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My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors

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My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 608
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-421607-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-421607-2

The perfect book to help anyone 50+ learn the Samsung Galaxy S6 — in full color!

My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors helps you quickly and easily get started with the new smartphone and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time.

Veteran author Michael Miller has written more than 100 nonfiction books and is known for his ability to explain complex topics to everyday readers. Michael wrote this book from the 50+ point of view, using relevant examples and covering all the most popular tasks.

• Set up contacts, accounts, and voicemail
• Make and receive voice and video calls
• Turn your phone into an alarm clock
• Explore the Web with Google Chrome
• Connect with family and friends on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks
• Customize your phone’s settings
• Master the arts of texting and emailing
• Take and share great photos and videos
• Get driving directions
• Watch TV and movies in the palm of your hand
• Use your phone to monitor your health
• Learn all the exclusive features of the Galaxy S6 Edge
• Keep your phone safe and secure

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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  Getting Started with Your Samsung Galaxy S6     3
Unboxing and Charging Your New Phone     3
    Take Your New Phone Out of the Box     4
    Connect and Recharge Your Phone     5
Getting to Know the Galaxy S6     6
Turning Your Phone On and Off     11
    Power On Your Phone     11
    Lock Your Phone     13
    Unlock Your Phone     13
    Turn Off Your Phone     15
    Restart Your Phone     16
Using the Galaxy S6     17
    Learn Essential Touch Gestures     17
    Navigate the Lock Screen     19
    Navigate the Home Screen     20
    Understand the Status Bar     21
    Navigate the Apps Screen     23
    View the Notification Panel     24
    Move from Screen to Screen     25
    View and Close Open Apps     27
Performing Basic Operations     28
    Change the Volume Level     29
    Put the Phone on Vibrate or Mute     30
    Adjust the Brightness Level     31
    Rotate the Phone     31
    Enter Text with the Onscreen Keyboard     32
    Copy and Paste Text     35
    Set an Alarm     36
    Set a Timer     40
Managing Your Phone’s Power     40
    Monitor Battery Usage     41
    Deal with a Low Battery     42
    Turn On Power Saving Modes     43
Chapter 2  Using the Galaxy S6 Edge     47
Getting to Know the Galaxy S6 Edge     47
    Configure Edge Screen Position     48
Using Edge Lighting and People Edge     50
    Configure Edge Lighting and People Edge     50
    Use Edge Lighting and People Edge     55
Using the Information Stream     57
    Activate and Configure the Information Stream     57
    View the Information Stream     60
Using the Night Clock     61
    Activate the Night Clock     62
    View the Night Clock     63
Chapter 3  Personalizing the Way Your S6 Looks and Works    65
Personalizing the Screen Background     65
    Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper     66
    Change the Home Screen Wallpaper     69
    Change Your Phone’s Theme     72
Personalizing Screen Settings     76
    Screen Mode Options     76
    Set the Screen Mode     77
    Set Screen Timeout     78
    Configure Smart Stay     79
    Display a Screen Saver While Charging     80
Personalizing Sounds and Notifications     81
    Configure Sounds and Ringtones     81
    Configure Vibrations     85
    Configure Notifications     87
Chapter 4  Making the Galaxy S6 More Accessible     91
Working with Easy Mode     91
    Switch to Easy Mode     92
    Use Easy Mode     94
Changing Screen Fonts and Sizes     96
    Select Screen Fonts and Sizes     96
    Using Voice Feedback     97
    Enable Galaxy TalkBack     98
    Use Galaxy TalkBack     99
Configuring Visibility Options     100
    Enable Visibility Options     101
Configuring Hearing Options     102
    Enable Hearing Options     103
Configuring Dexterity and Interaction Options     105
