with Closed Captions     33
Getting Better Sound from Headphones     34
Enhancing TV Audio with a Sound Bar     35
    How Sound Bars Work     36
    Connect a Sound Bar to Your TV     38
    Turn Off Your TV’s Internal Speakers     39
Understanding Surround Sound     40
    Counting Surround Channels     40
    Choosing the Right Surround Format     43
    Adding “Height” with Dolby Atmos     44
Assembling a Surround Sound System     46
    Choosing the Best Surround Sound Speakers     46
    Incorporating an Audio/Video Receiver     50
Choosing the Right Options for You     52
Chapter 3  Getting Local and Broadcast Television Over the Air     55
Why People Still Watch Broadcast TV     55
Cutting the Cord for Over-the-Air Broadcasts     56
    Understanding OTA Reception     57
    Choose the Right Type of Antenna     58
    Use AntennaWeb to Find the Right Antenna     61
    Connect an Antenna to Your TV     62
    Program Your TV for Local Stations     62
    Watch OTA Channels on Your TV     63
    Troubleshooting Reception Problems     64
Watching Local Digital Networks     66
    Understanding Digital Subchannels     66
    Enter the Diginet     67
    How to Receive Diginets on Your TV     71
Recording Local Channels     72
    Amazon Fire TV Recast     73
    Channel Master Stream+     74
    Nuvyyo Tablo     75
    TiVo Bolt OTA     76
    Comparing OTA DVRs     77
Other Ways to Watch Local Channels     79
    Watch via Cable     79
    Watch via Satellite     80
    Watch on Hulu     81
    Watch via Live Streaming Video Services     81
Checklist for Watching Local TV on a Budget     83
Chapter 4  Getting Cable TV     87
Watching Basic Cable     87
    Examining Different Plans     88
    Local Channels     89
    News and Weather     90
    Pay Cable Channels     91
    Browse the Channel Guide     96
    Sports Channels     98
Watching Premium Cable     99
    Understanding Premium Channels     99
    Discovering Premium Channels     99
    Saving Money on Premium Channels     100
Watching On-Demand Programming     102
    How On-Demand Technology Works     102
    What’s on On-Demand     102
Recording Cable Programming     104
    Types of Cable DVRs     105
    Schedule a Recording     106
    View a Recorded Program     107
Reducing Your Cable Bill     108
    Choose a Skinnier Package     109
    Choose a Bigger Bundle—If You Need It     109
    Negotiate a Better Price     109
    Supply Your Own Equipment     110
    Cut the Cable Cord Completely     110
Chapter 5  Getting Satellite TV     115
Beaming TV from Space!     115
    How Satellite Television Works     115
    Watch Satellite Programming     117
    Record Satellite Programming     118
    View a Recorded Program     119
    Watch On-Demand Programming     120
DirecTV Versus DISH: Comparing Satellite Providers     120
    Comparing Equipment     120
    Comparing Programming     122
    Comparing Pricing     123
    Making a Choice     124
Cable Versus Satellite: What’s Best for You     125
    Comparing Programming     126
    Comparing Installation     126
    Comparing Technology     127
    Comparing Reliability     127
    Comparing Costs     128
    Making a Choice     128
Reducing Your Satellite Bill     129
    Switch to a Lower-Cost Plan     129
    Downgrade Your Equipment     129
    Negotiate a Lower Rate     129
    Bundle Other Services     129
    Disconnect the Dish     130
Chapter 6  Getting Streaming Media Devices     133
Understanding Internet Streaming Video     133
    Welcome to the World of Streaming Video     134
    Discovering Streaming Media Players     134
    How Streaming Media Players Work     136
    What’s Available on Streaming Video     137
Watching Amazon Fire TV     139
    Comparing Models     139
    Using Fire TV     141
Watching Apple TV     144
    Comparing Apple TV Models     145
    Using Apple TV     146
Watching Google Chromecast     150
    Comparing Chromecast Models     150
    Using Google Chromecast     151
Watching Roku     154
    Comparing Roku Models     154
    Using Roku     156
Comparing Streaming Media Players     159
    Comparing Features     159
    Making a Choice     161
Optimizing Streaming Media Playback     163
    Get a Fast (and Reliable) Internet Connection     163
    Get a Fast (and Powerful) Wi-Fi Router     165
    Move Your Router—or Your Streaming Player     166
    Connect via Ethernet for Best Playback     167
    Choose the Right Streaming Player for Each TV     167
    Buy a TV with Fire TV or Roku Built In     168
    Pick the Right Streaming Services for You     168
Chapter 7  Watching the Big Three Streaming Services: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix     171
Watching Amazon Prime Video     172
    Amazon Prime Video Basics     172
    What’s Playing?     172
    Where You Can Find Amazon Prime Video     174
    Using Amazon Prime Video     175
Watching Hulu     176
    Hulu Basics     177
    What’s Playing?     177
    Where You Can Find Hulu     178
    Using Hulu     179
Watching Netflix     181
    Netflix Basics     182
    What’s Playing?     182
    Where You Can Find Netflix     183
