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My Facebook for Seniors, 4th Edition

My Facebook for Seniors, 4th Edition

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  • Copyright 2019
  • Edition: 4th
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-522908-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-522908-8

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do.

Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most

Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do

Common-sense help whenever you run into problems using the Facebook app and website

Tips and notes to help you connect with family and friends

The full-color, step-by-step tasks–in legible print–walk you through sharing posts, photos, and videos on Facebook.

Whether you are new to Facebook or would like to explore more of its features, My Facebook for Seniors makes learning to use the world’s most popular social media site simple and fun. The full-color, step-by-step instructions make it easy to connect with family, friends, and colleagues; share digital photos and videos; interact with topic-oriented groups; and much more.

Veteran author Michael Miller has written more than 200 nonfiction books and is known for his ability to explain complex topics to everyday readers. Michael wrote this book from the 50+ point of view, using relevant examples and covering all the most popular tasks.

Here are just a few things you will learn how to do in this top-selling book:

·         Sign up for Facebook (it’s free!) and create a new account

·         Use Facebook on your smartphone, tablet, or computer

·         Configure Facebook’s privacy settings to keep your personal information private

·         Discover how to avoid fake news posted in your News Feed

·         Find out what you should–and shouldn’t–share on Facebook

·         Find old friends who are also on Facebook

·         Discover how best to use Facebook to keep in touch with your kids and grandkids

·         Use the News Feed to discover what your friends and family are up to

·         Update your friends and family on your current activities

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting to Know Facebook on Your Computer