    Enable Dexterity and Interaction Options     105
Working with the Assistant Menu     107
    Enable the Assistant Menu     107
    Use the Assistant Menu     108
Chapter 5  Connecting to the Internet (and Other Networks)     111
How Your Galaxy S6 Connects     111
    Cellular Networks     112
    Wi-Fi Networks     112
Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi     113
    Disable and Re-Enable Wi-Fi     113
    Connect to a New Wi-Fi Network     114
    Connect to a Wi-Fi Network You’ve Used Before     117
    Connect Directly to Other Devices with Wi-Fi Direct     118
    Connecting to the Internet via Cellular     119
Manually Connect to a Data Network     121
    Enable Smart Network Switching     121
Monitoring and Managing Your Data Usage     123
    Monitor How Much Data You’ve Used     123
    Set Data Usage Alerts     124
    Limit Data Usage     125
Turning Your Phone into a Mobile Hotspot     127
    Enable a Mobile Hotspot     128
    Connect Another Device to Your Phone via Wi-Fi     130
    Tether Another Device to Your Phone     130
Chapter 6  Installing and Using Apps     133
Using Apps     134
    View All Your Apps on the Apps Screen     134
    Open an App     135
    Close an App     136
    Switch Between Open Apps     137
    Use Multi Window     138
Managing Installed Apps     142
    Add App Shortcuts to the Home Screen     142
    Rearrange Apps on the Home Screens     143
    Remove an App Shortcut from the Home Screen     143
    Uninstall an App     144
    Manage the Screens on the Home Screen     144
    Add a Widget to the Home Screen     146
    Remove a Widget from the Home Screen     149
    Organize Apps into Folders     149
    Open and Close a Folder     150
    Remove a Folder from the Home Screen     150
    Set Default Applications     151
    Use the Application Manager     152
Downloading New Apps from the Google Play Store     155
    Browse and Search the Google Play Store     155
    Purchase and Download Apps     156
Chapter 7  Making Phone Calls     161
Calling on Your Galaxy S6     161
    Dial a Number     162
    Quick-Dial from Your Contacts List     163
    Dial a Favorite Contact     164
    Dial a Recent Number     164
    Answer a Call     165
    Options During a Call     166
Using Speed Dial     167
    Create a Speed Dial Entry     167
    Remove a Person from Speed Dial     168
    Make a Call with Speed Dial     169
Handling Multiple Calls and Activities     170
    Make a New Call While on Another     170
    Receive a New Call While on Another     171
Managing Your Call Log     172
    View Recent Calls     173
    Save a Recent Call to Your Contact List     174
    Delete a Call from Your Call Log     175
    Reject Future Calls from a Given Number     176
Using Voice Mail     177
    Set Up Your Voice Mail     177
    Check Voice Mail Messages     178
Configuring Call Settings     180
    Set Your Default Ringtone     180
    Assign a Unique Ringtone for a Specific Contact     182
    Configure Other Call Settings     183
Connecting via Headset or Car Speaker     185
    Connect a Wired Headset     185
    Connect a Bluetooth Headset     185
    Connect to Your Car via Bluetooth     186
    Call from Your Car     188
Chapter 8  Managing Your Contacts List     191
Adding and Editing Contacts    191
    Add a New Contact     192
    Add a New Contact from a Call     195
    Edit Contact Information     196
    Star Favorite Contacts     197
    Assign a Unique Ringtone to a Contact     197
    Add a Photo to a Contact     198
    Delete a Contact     201
Using the Contacts App     201
    Sort Contacts     202
    Change the Display Format     203
    Search for Contacts     204
    Contact a Contact    204
Linking to Other Contacts     205
    Add a New Account     206
    Merge Contacts from Different Accounts     208
    Delete Accounts     208
Working with Groups     210
    Create a Group     210
    Add Contacts to a Group     211
    Send a Text Message to a Group     212
    Send an Email to a Group     213
Chapter 9  Texting Friends and Family     215
Choosing a Messaging App     215
    Examining Messaging Apps     216
    Set a Default Messaging App     217
Sending and Receiving Messages    219
    Send a Text Message     219
    Read and Reply to a Message     221
    Use Emoji     222
    Delete Conversations     223
