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My Kindle Fire HD

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My Kindle Fire HD


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  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5071-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5071-6

My Kindle Fire HD

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Amazon Kindle Fire HD photos that show you exactly what to do

Help when you run in to Amazon Kindle Fire problems or limitations

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Amazon Kindle Fire

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping Your Amazon Kindle Fire working just the way you want. Learn how to

•           Quickly master all the basics: reading, playing, watching, browsing, and more

•           Read an eBook and listen to the audiobook at the same time

•           Read periodicals in full color and zoom in on articles

•           Discover Calibre, a powerful eBook management tool

•           Control even the largest music libraries

•           Stream the latest movies, and even watch them on your TV

•           Instantly find out the name of a familiar actor in a movie

•           Use your Kindle Fire as a digital photo frame

•           Set up a safe and fun Kindle Fire environment for your kids

•           Set up your email account to work on your Kindle Fire

•           Talk to friends and family over Skype

•           Post to Twitter and Facebook

•           Surf the Web with Amazon’s innovative Silk browser

•           Use Amazon Cloud to get your stuff anywhere—even if you left your Kindle at home

CATEGORY:  Consumer Electronics

COVERS:  Amazon Kindle Fire HD

USER LEVEL:  Beginning—Intermediate

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Getting Started with the Kindle Fire

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 1 and Index)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Started with the Kindle Fire

