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My Nexus One

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My Nexus One

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-256657-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-256657-5


instructions with callouts to Nexus One photos that show you exactly what to do


when you run into Nexus One problems or limitations

Tips and Notes

to help you get the most from your Nexus One

Full-Color, Step-by-Step Tasks Walk You Through Getting and Keeping Your Nexus One Working Just the Way You Want. Learn how to 

  • Get started quickly and make the most of Nexus One’s Android software and advanced hardware.
  • Learn the basics of Google Voice including automated transcription.
  • Set up your personal and work email.
  • Send and receive text and multimedia messages.
  • Communicate with contacts, including Facebook, Gmail, or Exchange contacts.
  • Create and manage appointments and sync them with Google Calendar.
  • Play music and videos, search YouTube, and upload your own videos.
  • Capture, store, and share photos.
  • Connect to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, and your company’s VPN.
  • Browse the Web with the Google Chrome browser.
  • Save time with powerful productivity shortcuts and customizations.
  • Find, choose, install, and work with new Nexus One apps.
  • Keep your Nexus One up-to-date, reliable, and running smoothly.

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

My Nexus One: Using the Phone and Google Voice

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3)

Table of Contents

P  Getting to Know Your Nexus One     3

Your Nexus One’s External Features     3

Fundamentals of Android     7

  The Unlock Screen     8

  The Home Screen     8

  Using Your Nexus One’s Touchscreen     12

  Your Nexus One’s Trackball     12

  Using Your Nexus One’s Keyboard     13

  Editing Text     18

  Starting and Switching Applications     20

  Menus     21

Installing Synchronization Software     22

  Installing doubleTwist on Windows     23

  Installing doubleTwist on Mac OSX     24

  Creating a doubleTwist Account     24

1  Contacts     27

Getting to Know the Contacts Application     27

  Adding Accounts     28

  Display Options     35

  Adding and Managing Contacts     36

  Joining and Separating Contacts     39

  Organizing Your Contacts     43

  Communicating with Contacts     47

  Importing, Exporting Contacts     49

2..Using the Phone and Google Voice     53

Getting to Know the Phone Application     54

  Receiving a Call     56

Placing a Call     58

  Dialing from a Contact Entry     58

  Dialing from a Contact Entry (Alternative Method)     59

  Dialing Using Quick Contact     60

  Dialing Using Your Voice     61

  Options While on a Call     62

  Conference Calling     63

Configuring the Phone Application     64

  Phone Sounds and Alerts     65

  Call Settings     66

Google Voice     69

  Setting Up Google Voice     69

  Upgrading Google Voice     72

  Playing Back and Managing Voicemails     74

  Send SMS and Check Your Balance     75

  Google Voice Settings     76

3  Audio and Video     79

  The Music Application–Audio     80

  Controlling Playback     81

  Taking More Actions     82 

  Working and Listening to Music     83

Managing Playlists     83

  Creating a New Playlist on Your Nexus One     83

  Adding a Song to an Existing Playlist     85

  Rearranging Songs in a Playlist     86

  Clearing a Playlist     87

  Deleting and Renaming a Playlist     87

  Manually Creating a Playlist on a Computer     88

Playing and Sharing Videos with the Gallery Application     89

  Sharing Videos     91

  Sharing Video Using MMS     91

  Sharing Video Using Bluetooth     92

  Sharing Video Using Email or Gmail     92

  Sharing Video on YouTube     93

  Deleting Videos     93

Recording Videos with the Camera Application     94

  Recording Video     94

  Changing Video Settings     95

  Sharing and Deleting Video     96

YouTube     96

  YouTube Main Screen     97

  Playing a Video     97

  Filtering Videos     98

  Changing YouTube Settings     99

Amazon MP3     100

  Setting Up the Amazon MP3 Application     100

  Finding Music     102

  Purchasing Music     102

Using doubleTwist to Synchronize Audio and Video     103

  Synchronizing Music by Dragging It     104

  Synchronizing Existing Playlists     105

  Creating Playlists     106

  Using doubleTwist with the Amazon MP3 Music Store     107

  Copying Video     108

Connecting to Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, and VPNs     111

Connecting to Bluetooth Devices     111

  Pairing with a New Bluetooth Device     112

  Changing Bluetooth Options     115

Wi-Fi     116

  Connecting to Wi-Fi     116 

  Wi-Fi Network Options     119

  Advanced Wi-Fi Options     120

Cellular Networks     121

  Changing Mobile Settings     121

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)     123

  Adding a VPN     124

  Connecting to a VPN     126

5  Emailing     129

Gmail     129

  Adding a Gmail Account     130

  Composing Gmail Email     134

  Reading Gmail Email     136

  Gmail Settings     139

Setting Up the Email Application     141

  Adding a New Microsoft Exchange Account     141

  Exchange Account Settings     143

  Adding a New POP3 or IMAP Account     144

Working with the Email Application     148

  Using Combined or Separate Inboxes     148

  Composing Email     149

  Reading Email     151

6  Browsing the Web     153

Navigating with the Browser     153

Managing Bookmarks     155

Using GPS Location     158

Navigating with the Trackball     159

Managing Multiple Windows     160

Setting Page Options     161

Customizing Browser Settings     162

Downloading Files     168

Reviewing History and Most Viewed Sites     170

  Most Viewed     170

  History     171

7  Text and Multimedia Messaging     173

Messaging Application      173

  Messaging Application Settings     175

  Composing Messages     179

  Attaching Files     180

  Receiving Messages     182

8  Working with Date,Time, and Calendar     189

Setting the Date and Time     190

The Clock Application     192

  Launching the Clock Application     192

  Navigating the Clock Application     193

  Managing Alarms     193

  Viewing and Managing Weather and News     196

Using the Calendar Application     197

  The Calendar Main Screen     197

  Adding a New Event/Appointment     198

  Editing or Deleting an Event     201

  Responding to Event Reminders     202

  Calendar Settings     203

  Responding to an Event Invitation     204

Taking, Storing, and Viewing Pictures     207

Using the Camera     207

  Camera Settings     209

  Reviewing Pictures     211

  Rotating, Cropping, and Mapping Pictures     212

Viewing and Managing Your Photos     213

  Album Menu     214

  Managing and Sharing Photos in an Album     214

  Working with a Picture     215

Synchronizing Photos with Your Computer     216

  Working with Pictures Manually     217

  Working with doubleTwist     221

10  Working with Android Applications     225

Configuring Google Checkout     225

Navigating Android Market     227

Browsing Apps by Category     228

  Downloading Free Applications     229

  Buying Applications     230

Deleting Applications     233

  Deleting an Application Using Settings     233

  Deleting an Application Using Market     235

Keeping Applications Up To Date     237

11  Customizing Your Nexus One     241

Change Your Wallpaper     241 

  Wallpaper from Gallery Pictures     243

  Live Wallpaper     244

Change Your Keyboard     246

Region and Language     248

Accessibility Settings     250

Search Settings      252

12  Maintaining Nexus One and Solving Problems     255

Updating Android     255

Battery Optimizing     257

  Looking After the Battery     257

  Extending Battery Life     258

  See What Is Using Power     261

Dealing with Misbehaving Applications     264

Caring for Nexus One’s Exterior     267

Getting Help with Your Nexus One     267


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