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My iPhoto

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My iPhoto

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-311794-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-311794-3

  • Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhoto screenshots that show you exactly what to do.
  • Help when you run into iPhoto problems or limitations.
  • Tips and Notes to help you get the most from iPhoto.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing everything you want to do with iPhoto. Learn how to

  • Import your photos
  • Flag and rate your photos
  • Search your photos by text, date, keywords, and more
  • Organize your photos into events and albums
  • Create Smart albums
  • Create Faces albums to group photos of your friends and family together
  • Use Places to see a map of everywhere you’ve taken a photo
  • Enhance and retouch your photos
  • Add effects and filters to your photos
  • Use iPhoto’s advanced editing tools
  • Create printed books, cards, and calendars using your photos
  • Create slideshows
  • Share your photos online via iCloud, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and more

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Is iPhoto?      3
iPhoto Lets You Navigate and Organize Your Photos     4
iPhoto Lets You Edit Your Photos     5
iPhoto Lets You Share Your Photos     6
Getting iPhoto     7
  iPhoto System Requirements     7
  Recommended Extras     7
Keeping iPhoto Up to Date     8
Launching iPhoto     9
The iPhoto Interface     9
  The Main Viewing Area     10
  The Source List     10
  The Toolbar     12
Chapter 2: Importing Your Photos     15
Importing Photos from a USB-Connected Device or SD Card     16
Importing Photos from a Folder on Your Mac or from an External Device     18
  Use Drag and Drop     18
  Use the File Menu     19
Importing Photos from Apple’s Mail App     20
Viewing Your Last Imported Photos     20
Turning Off Automatic iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Imports     21
  Disable iPhoto Auto-Launch     22
Dealing with Duplicates     23
Understanding Where Your Photos Are Stored     23
Disabling the Copy Imported Photos Feature     24
Chapter 3: Reading Metadata and Marking Your Photos     27
iPhoto’s Information Pane     28
  Get to Know the Information Pane     28
What Is Exif?      29
Changing Your Photo’s Date and Time     33
  Change a Single Photo’s Date and Time     33
  Change Multiple Photos’ Dates and Times     34
Changing Your Photo’s Name     35
Adding a Description to Your Photos     36
Batch Changing Titles, Dates, and Descriptions     37
Adding Keywords to Your Photos     39
Working with the Keyword Manager     40
  Create, Edit, and Delete Keywords     41
  Add Keyboard Shortcut Keys to Keywords     42
  Apply Keywords Using Keyboard Shortcut Keys     44
Flagging Your Photos     45
  Flag a Photo     45
  Unflag a Photo     46
Rating Your Photos     47
Hiding Your Photos     48
  Hide a Photo     48
  Temporarily View Hidden Photos     48
  Unhide a Photo     49
Deleting Your Photos     49
  Move Photos to the Trash     49
  Restore Photos from the Trash     50
  Permanently Delete Photos     51
Using the Contextual Menu     51
Chapter 4: Searching Your Photos     55
Searching by Text     57
Searching by Date     58
  Search for Photos by Date     58
  Search for Photos by Specific Date     59
  Search for Photos by Consecutive Date Range     60
  Search for Photos by Nonconsecutive Dates     61
Searching by Keywords     62
Advanced Keyword Searching     63
Searching by Ratings     65
Chapter 5: Working with Events     67
Changing Events Autosplitting Time Frame     68
Viewing Event Information     69
Setting an Event’s Key Photo     70
Creating New Events     72
  Create a New Event Using Specific Photos     72
  Create a New Event Using Flagged Photos     73
  Create an Empty Event     74
Merging Events     75
Splitting Events     76
Chapter 6: Working with Albums     79
Regular Versus Smart Albums     80
Creating Regular Albums     82
  Create an Empty Album     82
  Create an Album from Selected Photos or Events     83
  Create an Album from a Folder on Your Mac     86
Changing the Contents of Your Regular Albums     87
  Add Photos to an Existing Album by Drag and Drop     87
  Add Photos to an Existing Album with the Add To Button     88
Removing Photos from Albums and Deleting Entire Albums     89
  Remove Photos from Regular Albums     89
  Delete Entire Regular Albums     90
Creating Smart Albums     91
Editing Smart Albums     92
Deleting Smart Albums     94
Duplicating Albums     95
Organizing Albums into Folders     96
  Create an Empty Album Folder     97
  Add Albums to a Folder     97
  Create a Folder by Joining Two or More Albums     98
  Remove Albums from a Folder     99
  Delete a Folder     100
Sorting Your Albums Alphabetically     100
Chapter 7: Viewing Your Photos     103
Working with Photo Thumbnails     104
  Adjust Thumbnail Size     104
  View an Individual Photo     105
Working with the Film Roll     106
Sorting the Order of Your Photos     107
  Sort Events     108
  Sort Photos     108
Chapter 8: Organizing Your Photos: Faces     111
Creating Faces Collections     112
  Create a Faces Collection     112
  Name a Face for the First Time     112
  Ignore a Face     113
The Faces Corkboard     115
  Set Faces Key Photos     115
The Faces Information Pane     116
Viewing a Faces Collection     117
Confirming or Rejecting Suggested Matches in a Faces Collection     119