Sending and Receiving Multimedia Messages    225
    Attach a Photo or Video File     225
    Shoot and Send a Photo     228
    Shoot and Send a Video     231
    Send a Map of Your Current Location     234
    View Photos and Videos You Receive    236
Working with Priority Senders     236
    Set Priority Senders     237
    Text to Priority Senders     238
Configuring the Messages App     238
    Personalize the Display    239
    Change Font Size    240
Chapter 10  Sending and Receiving Email     243
Using Samsung’s Email App     243
    Add a New Account     244
    Switch Between Accounts     246
    Read and Reply to Messages     247
    Create a New Message     249
    Send Photos and Other Attachments     251
Using Gmail     252
    Configure Your Google Account     253
    Read and Reply to Messages     256
    Create a New Message     259
    Send Photos and Other Attachments     260
Chapter 11  Browsing and Searching the Web     263
Browsing the Web with Google Chrome     263
    Launch Google Chrome     264
    Enter a Web Address     265
    Use Web Links     267
    Revisit Past Pages     268
Working with Your Home Page     269
    Set Your Home Page     270
    Go to Your Home Page     271
Using Tabs     272
    Display Tabs as Tabs     273
    Open a New Tab     274
    Open a New Incognito Tab     276
    Switch Between Tabs     277
    Close a Tab     278
Bookmarking Favorite Pages     278
    Create a Bookmark    279
    Revisit a Bookmark     280
Making the Web More Readable     281
    Zoom Into a Page     281
    Rotate the Screen     282
Searching the Web with Google     283
    Enter a Query     283
    Fine-Tune Your Search Results     285
Chapter 12  Controlling Your Phone with Voice Commands     289
Controlling Your Phone with Samsung’s S Voice     290
    Set Up S Voice for the First Time     290
    Configure S Voice Options     292
    Learn S Voice Commands     293
    Give S Voice a Command     294
Doing More with Google Now and OK Google     295
    Set Up Google Now     295
    Learn OK Google Commands     297
    Give an OK Google Command     300
Using Google Voice Typing     302
    Type with Voice Commands     302
Chapter 13  Video Chatting on Your Phone     305
Using Google Hangouts     305
    Make a Video Call     306
    Add People to a Group Call     309
    Participate in a Voice Call     311
    Participate in a Text Chat     313
Using Skype     314
    Make a Video Call     314
    Participate in a Voice Call     317
    Participate in a Text Chat     318
Chapter 14  Monitoring Your Health    321
Using the S Health App     322
    Get Started with S Health     322
    Configure Your Profile     323
    Select Activities to Manage     325
    Monitor Your Pulse     328
    Track Your Blood Pressure     331
    Track Your Blood Glucose Level     337
    Track Your Food Intake and Calories Consumed     344
    Track the Steps You Take    348
Chapter 15  Managing Your Calendar    353
Viewing Your Calendar     353
    Change the Calendar View     354
    View Calendar Items     356
Creating Appointments and Events     357
    Create a New Event     358
    Create a Repeating Event     361
    Invite Others to an Event     364
Creating a To-Do List     365
    Create a New Task     365
    Manage Your Tasks     368
Chapter 16  Viewing Maps and Driving Directions     371
Viewing Maps     371
    Display Your Current Location     372
    Display Traffic Conditions    374
    Change the Map Display     375
Finding Nearby Places     377
    Enter a New Location     377
    Find Nearby Businesses and Attractions     378
Generating Directions     381
    Generate Driving Directions     382
    Generate Other Types of Directions     385
Chapter 17  Shooting and Sharing Photos and Videos     387
Shooting Photos with Your Smartphone’s Cameras     387
    Shoot a Photograph     388
    Shoot a Selfie     390
    Select a Shooting Mode     390
    Apply Special Effects     392
    Select Quick Settings     393
    Configure Other Camera Settings     394
Viewing and Organizing Your Photos     395
    View Pictures in the Gallery     395
    Manage Your Photos     398
    Create a New Album     399
    Delete Photos     401
Editing Your Photos     402
    Employ Auto Adjust     403
    Rotate an Image     404
    Crop a Photo     404
    Perform Detailed Adjustments     405
    Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Color     406
    Apply Special Effects     408
    Fine-Tune Portraits—and Remove Red Eye     409
    Create a Photo Collage     412
Recording and Playing Videos     415
    Record a Video     415
    Play a Video     417
Sharing Your Photos and Videos     420
    Shoot and Share a Photo     421
    Share Items from the Gallery     425
Chapter 18  Listening to Music     429
Listening to Streaming Music Services     429
    Listen to Pandora Radio     430
    Listen to Spotify Music     433
Listening to Music Stored on Your Phone     440
    Play Music with the Music App     441
    Play Music with the Google Play Music App     445
Chapter 19  Watching TV Shows, Movies, and Other Videos    453
Watching TV Shows and Movies on Netflix     453
    Watch a Movie or TV Show on Netflix     454
Watching TV Shows on Hulu     457
Watching Videos on YouTube     460
    Watch YouTube     461
Chapter 20  Using Facebook, Pinterest, and Other Social Media     465
Using Facebook     466
    Navigate the Facebook App     466
    Read and Respond to Posts     468
    Post a Status Update     469
Using Pinterest     470
    View and Repin Pins    470
    Pin from a Website     472
Chapter 21  Playing Games     477
Downloading Games from the Google Play Store     477
    Download a Game     478
Chapter 22  Doing Office Work on Your Phone    483
Using Google Docs Apps     483
    Work with Google Docs Documents     485
    Work with Google Sheets Spreadsheets     488
    Work with Google Slides Presentations     491
Chapter 23  Copying Files To and From Your Phone--And Backing Up Your Important Data     497
Using the My Files App     498
    View and Manage Your Files     498
    Change the File Display     499
    Change the Sort Order     501
    View Downloaded Files     502
    View Files by Location     503
    Open a File     503
    Add a File Shortcut to the Home Screen     504
    View Your Storage Usage     505
    Delete Files     505
Storing Files on Google Drive     507
    Use Google Drive from the My Files App     507
    Use the Google Drive App     508
    Download a File from Google Drive     509
    Upload a File to Google Drive     510
Transferring Files Between Devices     513
    Connect Your Phone to Your Computer     514
    Copy Files from One Device to Another     515
Backing Up Your Data     516
    Configure Data Backup     516
Chapter 24  Making Your Phone More Secure     519
Creating a Safer Lock Screen     519
    Add a PIN     520
    Unlock with a Password     523
    Unlock with a Gesture     525
    Use Fingerprint Recognition     529
Locating a Lost or Stolen Phone     532
    Enable Find My Mobile     533
    Access Your Phone Remotely     535
Chapter 25  Configuring Your Phone’s Settings    541
Configuring Quick Settings     541
    Customize Notification Area Quick Settings     543
    Customize Settings Screen Quick Settings     544
Examining Available Settings     545
    Access the Settings Screen     545
    Wireless and Networks Settings     545
    Device Settings     546
    Personal Settings     547
    System Settings     547
Chapter 26  Fixing Common Problems    549
Keeping Your Phone Up and Running     549
    Maximizing Battery Life     550
    Using a Performance-Enhancing App     551
    Freeing Up Space by Deleting Unused Apps     552
Troubleshooting Minor Issues     552
    You’re Locked Out     552
    An Individual App Freezes     553
    Your Phone Freezes     553
    Your Phone Won’t Turn On     553
    Your Phone Is Running Slow     554
    Your Mobile Signal Is Weak     554
    You Have Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi     554
Rebooting and Resetting Your Phone     555
    Reboot Your Phone     555
    Reboot a Frozen Phone     556
    Reset Your Phone’s Settings     556
    Reset Your Phone to Factory Condition     558
Index     561

Bonus Tasks! The following additional tasks are available when you register your book.
    Discover Games
    Download Music
    Email Apps and Spam
    Find Facebook Friends
    Find Pins Pinterest
    Health Fitness Apps
    Office Mobile App
    Other Social Networks
    Personalize Calendar
    Phone and Other Apps
    Phone Security
    Shooting Modes
    View Contact Map
    Watch Other Programs


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