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My Google Apps

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My Google Apps

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-381840-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-381840-6

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing exactly what you want with Google Apps.

Learn how to:

  • Use Google Apps to reduce technology expenses and grow your business
  • Choose the best Google Apps version for your needs
  • Quickly activate and customize your account
  • Give your users customized email that uses your domain, not gmail.com
  • Connect Gmail to your smartphone so your email and schedule always go with you
  • Create, format, edit, print, and collaborate on documents with Docs
  • Track and analyze your data with Sheets
  • Create presentations with Slides and present anywhere via the Internet
  • Cut travel costs: run video meetings online with Google Hangouts
  • Improve project collaboration with a shared Sites workspace
  • Efficiently manage and share your schedule with Calendar
  • Store and share your files for secure anytime/anywhere access
  • Sync your files between your PC or Mac and Google Drive in the cloud
  • Use Vault to archive content and activity for compliance or other legal reasons

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to new Google Apps screenshots that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into Google Apps problemsor limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Google Apps.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Prologue  What is Google Apps?    3

Understanding Productivity Suites and Cloud Computing    4

What Do I Get with Google Apps?    5

Exploring the Benefits of Google Apps    7

1  Getting Started with Google Apps    11

All About Google Apps    12

Gmail    14

Calendar    15

Doc    16

Sheets    17

slides    19

Hangouts    18

Sites    19

Vault    19

More Apps    20

What Do I Need to Get Started with Google Apps    21

Do You Have a Domain Name?    22

What’s Your Email Address?    23

What’s Your Favorite Browser?    24

Signing Up for Google Apps    25

Sign Up for Google Apps for Business    25

Exploring the Admin Console    29

Add Users    32

Manage Users    33

Add Apps    34

Upload Your Company Logo    35

Change Your Personal Profile Picture    36

Signing In and Out    37

Sign In    37

Sign Out    38

2  Managing Email and Contacts with Gmail    41

Exploring Gmail    42

Sign In to Gmail    44

Sign Out from Gmail    44

Switch Between Gmail Features    45

Expand and Collapse the Inbox List    45

Working with Messages    46

Compose a Message    46

Reply to a Message    47

Forward a Message    48

Attach a File to a Message    49

Download a File Attachment    50

Insert a Picture    51

Managing Messages    52

Turn On Tabs    52

Create a New Label    53

Apply a Label    54

Move Messages    55

Delete a Message    55

Archive a Message    56

Mark Messages    57

Remove Spam    58

Managing Contacts    59

Add a Contact    59

Edit Contacts    60

Create a Group    61

Working with Tasks    62

Create a Task    62

Make a New List    63

Email a List    64

Customizing Gmail    64

Add a Signature    65

Set Up an Automatic Reply    66

Switching to Gmail from Other Services    67

Move Mail from Another Account    67

Import Contacts    69

3  Organizing Your Schedule with Calendar    71

Exploring Calendar    72

Change Your Calendar View    73

Navigate Between Days, Weeks, and Months    76

Work with the Calendar List    76

Add a New Calendar    78

Scheduling Events and Appointments    80

Schedule an All-Day Event    81

Add an Event    81

Add an Event with Details    82

Add an Event with Quick Add    83

Schedule Time Slot Appointments    85

Edit Calendar Items    86

Working Reminders    87

Set Up a Reminder    88

Creating Tasks    89

Add a Task    90

Turn Tasks On or Off    90

Manage Tasks    91

Sharing Calendars    92

Share Your Calendar    92

Import a Calendar    94

Export Calendars    95

Enabling Mobile Notifications    95

Register Your Mobile Phone    95

4  Storing and Sharing Files on Drive    99

Exploring Drive    100

Navigate Around Drive    101

Change the View    104

Uploading Files and Folders    105

Upload a File    105

Drag and Drop a File    106

Upload a Folder    106

Creating New Files    107

Create a New File    108

Managing Folders and Files    108

Create a New Folder    110

Move Files Between Folders    111

Preview a File    112

Open a File    113

Search Files    114

Sort Files    116

Download a File    116

Sharing Files and Folders    117

Share a File    120

Edit User Access    122

Change the Visibility Option    123

Syncing Files    124

Install Google Drive on Your Computer    125

View Google Drive Folder Preferences    127

5  Creating Documents with Docs    129

Opening Google Docs    130

Creating a Document    130

Create a Document from Google Drive    131

Create a Document from Google Docs    132

Create a Document from a Template    132

Formatting Documents    134

Select Text    136

Apply a New Font and Font Size    136

Apply a Style    138

Customize and Save a Style    138

Create Numbered and Bulleted Lists    139

Use the Paint Format Tool    141

Inserting Content in a Document    141

Insert an Image    143

Insert a Link    144

Insert a Drawing    145

Insert a Footnote    147

Insert a Special Character    147

Insert a Bookmark    148

Insert a Table of Contents    149

Inserting a Table    150

Insert a Table    150

Managing Your Documents    152

Open a Document    153

View Revisions History    154