  Confirm a Faces Match     120
  Reject a Faces Match     120
Rescanning Your Photo Library for Faces     121
Naming Faces and Adding Missing Faces Manually     122
  Name a Person with an Existing Detected Face     123
  Add a Face Manually     123
Removing People from Faces     125
Using Faces with Facebook     125
Chapter 9: Organizing Your Photos: Places     129
What Is Location Data?      130
  Set Up iPhoto to Use Your Location Data     131
The Places Map     132
Navigating the Places Map Manually     133
Navigating the Places Map Using the Location Menu     134
Switching Between Map Views     137
Viewing Your Photos in Places     138
  View Photos by Pin     139
  View Photos Using the Show Photos Button     140
  Search Photos Based on Location     141
Getting Familiar with the Places Mini-Maps     141
  Manually Add Locations to Photos     142
  Manually Move a Pin     144
  Add Personalized Names to Your Locations     145
  Copy and Paste Location Information     146
Removing and Restoring a Photo’s Location     147
  Remove a Location     147
  Restore a Location     147
Managing Places     148
  Open Manage My Places     148
  Delete a Location     149
  Change a Location’s Name     150
  Adjust a Location’s Area     150
Using Places to Create Smart Albums     151
Chapter 10: Editing Basics     155
The Editing Window     156
  Navigate Edit Mode     156
Quick Fixes     158
  Rotate a Photo     159
  Enhance a Photo     160
  Reduce Red-Eye     161
  Straighten Crooked Photos     163
  Crop a Photo     164
  Retouch a Photo     166
Applying Filters     168
  Use the Round Filter Buttons     169
  Use the Square Filter Buttons     170
  Apply a Filter     172
Chapter 11: Advanced Editing Tricks     175
Using the Histogram     176
  Adjust the Histogram     178
Adjusting Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation     181
  Adjust a Photo’s Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation     183
Adjusting Definition, Highlights, Shadows, Sharpness, and Noise     183
  Adjust a Photo’s Definition, Highlights, Shadows, Sharpness, and Noise     186
Adjusting Temperature, Tint, and Color Cast     186
  Use the Eyedropper Tool to Adjust Color Cast     187
  Adjust Temperature and Tint Manually     188
Cool iPhoto Editing Tricks     189
  Copy and Paste Edit Adjustments from One Photo to Another     189
  Duplicate Your Photos     191
  Quickly Review Your Original Pre-edited Photograph     191
  Compare Two or More Photos     192
  Use Contextual Menu Shortcuts to Edit Photos     194
  Zoom Using the Keyboard     195
Chapter 12: Creating Keepsakes: Books, Cards, Calendars, and Slideshows     197
Keepsakes and the Create Menu     198
Creating a New Book Project     200
  Work with the Book Theme Chooser     201
  Build a Book     202
  Work with the All Pages Screen     203
  Change the Layout of Individual Pages     204
  Add New Photos to a Page     205
  Edit Photos on a Page     207
  Clear and Autofill All Photos in Your Book     208
  Format Text     209
  Use Maps in Books     211
  Add Additional Pages to Your Book     213
Creating a Card     214
  Change the Layout of Your Cards     216
Creating a Calendar     217
  Change Your Calendar Layout     218
  Add Text to Specific Dates     220
  Add Photos to Specific Dates     221
Buying Your Keepsakes     222
Ordering Prints of Your Photographs     223
Creating a Slideshow     227
  Work with Your Slideshow     228
  Add Text to a Slideshow     229
  Choose a Slideshow Theme     229
  Add Music to a Slideshow     230
  Use Additional Slideshow Settings     230
  Play a Slideshow     232
  Export Your Slideshow     233
  Create an Instant Slideshow     234
Chapter 13: Sharing Your Photos Digitally     237
Sharing Photos via iCloud     238
  Set Up Your iCloud Account     239
  Turn Off Automatic Uploading to iCloud     240
  Manually Add Photos to My Photo Stream     241
  Delete Photos from My Photo Stream     242
  Turn Off My Photo Stream     243
Sharing Photo Streams     244
  Enable iCloud Photo Sharing     244
  Create a Shared Photo Stream     245
  View and Manage Your Shared Photo Streams     246
  Delete Individual Photos from a Shared iCloud Photo Stream     247
  Delete a Shared iCloud Photo Stream     248
  Save Photos Added by Others     248
Sharing Photos via Flickr     249
  Set Up Your Flickr Account to Use in iPhoto     250
  Publish Photos to Flickr     251
  View Your Flickr Sets     253
  Delete Photos from a Flickr Set     253
  Delete a Flickr Set     254
  Save Photos Added by Others     255
Sharing Photos via Facebook     256
  Set Up Your Facebook Account to Use in iPhoto     257
  Publish Photos to Facebook as Albums     258
  View and Manage Your Facebook Albums     259
  Publish a Photo to Your Facebook Timeline     260
  Change Your Facebook Profile Picture from Within iPhoto     261
  Delete Photos from a Facebook Album     262
  Delete Entire Facebook Albums     263
  Save Photos Added to Facebook Albums Outside of iPhoto     263
Sharing Photos via Messages     265
  Set Up Your Messages Account to Use in iPhoto     265
  Share a Photo via Messages     266
Sharing Photos via Twitter     267
  Set Up Your Twitter Account to Use in iPhoto     267
  Share a Photo via Twitter     269
Sharing Photos via Email     269
  Set Up an Email Account to Use with iPhoto     270
  Email Photos from Within iPhoto     272
Viewing Sharing Information for a Photo     274
Setting a Photo as Your Desktop Picture     274
Index     277


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