The Hardware

Initial Setup

    Connecting to a Listed Wi-Fi Network

    Connecting to an Unlisted Wi-Fi Network

    Setting Your Time Zone

    Registering with Amazon

    Connecting to Facebook and Twitter

Basic Usage of the Kindle Fire

The Home Screen

    Downloading Items

    Removing Downloaded Items from Your Kindle Fire

    Adding an Item to Favorites

    Removing an Item from Favorites

    Rearranging Favorites

    Changing the Screen Timeout

Notifications and Options




    Locking the Screen Orientation

    Adjusting the Volume

    Adjusting Screen Brightness

    Checking Device Information

    Turning Off Wi-Fi

Using the Keyboard

    Entering Text

    Positioning the Cursor

    Selecting and Editing Text

    Copying/Cutting and Pasting Text

    Entering Punctuation and Numbers

    Adding Accent Marks and Diacriticals

Connecting to Other Hardware

    Adding Bluetooth Accessories


    Searching Your Library

    Searching the Web

    Searching Amazon Stores

Chapter 2 Loading Your Kindle Fire

Amazon Prime

    Setting Up Amazon Prime

Amazon Cloud Drive

    Accessing Your Cloud Drive

    Creating Folders

    Deleting Folders

    Recovering Deleted Items

    Adding Files to Your Cloud Drive

    Downloading the Cloud Drive Application

    Accessing Cloud Drive Files from Your Kindle Fire

    Saving Files to Your Device

Amazon Cloud Player

    Launching Cloud Player

    Importing Your Music

    Playing Music on Your Computer

    Creating Playlists

    Downloading Songs to Your Kindle Fire

    Changing How Amazon Handles Purchased Music

Amazon Instant Video

    Getting Videos from Amazon Instant Video

Kindle Reader Applications and Kindle Cloud Reader

    Accessing Kindle Reader Applications

    Accessing Kindle Cloud Reader

    Opening and Downloading Books

    Reading Books on the Kindle Cloud Reader

Transferring Files from Your Computer

    Transferring Files from a PC

    Transferring Files from a Mac

Chapter 3 Using Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle Page

Managing Your Books and Docs

    Accessing Manage Your Kindle

    Viewing Books and Docs

    Sending Books and Docs to Your Kindle

    Downloading Books to a Computer

    Deleting Books and Docs

    Changing Your Kindle E-mail Address

    Adding an Approved E-mail for Docs

    Disabling Doc Archiving

Managing Subscriptions

    Changing Where a Subscription Is Delivered

    Canceling a Subscription

    Reactivating a Canceled Subscription

    Changing Subscription Privacy Settings

Updating Kindle Payment Information

    Changing Amazon Purchases Credit Cards

    Changing Current Subscriptions Credit Cards

Managing Your Kindle Devices

    Deregistering a Kindle

    Renaming Your Kindle Fire

    Deregistering a Kindle App

    Turning Off Whispersync

    Turning Off Special Offers

Chapter 4 Reading on the Kindle Fire

Finding Content

    Buying Books

    Purchasing After Sampling

    Using the Kindle Lending Library

    Lending Books to Friends and Family

    Subscribing to Periodicals

Organizing Your Books

    Browsing Your Library

    Downloading a Book to Your Device

    Removing a Book from Your Device

Reading on Your Kindle

    Reading a Book

    Navigating a Book

    Changing Font Styles

    Looking Up Definitions

Working with Notes and Highlights

    Adding a Note

    Viewing an Individual Note

    Editing a Note

    Deleting a Note

    Adding a Highlight

    Viewing All Notes and Highlights

    Deleting a Highlight

Working with Bookmarks

    Adding a Bookmark

    Removing a Bookmark

    Moving to a Bookmark

Reading Magazines and Newspapers

    Reading a Page View—Enabled Magazine

    Reading in Text View and Reading Newspapers

Listening to Audiobooks

    Downloading Audiobooks

    Listening to Audiobooks

    Setting a Sleep Timer

    Immersion Reading

    Using Text-to-Speech

Searching Content and Accessing Reference Materials

    Using X-Ray for Books

    Searching the Current Item

    Searching Wikipedia or Google from Books

Chapter 5 Managing Content with Calibre

Getting Started with Calibre

    Using the Welcome Wizard

Adding Content to Calibre

    Importing Books

    Searching for New eBooks

Editing Book Information

    Downloading Metadata

    Manually Editing Metadata

Transferring eBooks to the Kindle Fire

    Converting to MOBI Format

    Deleting Non-MOBI Formats

    Transferring an eBook to Your Kindle

    E-mailing eBooks to Your Kindle

Chapter 6 Accessing and Listening to Music

Browsing and Downloading Your Music

    Browsing Artists

    Scrolling Quickly in Music

    Monitoring Downloads from an Album

    Monitoring All Music Downloads

    Canceling Downloads

Searching for Music

    Searching Your Music Collection

Playing Music

    Listening to Music

    Accessing Music Controls

Managing Playlists

    Creating a Playlist

    Editing a Playlist

    Adding Artists or Albums to a Playlist

    Playing a Playlist

    Downloading a Playlist

    Renaming a Playlist

    Deleting a Playlist

Buying New Music

    Navigating the Music Store

    Sampling and Buying Music

    Changing Music Delivery Preferences

Chapter 7 Watching Video on Your Kindle Fire

Navigating the Video Store

    Browsing the Video Store

    Viewing Movie Details

    Renting or Purchasing a Movie

    Viewing TV Show Details

    Buying TV Shows by Episode

    Purchasing Complete TV Show Seasons

    Purchasing a TV Show from Prime Instant Video

    Buying a Season TV Pass

Working with Your Video Library

    Watching a Movie or TV Show

    Using X-Ray for Video

    Adding a Video to Your Watchlist

    Downloading Movies

    Downloading a TV Show

    Removing a Downloaded Video

Sideloading Videos

    Copying Video to Your Kindle Fire

    Watching Sideloaded Videos

    Deleting Sideloaded Videos

Chapter 8 Installing and Using Apps

The Appstore

    Browsing Apps

    Viewing and Purchasing Apps

    Viewing Saved or Recently Viewed Apps

    Viewing Subscriptions

Your Apps Library

    Browsing Your Apps Library

    Installing a Purchased App

    Adding an App to Favorites

    Uninstalling an App

    Updating an Application

Application Settings

    Force-Stopping an Application

    Clearing Application Data

Indispensable Apps



    ES File Explorer

Games for Your Kindle Fire

    Accessing Games

Chapter 9 Using Social Media and Chat

Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, and the Kindle Community

    Setting Up Your Social Networks

    Sharing General Comments About Books

    Sharing Highlights from Books

    Before You Go in Books

    Importing Your Facebook Photos

    Using the Facebook App

Video Chatting over Skype

    Setting Up Skype

    Adding Skype Contacts

    Making a Call with Skype

Sharing Game Achievements with GameCircle

    Identifying GameCircle Games

    Creating a GameCircle Profile

    Adding Friends on GameCircle

    Accessing Game Achievements

    Accessing Leaderboards

    Viewing Game Summaries

Chapter 10 Reading and Sending E-mail

E-mail Accounts

    Accessing the Add Account Page

    Adding a Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo! Account

    Adding a POP3 or IMAP Account

    Modifying Your Account Settings

    Removing an Account

Managing Your E-mail Inbox

    Choosing an Inbox

    Choosing a Folder

    Searching E-mail

    Synchronizing E-mail and Loading More Messages

    Selecting and Managing Multiple Messages

Reading E-mail

    Reading a Message

    Viewing Attachments

    Composing a New E-mail Message

Chapter 11 Managing Your Personal Documents and Data

Managing Personal Documents

    Viewing PDF Documents

    Viewing Word Documents

    Viewing Spreadsheets

Using the Contacts App

    Viewing Contacts

    Adding a Contact

    Editing a Contact

    Changing Contact Sort Order and Name Display

Chapter 12 Browsing the Web with Silk

Browsing the Web

    Using the Starter Page

    Browsing to a Website

    Navigating a Page

    Sharing Pages on Facebook

    Sharing Pages with E-mail

    Copying a Link to the Current Page

    Copying a Hyperlink on a Page

    Searching in the Current Page

    Searching the Web

Working with Tabs

    Opening Links in a New Tab

    Navigating Tabs

Using Bookmarks and History

    Bookmarking the Current Page

    Bookmarking a Hyperlink

    Viewing and Following Bookmarks

    Editing a Bookmark

    Viewing History

Downloading Files

    Starting and Monitoring Downloads

    Sharing Downloaded Files

    Deleting Downloaded Files

Configuring Silk Settings

    Setting Your Search Engine

    Enable Location

Chapter 13 Giving Your Kids a Kindle Fire

Setting Up Kindle FreeTime

    Accessing Kindle FreeTime

    Setting Up Child Profiles

    Manage Content on FreeTime

    Setting Daily Time Limits

    Changing the Parental Controls Password

Teaching Your Kids How to Use Kindle FreeTime

    Using the FreeTime Interface

    Navigation for Nonreaders

    Exiting FreeTime

Parental Controls for Older Children

    Setting a Parental Controls Password

    Managing Parental Controls Settings

9780789750716   TOC   11/13/2012


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