Understanding Social Networking

Signing Up for Facebook from Your Computer

    Create a New Facebook Account

Signing In–and Out–of the Facebook Website

    Log On to the Facebook Site

    Log Out of Your Facebook Account

Finding Your Way Around the Facebook Website

    Navigate Facebook’s Home Page

    Use the Facebook Toolbar

    Navigate with the Left Side Menu

    Use the Right Side Menu

Chapter 2 Getting to Know Facebook on Your Mobile Device

Using Facebook’s iPhone App

    Navigate Facebook’s iPhone App

Using Facebook’s iPad App

    Navigate Facebook’s iPad App

Using Facebook’s Android App

    Navigate Facebook’s Android App

Chapter 3 Finding Friends on Facebook

Finding Facebook Friends

    Find Friends in the Facebook Mobile App

    Find Friends on the Facebook Website

    Look for Friends of Friends

Accepting or Declining Friend Requests

    Accept or Decline a Friend Request in the Facebook Mobile App

    Accept or Decline a Friend Request on the Facebook Website

Controlling What You See from Your Friends

    Control Your News Feed

    Unfriend a Friend

Chapter 4 Personalizing Your Profile

Viewing Your Profile

    Access Your Profile in the Facebook Mobile App

    Access Your Profile on the Facebook Website

Changing the Look and Feel of Your Profile

    Change Your Profile Picture from the Facebook Mobile App

    Add a Frame

    Change Your Profile Picture from the Facebook Website

    Add a Profile Video

    Add a Cover Image from the Facebook Mobile App

    Take a 360-Degree Cover Photo

    Add a Cover Image on the Facebook Website

Editing the Contents of Your Profile

    Update Your Profile Information

    Hide and Delete a Status Update

    View and Edit All Your Facebook Activity

Chapter 5 Discovering What Your Friends and Family Are Up To

Viewing Status Updates in the Facebook Mobile App

    Display the Newsfeed

    View a Status Update

    View a Link to a Web Page

    View a Photo

    View a Video

    Like an Update

    Comment on an Update

    Share an Update

Viewing Status Updates on the Facebook Website

    Display the News Feed

    View a Status Update

    View a Link to a Web Page

    View a Photo

    View a Video

    Like an Update

    Comment on an Update

    Share an Update

Personalizing Your News Feed

    Display Most Recent Posts

    Hide Posts You Don’t Like

    Follow a Specific Post

    Configure News Feed Preferences

Exploring What Others Are Talking About

Viewing Your Friends’ Stories

    Play a Story

Viewing a Friend’s Profile

    Explore a Profile

Chapter 6 Updating Friends and Family on Your Activities

Updating Your Status

    Post a Status Update

    Post a Link to a Web Page

    Post a Photo or Video

    Add Your Location to a Post

    Tag a Friend in a Post

    Tell Friends What You’re Doing–or How You’re Feeling

    Insert an Emoji

    Add a GIF

    Add a Sticker

    Ask for Recommendations

    Start a Poll

    Post a List

    Support a Nonprofit

    Determine Who Can–or Can’t–See a Status Update

Posting Content from Other Websites

    Share Content from Another Site

Chapter 7 What to Post–and What Not to Post–on Facebook

What’s Good to Post on Facebook

    Post Interesting Information

    Post Important Information

What Not to Post on Facebook

    Avoid Uninteresting or Unwise Posts

    Avoid Posting Personal Information

Learning Facebook Etiquette

    Carefully Compose Your Status Updates

    Know the Shorthand

Chapter 8 Dealing with Fake News and Other Questionable Stuff

Understanding Fake News

    A Few Examples…

    And a Few More…

Recognizing Different Types of Fake News

    Fake News

    Alternative Facts

    Conspiracy Theories


    Biased News



Some Fake News Is Real News

How Fake News Is Distributed on Facebook

    Phony Facebook Accounts

    Facebook Ads

    Sharing Fake Stories

Why Some People Believe Fake News

    Confirmation Bias

    Intuition Over Fact


    Echo Chamber Effect

How to Tell Real News from Fake News

    See If Facebook Flags It

    Consider the Source

    Verify with Multiple Sources

    Consider What Is Being Said

    Check with the Fact Checkers

    If a Politician Says It’s Fake, It’s Probably Real

How Not to Spread Fake News

    Read It Before You Share It

    Check It Out Before You Share It

    If Someone Questions It, Remove It

Chapter 9 Managing Your Privacy on Facebook

What Facebook Tracks–and Why

Configuring Privacy Options

    Review Important Privacy Settings

    Manage Your Location Settings

    Control Facebook’s Face Recognition

Configuring Account Security Options

    Review Account Security Settings

Configuring Advertising Preferences

    Review Facebook Ad Settings

Viewing Your Facebook Information

    Access and Manage Your Information

Chapter 10 Viewing and Sharing Photos and Videos

Viewing Friends’ Photos and Videos

    View Photos in Your News Feed

    View a Video in Your News Feed

    View a Friend’s Photo Albums

    View All of a Friend’s Videos

    Tag Yourself in a Friend’s Photo

    Download a Photo

Sharing Your Photos and Videos with Friends

    Share a Photo or Video in a Status Update on the Facebook Website

    Share a Photo or Video from Your Mobile Phone

    Shoot with a Filter or Effect

    Upload Photos to a New Photo Album

    Upload More Photos to an Existing Photo Album

    Delete a Photo

    Share a YouTube Video

Chapter 11 Broadcasting Live with Facebook Live

Shooting a Live Video

    Broadcast on Facebook Live

Watching a Facebook Live Video

    Watch a Live Video Live

    Watch a Live Video Rerun

Chapter 12 Chatting with Facebook Messenger

Exchanging Text Messages on the Facebook Website

    Send a Text Message

    Read a Message

    View All Messages

Mobile Messaging with the Messenger App

    Send and Receive Text Messages

    Use Chat Heads

    Create a Group Conversation

Video Chatting on Facebook

    Chat from the Messenger App

    Chat from the Facebook Website

Chapter 13 Liking Pages from Companies and Public Figures

Finding and Following Companies and Public Figures

    Search for Companies and Public Figures

    View and Like a Facebook Page

Managing the Pages You Follow

    View Your Favorite Pages

    Unlike a Page

Chapter 14 Participating in Interesting Facebook Groups

Finding and Joining Facebook Groups

    Find a Group

    Join a Group

Working with Facebook Groups

    Visit a Group Page

    Read and Reply to Posts

    Create a New Group Post

    Get Notified of Group Activity

    Leave a Group

Using Groups to Reconnect with Old Friends

Chapter 15 Attending Events and Celebrating Birthdays

Responding to Event Invitations

    Respond to an Invitation

    View an Event Page

Scheduling a New Event

    Create an Event

    Invite Friends to Your Event

    Edit or Cancel an Event

Celebrating Birthdays

    View Upcoming Birthdays

Chapter 16 Buying and Selling in the Facebook Marketplace

Shopping for Items in the Facebook Marketplace

    Find an Item to Buy

    Purchase an Item

Selling Your Items in the Facebook Marketplace

    List an Item for Sale

    Manage Your Sale Items

    Sell an Item

Chapter 17 Tips for Communicating with Your Kids and Grandkids on Facebook

Are Kids Still Using Facebook?

How to Connect with Younger Users on Facebook

    Make Friends with Your Kids and Grandkids

    Put Your Family Members in a Special Friends List

    Share Photos and Videos

    Chat via Text and Video

    Play Games Together

Five Things Not to Do with Your Kids and Grandkids on Facebook

Chapter 18 Managing Your Facebook Account–Even When You’re Gone

Changing Your Account Settings

    Access Account Settings on the Facebook Website

    Access Account Settings in the Facebook Mobile App

Leaving Facebook

    Deactivate Your Account

    Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Dealing with Death

    Memorialize an Account

    Name a Legacy Contact

    Remove an Account


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