    Using Netflix     184
Comparing the Big Three     187
Chapter 8  Watching Premium Network Streaming Services     191
Acorn TV     192
    What’s Available     192
    Where You Can Watch It     192
    What It Costs     192
    Watching Acorn TV     193
BritBox     194
    What’s Available     194
    Where You Can Watch It     194
    What It Costs     194
    Watching BritBox     195
CBS All Access     196
    What’s Available     196
    Where You Can Watch It     197
    What It Costs     197
    Watching CBS All Access     198
DC Universe     199
    What’s Available     199
    Where You Can Watch It     199
    What It Costs     199
    Watching DC Universe     200
HBO Now     201
    What’s Available     201
    Where You Can Watch It     202
    What It Costs     202
    Watching HBO Now     202
Showtime     203
    What’s Available     203
    Where You Can Watch It     203
    What It Costs     203
    Watching Showtime     204
Starz     204
    What’s Available     204
    Where You Can Watch It     205
    What It Costs     205
    Watching Starz     205
Comparing Premium Network Streaming Apps     206
Watching Other Network Streaming Services     209
    Discovering Free Network Streaming Services     209
    Discovering Other Free Streaming Services     212
Chapter 9  Watching Paid and Rented Programs     215
Shopping at Amazon Instant Videos     215
    Device Availability     216
    What’s Available     216
    How to Order a Video     217
    Watch a Purchased or Rented Video     219
Shopping at FandangoNOW     220
    Device Availability     220
    What’s Available     220
    How to Order a Video     221
    Watch a Purchased or Rented Video     222
Shopping at Google Play     224
    Device Availability     224
    What’s Available     224
    How to Order a Video     225
    Watch a Purchased or Rented Video     226
Shopping at the iTunes Store     227
    Device Availability     227
    What’s Available     227
    How to Order a Video     228
    Watch a Purchased or Rented Video     229
Shopping at Vudu     229
    Device Availability     230
    What’s Available     230
    How to Order a Video     230
    Watch a Purchased or Rented Video     232
Comparing Online Video Retailers     232
Chapter 10  Watching Live Broadcast and Cable TV with Live Streaming Services     235
Understanding Live Streaming Services     235
    On-Demand Programming and Cloud Recording     236
    Available Channels     236
    Pricing     238
Watching AT&T Watch TV     238
    Available Channels     238
    Cloud DVR Recording     239
    Pricing     239
    Using Watch TV     239
Watching DirecTV Now     241
    Available Channels     241
    Cloud DVR Recording     241
    Pricing     241
    Using DirecTV Now     242
Watching fuboTV     244
    Available Channels     244
    Cloud DVR Recording     244
    Pricing     244
Using fuboTV     245
    Watching Hulu with Live TV     246
    Available Channels     246
    Cloud DVR Recording     246
    Pricing     246
    Using Hulu with Live TV     247
Watching Philo     248
    Available Channels     248
    Cloud DVR Recording     248
    Pricing     248
    Using Philo     249
Watching PlayStation Vue     250
    Available Channels     250
    Cloud DVR Recording     250
    Pricing     250
    Using PlayStation Vue     251
Watching Sling TV     253
    Available Channels     253
    Cloud DVR Recording     253
    Pricing     254
    Using Sling TV     256
Watching YouTube TV     257
    Available Channels     257
    Cloud DVR Recording     257
    Pricing     258
    Using YouTube TV     258
Comparing Live Streaming Services     260
Chapter 11  Watching Streaming Sports—Live!     265
Watching Sports on Live Streaming Services     266
    Sports on DirecTV Now     266
    Sports on fuboTV     267
    Sports on Hulu with Live TV     269
    Sports on PlayStation Vue     270
    Sports on Sling TV     271
    Sports on YouTube TV     272
Watching Specific Sports Apps     274
    Big Ten Network     275
    CBS Sports HQ     276
    ESPN     276
    Fox Sports     277
    MLB     278
    NASCAR DeskSite     278
    NBA     279
    NBC Sports     279
    NFL     280
    NHL     281
Chapter 12  Watching Streaming TV on Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer     285
Sharing Accounts Across Multiple Devices     285
Watching Streaming Videos on Your Mobile Device     287
    Find Streaming Apps     287
    Watch a Streaming App     288
Watching Streaming Videos in Your Computer’s Web Browser     292
    Sign In     292
    Start Watching     293
Mirroring and Casting to Your TV     294
    Casting with Google Chromecast     294
    Casting to a Roku Device     295
    Mirroring to a Smart TV or Streaming Media Player     296
    Casting to an Apple TV     298
Improving Streaming Performance     300
    Connect via Wi-Fi, Not Cellular     300
    Move to a Different Location     300
    Reboot Your Router and/or Modem     300
    Close Other Running Apps     301
    Clear Your Browser’s Cache     301
Appendix A  What’s Playing Where     303
Glossary     307
Index     313


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