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Microsoft Word 2016 Step By Step

Microsoft Word 2016 Step By Step

eBook (Watermarked)

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9"
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7356-9930-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7356-9930-4

The quick way to learn Microsoft Word 2016!

This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Word 2016. Jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and colorful screenshots show you exactly what to do, step by step.

  • Get easy-to-follow guidance from a certified Microsoft Office Specialist Master
  • Learn and practice new skills while working with sample content, or look up specific procedures
  • Create visually appealing documents for school, business, community, or personal purposes
  • Use built-in tools to capture and edit graphics
  • Present data in tables, diagrams, and charts
  • Track and compile reference materials
  • Manage document collaboration and review
  • Fix privacy, accessibility, and compatibility issues
  • Supercharge your efficiency by creating custom styles, themes, and templates

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction     xiii
Who this book is for     xiii
The Step by Step approach     xiii
Download the practice files     xiv
Ebook edition     xvii
Get support and give feedback     xvii
Errata and support     xvii
We want to hear from you     xvii
Stay in touch     xvii
Part 1: Get started with Word 2016
Chapter 1: Word 2016 basics     3

Start Word     4
Work in the Word user interface     5
Sidebar: About Office     6
Identify app window elements     8
Sidebar: Tell me what you want to do     12
Work with the ribbon and status bar     14
Sidebar: Adapt procedure steps     20
Manage Office and app settings     21
Sidebar: Microsoft account options     22
Skills review     26
Practice tasks     27
Chapter 2: Create and manage documents     29
Create documents     30
Open and move around in documents     36
Open existing documents     36
Sidebar: Open documents in Protected view     38
Sidebar: Edit PDF files in Word     41
Move around in documents     41
Display different views of documents     46
Display and edit file properties     53
Save and close documents     54
Manually save documents     55
Sidebar: Save files to OneDrive     58
Automatically save documents     59
Save documents in other formats     60
Sidebar: Maintain compatibility with earlier versions of Word     63
Close documents     64
Skills review     64
Practice tasks     65
Chapter 3: Enter and edit text     69
Enter and import text     70
Sidebar: Import text from multiple documents     72
Move, copy, and delete text     72
Sidebar: Paste options     78
Find and replace text     81
Use reference and research tools     86
Sidebar: Install Office tools     88
Sidebar: Display document statistics     91
Skills review     95
Practice tasks     96
Part 2: Create professional documents
Chapter 4: Modify the structure and appearance of text     103

Apply paragraph formatting     104
Configure alignment     105
Configure vertical spacing     106
Configure indents     110
Sidebar: Configure paragraph borders and shading     113
Structure content manually     113
Apply character formatting     118
Sidebar: Character formatting and case considerations     125
Create and modify lists     125
Sidebar: Format text as you type     130
Apply built-in styles to text     131
Apply styles     131
Manage outline levels     137
Change the document theme     139
Skills review     141
Practice tasks     142
Chapter 5: Organize information in columns and tables     149
Present information in columns     150
Create tabbed lists     157
Present information in tables     159
Sidebar: Insert an Excel spreadsheet     162
Sidebar: Other table layout options     168
Format tables     175
Sidebar: Quick Tables     180
Skills review     181
Practice tasks     182
Chapter 6: Add simple graphic elements     185
Insert, move, and resize pictures     186
Sidebar: Graphic formats     189
Edit and format pictures     190
Sidebar: Add video content to documents     199
Insert screen clippings     200
Draw and modify shapes     202
Draw and add text to shapes     203
Sidebar: Use the drawing canvas to draw shapes     203
Sidebar: Locate additional formatting commands     204
Move and modify shapes     205
Format shapes     207
Sidebar: Insert symbols     210
Add WordArt text     211
Skills review     213
Sidebar: Format the first letter of a paragraph as a drop cap     214
Practice tasks     215
Part 3: Enhance document content
Chapter 7: Insert and modify diagrams     221

Create diagrams     222
Modify diagrams     227
Create picture diagrams     233
Skills review     236
Practice tasks     237
Chapter 8: Insert and modify charts     241
Create charts     242
Modify charts     246
Manage chart data     246
Modify the display of chart elements     250
Sidebar: Pie charts     255
Format charts     255
Skills review     259
Sidebar: Custom chart templates     260
Practice tasks     261
Chapter 9: Add visual elements     265
Format the page background     266
Insert a background watermark     272
Insert headers, footers, and page numbers     276
Insert preformatted document parts     281
Sidebar: Insert and link custom text boxes     288
Build equations     289
Sidebar: The Equation Options dialog box     291
Skills review     294
Sidebar: Set mathematical AutoCorrect options     295
Practice tasks     296
Chapter 10: Organize and arrange content     299
Reorganize document outlines     300
Manage content in the Navigation pane     300
Manage content in Outline view     302
Arrange objects on a page     305
Use tables to control page layout     316
Skills review     318
Practice tasks     319
Part 4: Review and finalize documents
Chapter 11: Collaborate on documents     325

Mark up documents     326
Insert comments     326
Track changes     329
Display and review document markup     332
Display markup     332
Review and respond to comments     338
Review and process tracked changes     340
Sidebar: Remember to check for errors     343
Compare and merge documents     343
Compare and combine separate copies of a document     344
Compare separate versions of a document     346
Control content changes     347
Restrict actions     348
Restrict access by using a password     354
Sidebar: Restrict access by using rights management     359
Coauthor documents     359
Skills review     363
Practice tasks     364
Chapter 12: Finalize and distribute documents     369
Locate and correct text errors     370
Preview and adjust page layout     375
Control what appears on each page     381
Prepare documents for electronic distribution     386
Sidebar: Accessibility issues     388
Print and send documents     393
Skills review     399
Practice tasks     400
Part 5: Use advanced Word functions
Chapter 13: Reference content and content sources     405

Insert bookmarks and cross-references     406
Sidebar: Hyperlink to additional resources     410
Display document information in fields     412
Insert and modify footnotes and endnotes     416
Create and modify tables of contents     419
Sidebar: Other reference tables     423
Create and modify indexes     425
Cite sources and compile bibliographies     431
Skills review     437
Practice tasks     438
Chapter 14: Merge data with documents and labels     443
Understand the mail merge process     444
Start the mail merge process     445
Get started with letters      446
Get started with labels     447
Get started with email messages     450
Choose and refine the data source     452
Select an existing data source     453
Create a new data source     456
Refine the data source records     457
Sidebar: Refresh data     462
Insert merge fields     462
Preview and complete the merge     465
Create individual envelopes and labels     468
Generate individual envelopes     468
Generate individual mailing labels     472
Skills review     474
Practice tasks     475
Chapter 15: Create custom document elements     479
Create and modify styles     480
Create and manage custom themes     487
Create and attach templates     489
Create custom building blocks     493
Skills review     497
Practice tasks     498
Chapter 16: Customize options and the user interface     501
Change default Word options     502
Manage general Office and Word options     503
Manage display options     507
Manage proofing options     508
Manage file saving options     513
Manage language options     516
Manage advanced options     519
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar     524
Customize the ribbon     529
Manage add-ins and security options     534
Manage add-ins     534
Configure Trust Center options     537
Skills review     543
Practice tasks     544
Keyboard shortcuts     547
Glossary     573
Index     583
About the author     604


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