Download a Document    154

Find Text in a Document    155

Replace Text in a Document    156

Viewing Documents    156

Collaborating on Documents    157

Add a Comment    158

Work with Comments    159

Using Google Docs Tools    159

Perform a Spell Check    160

Printing and Publishing Documents    161

Specify Page Setup Parameters    162

Print a Document    162

Publish a Document to the Web    163

Working with Add-ons    165

Install an Add-on    165

6  Tracking and Analyzing Data with Sheets    167

Getting Started with Google Sheets    168

Creating a Spreadsheet    169

Create a Spreadsheet from Google Drive    169

Create a Spreadsheet from a Template    170

Entering Spreadsheet Data    171

Enter Sequential Data    171

Formatting Spreadsheets    172

Format Spreadsheet Content    172

Wrap Text    174

Apply Conditional Formatting    174

Working with Sheets, Rows, and Columns    175

Insert a New Sheet    175

Work with Sheets    176

Work with Rows and Columns    177

Working with Formulas and Functions    179

Enter a Formula Manually    179

Copy a Formula    181

Use the SUM Function    182

Inserting Content in a Spreadsheet    183

Insert a Chart    183

Insert an Image    185

Insert a Link    186

Insert a Note    187

Managing Your Spreadsheets    187

Open a Spreadsheet    188

Download a Spreadsheet    189

Edit a Spreadsheet    190

Specify View Options    190

Delete a Spreadsheet    190

Working with Spreadsheet Data    191

Sort Data by Column    192

Perform an Advanced Sort    193

Apply a Filter    193

Collaborating on Spreadsheets    194

Add a Comment    194

Work with Comments    195

Printing and Publishing Spreadsheets    196

Print a Spreadsheet    196

Publish a Spreadsheet to the Web    197

7  Creating Presentations with Slides    201

Getting Started with Google Slides    202

Creating a Presentation    202

Create a Presentation from Google Drive    203

Create a Presentation from a Template    204

Working with Slides    205

Apply a Slide Layout    205

Apply a Slide Background    207

Apply a New Theme    208

Add a Slide to Your Presentation    208

Import Slides from Another Presentation    209

Organize Slides    210

Duplicate Slides    210

Delete Slides    210

Inserting Content in a Presentation    211

Insert a Text Box    212

Insert an Image    212

Insert a Link    213

Insert a Video    214

Insert a Line    215

Insert a Shape    215

Insert a Table    216

Formatting Presentations    217

Apply a New Font and Font Size    219

Create a Numbered List    220

Create a Bulleted List    220

Use the Paint Format Tool    222

Working with Transitions and Animations    222

Set Slide Transitions    223

Animate Slide Objects    224

Managing Your Presentations    224

Open a Presentation    225

Download a Presentation    226

Editing Presentations    226

Specify View Options    227

Collaborating on Presentations    229

Add a Comment    230

Work with Comments    230

Using Google Slides Tools    231

Perform a Spell Check    232

Printing and Publishing Presentations    233

Specify Print Settings and Preview Your Presentation    233

Publish a Presentation to the Web    234

Delivering Your Presentation    236

Create Speaker Notes    236

Deliver Your Presentation    237

8  Communicating with Hangouts    241

Exploring Hangouts    242

Get Started with Hangouts    244

Adding the Hangouts App    245

Install the Hangouts App as a Plug-in    247

Install the Desktop Hangouts App    247

Enable the Hangouts App in Gmail    248

Enable Google+ Premium Features    249

Working with Chat Hangouts    250

Start a Chat in Gmail    251

Start a Chat in Hangouts    252

Invite a New Contact    253

Insert a Picture into Your Chat    254

Archive Your Chat    255

Video Conferencing with Hangouts    256

Start a Video Call    256

Answer a Video Call Invite    258

Share Your Screen    259

Open a Chat Pane    260

Open a Google Drive File    261

Play with Google Effects    262

Take a Photo    263

Phone Calling with Hangouts    264

Place a Phone Call    264

9  Creating Websites with Sites    267

Exploring Sites    268

Benefits of Using Sites    269

Tour Sites    270

Building Sites    271

Build a Basic Website    272

Customizing Your Page    274

Add Your Text    276

Format Text    277

Change the Layout    279

Insert an Image    280

Add a Link to Another Website    282

Add a Gadget    283

Adding Pages    285

Page Types    285

Add a Page    287

Add Links to Subpages    289

Reorganize Pages    290

Sharing Your Site    291

Share Your Site    292

10  Archiving with Vault    295

Exploring Vault    296

Adding the Vault App    297

Add the Vault App    297

Assign Licenses    299

Sign In to Vault    301

Setting Retention Rules    302

Set a Custom Retention Rule    302

Set a Default Retention Rule    303

Working with Matters    303

Create a New Matter    304

Add a Collaborator    305

Creating Holds    305

Create a Hold    306

Searching Message Data    306

Search for Data    307

Exporting and Auditing Data    308

Export Search Results    308

Run an Audit Report    309

11 Exploring Other Google Tools    311

Browsing the Web with Google Chrome    312

Surf the Web    314

Add a Bookmark    316

Pin a Tab    317

Working with Google Groups    317

Enable Google Groups for Business    319

Create a Group    319

Invite People to a Group    321

Start a Topic    321

Find Basic Permissions Settings    322

Understanding Google+ for Business    323

Enable Google+    324

Create a Google+ for Business Page    325

Other Google Apps to Try    327

Index    329


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